A Shaken Mitch McConnell after McCain Vote to Save ObamaCare: “Most of us” Kept our Word – Video 7/28/17

Sen. John McCain Saves ObamaCare; Stabs GOP Colleagues in the Back in Epic Fashion; Repeal Dead – Video 7/27/17

Sen. John McCain Gives Emotional Speech on Senate Floor after Helping GOP Win Procedural Vote; Returns to Capitol after Brain Cancer Diagnosis – Video 7/25/17

Sen. John McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer – Videos 7/19/17

Senate GOP ObamaCare Repeal on Hold while Sen. John McCain Recovers from Surgery to Remove a Blood Clot – Video 7/17/17

Sen. John McCain Calls North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un a “Crazy Fat Kid” – Video 3/29/17


President Trump Hammers Sen. John McCain for Questioning “Success” of Yemen Raid – 2/9/17

Sen. John McCain Spoiling for War with Russia? Asks DNI Clapper if Hacking is an Act of War against the U.S. – Video 1/5/16


Sen. John McCain Ready to Write Waiver Needed for Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to Serve as Defense Secretary – 12/2/16

AZ Primary Challenger Kelli Ward Launches Age Attack on John McCain: He’s “Weak” and “Old”, “Will be 80 on Monday” – Video 8/26/16

Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte for Re-Election; Calls for Unity to Win for America – Video 8/5/16

Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Barack Obama is Responsible for the Rise of ISIL (ISIS)” – Video 6/17/16

Sen. John McCain: Barack Obama “Directly Responsible” for Orlando Attack because He Allowed ISIS to Grow – Video Report 6/16/16

McCain Supports Trump: “You have to Listen to People who have Chosen the Nominee of our Republican Party” – Video 5/8/16

Uh Oh: Now John McCain Says Questions about Ted Cruz’s Eligibility to be President are “Legitimate Questions” – Video 1/7/16

Sen. John McCain Blasts Barack Obama’s Failed ISIS Strategy: “He Fails to Comprehend Wars don’t End just because He Says So” – Video 11/17/15

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