Sen. John McCain: Middle East Allies No Longer Trust U.S.; Believe Obama is “Siding with Iran” – Video 3/27/14

Sen. John McCain to Obama: “It’s Time to Get Over Your Temper Tantrum” against Israel and Netanyahu – Video 3/22/15

Sen. John McCain: If Obama signs Deal with Iran, the Middle East will have a Nuclear Arms Race – Video 3/2/15

Sen. John McCain Outlines Serious Strategy to Destroy ISIS: “We are going to have to put Boots on the Ground, My Friend” – Video 2/19/15

Sen. John McCain Delivers Moving Tribute to American Kayla Mueller Killed by ISIS; Reads from Her Letter – Video 2/10/15

Sen. John McCain: “We are Not Winning” against ISIS; Slams Lack of “Presidential Leadership” – Video 2/4/15

Sen. John McCain Tells Code Pink Protesters, “Get out of here you Low-Life Scum” after they Dangled Handcuffs at Henry Kissinger – Video 1/29/15

Sen. John McCain: Obama Pursuing “Delusion” while “Iran is on the March across the Middle East” – Video 1/28/15

Sen. John McCain Mocks Obama having called Yemen a “Success Story of His Foreign Policy” as it Falls to Iranian-backed Islamic Rebels – Video 1/20/15

Flashback: McCain, Graham Warn Obama to Rethink Afghanistan Troop Drawdown in Light of His Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 7/6/14

Flashback 2008: John McCain Warns that Obama would Throw Lifeline to the Castro Regime in Cuba – Video 5/20/2008

Sen. John McCain: If Lindsey Graham Decides to Run for President, “I’m All In for Him” – Video 12/16/14

John McCain: Thanks to Obama, the World “has Dramatically Shifted in Favor of the Forces of Radical Islam” – Video 11/10/14

Sen. John McCain Relentlessly Destroys Jay Carney on CNN over Obama’s Decisions that Created ISIS Crisis – Video 9/10/14

Sen. John McCain on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: “For God’s Sake, Can’t We help these People Defend Themselves?” – Video 8/31/14

McCain in 2008: “Premature Withdrawal” of U.S. Troops from Iraq will Produce “Horrendous Violence, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide” – Video 2008

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