Marie Harf: Of Course Iran is Destabilizing the Middle East, but it has Nothing to do with Obama’s Nuclear Deal – Video 3/23/15

Haughty John Kerry gets Cut Off by GOP Sen. Bob Corker while Pontificating against Senators’ Letter on Iran – Video 3/11/15

Oh My! John Kerry Speaks French, has James Taylor Serenade the French to make up for Boneheaded Paris March Absence – Videos 1/16/15

John Kerry Again Declares that the Islamic State is not Islamic – Video 11/17/14

NBC News’ Richard Engel: John Kerry is “Tone Deaf” in the Significance of Kobani Falling to ISIS – Video 10/9/14

John Kerry Struggles at Admitting We are at “War” with ISIS; Calls “ISLAMIC” State “this Enemy of Islam” – Video 9/18/14

Sec. of State John Kerry Lectures “Code Pink” Loons on Need to Stop “Cold-Blooded” ISIS “Killers” – Video 9/17/14

Sec. of State John Kerry takes Full Minute to Finally Allow We are at “War” with ISIS – Video 9/14/14

Sec. of State John Kerry Refuses to Say We are at “War” with ISIS – Video 9/11/14

Sec. of State John Kerry: “Scripture” Obligates U.S. to Help Muslim Nations Deal with Global Warming, or Something! – Video 9/3/14

Krauthammer: Latest Hamas Atrocity Giving Kerry, Obama a Chance to Reverse their “Clueless” Approach to Gaza Crisis – Video 8/1/14

Krauthammer Slams John Kerry Cease-Fire Fiasco; Says Kerry acted as “the Lawyer for Hamas” – Video 7/28/14

United States Evacuates U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya; Heavy Fighting Between Warring Militia Groups in Embassy Vicinity – Videos 7/26/14

Ban on U.S. Flights to Israel Lifted; Israeli Offensive to Destroy Hamas Tunnels Continues in Gaza – Video 7/24/14

John Kerry Confronted by Chris Wallace about “Hot Mic” Moment Criticizing Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – Video 7/20/14


Sec. of State John Kerry: U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq would be “a Complete and Total Act of Irresponsibility” – Video 6/24/14

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