Boehner: I didn’t Consult Obama on Netanyahu Invitation because of His “Animosity” towards the Israeli PM – Video 2/15/15

Boehner: Obama “Standing with a Bunch of Left-fringe Extremists and Anarchists” against Keystone Pipeline – Video 2/11/15

Boehner Blasts Senate Democrats for Holding Up Homeland Security Funding – Video 2/11/15


Netanyahu Accepts Invitation to Speak to a Joint Session of Congress; Date Moved to March 3 – 1/22/15

Media Beside themselves at House Speaker John Boehner’s Invitation to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Address Congress on February 11 – Video 1/21/15

Boehner’s Brilliant Move: Invites Benjamin Netanyahu to Address Joint Session of Congress Feb. 11 on the Threats of “Radical Islam” and “Iran” – Video 1/21/15

U.S. House Votes 236-191 to Overturn Obama’s Unconstitutional Amnesty Order – Video Report 1/14/15

House Speaker John Boehner Eviscerates Obama Amnesty Order in House Floor Speech; Cites 22 Times Obama said He could Not Act – Video 1/14/15

John Boehner Re-Elected Speaker of the House Despite Uprising among Some Conservatives – Video 1/6/15

John Fund: Boehner Will Survive as Speaker; “No Plausible Alternative” – Video 1/5/15

GOP Rep. Tom Cole on Challenge to Boehner as Speaker: “Unprofessional” and “Very Disappointing” – Video 1/5/15

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Running against John Boehner for Speaker of the House – Video 1/5/15

Boehner on “Disinviting” Obama from STOTU: “The more the President Talks about His Ideas, the more Unpopular He Becomes” – Video 12/4/14

House Speaker John Boehner: It’s Hard for Americans to Trust Obama “on Any Issue” – Video 12/2/14

House Speaker John Boehner: Barack Obama “is Damaging the Presidency Itself”; Has Shown He Cannot be Trusted – Video 11/21/14

President Obama Hosts Congressional Leaders at the White House in Wake of Democrats’ Massive Election Defeat – Video 11/7/14

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