Netanyahu Destroys John Kerry’s “Unbalanced” Speech Attacking Israel – Video 12/28/16

John Kerry Delivers Delusional, Rambling, Lecturing Speech on Middle East Peace Demanding Israel Accept Pre-1967 Borders – Complete Video 12/28/16


Trump Eviscerates Obama’s Pathetic Attack on Israel; Tells Israel to “Stay Strong” because “Jan. 20 is Fast Approaching” – 12/28/16

John Kerry Admits “Some” of the $150 B Obama is Giving to Iran Will Fund Terrorism – Video 1/21/16

Good Grief: John Kerry “Thanks” Radical Islamic Regime in Iran for Releasing U.S. Sailors they Took Captive – Video 1/13/16

John Kerry Uses the Word “Legitimacy” to Characterize the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack – 11/17/15

Even John Kerry Admits Obama’s “Red Line” in Syria Fiasco has “Impacted Perceptions about Us” – Video 9/29/15

John Kerry: Some Things we “Interpret” as Terrorism that Iran does Not – Video 7/28/15

National Security Expert K.T. McFarland: “It’s a Lie” that Kerry Never Promised “Anytime, Anywhere” Inspections on Iran – Video 7/20/15

Ron Fournier: Obama White House must be “Complicit” in Hillary Clinton Email “Rule-Breaking” and “Lack of Transparency” – Video 6/29/15

Sec. of State John Kerry: “Hopeful” a Nuclear Deal with Iran can be Reached by June 30 Deadline – Video 6/28/15

Report: Secretary of State John Kerry Airlifted to Swiss Hospital Following Bicycle Crash; In “Stable Condition” with Leg Injury; May have Hit a Curb – Video 5/31/15

Sen. John McCain on Gulf States Snub of Obama Summit: Kerry, Obama Not Facing Reality on Impact of Appeasing Iran – Video 5/11/15

David Ignatius: Obama “Left John Kerry like a Beached Whale” on Senate Committee Vote; Hung Kerry out to Dry – Video 4/15/15

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: “Interesting Obama, Kerry have Extended Nuke Talks with Iran to ‘April Fool’s Day'” – Video 3/31/15

Marie Harf: Of Course Iran is Destabilizing the Middle East, but it has Nothing to do with Obama’s Nuclear Deal – Video 3/23/15

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