GOP Sen. John Barrasso Explains that the Obama Admin is “Cooking the Books” on ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers – Video 3/31/14

Barrasso On Fiscal Cliff: Obama Wants To Go Over The Edge

I think Sen. John Barrasso is exactly right – Barack Obama is “eager to go over the Cliff” – “Fiscal Cliff,” that is.

Via Townhall

Sen. John Barrasso: Barack Obama is “Eager to Go over the (Fiscal) Cliff” – Video 12/23/12

Here is priceless video from a recent U.S. Senate hearing where GOP Senators John Barrasso and Jim Inhofe demonstrate to Chairwoman Barbara Boxer that President Obama’s own science adviser – John Holdren – was trumpeting the perils of a coming Ice Age back in the 1970’s, just as he pushes the threat of man-made Global Warming today. Democrats had tried to counter the Republicans by saying there was no consensus in the 70’s among scientists as to a coming Ice Age. That’s when Inhofe lowered the boom with a quote from Holdren himself – Obama’s own Science Adviser – having pushed the idea at the time.

GOP Senators Cite Obama’s Science Adviser as Having Pushed Belief in Threat from Coming “Ice Age” in 1970’s – Video

Here is video of GOP Sen. John Barrasso – also a medical doctor – speaking on the Senate Floor and offering a “Second Opinion” on ObamaCare. Barrasso said many Americans are already having a harder time finding a doctor who will take Medicare or Medicaid reimbursements, and he says that will only worsen. Barrasso said “it is time to repeal and replace” ObamaCare with measures that will truly bring the cost of Health Care down. He detailed what should replace ObamaCare.

GOP Sen. (Dr.) John Barrasso Says ObamaCare Making it Harder for Americans to Find a Doctor – Video

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