McCain Supports Trump: “You have to Listen to People who have Chosen the Nominee of our Republican Party” – Video 5/8/16

Uh Oh: Now John McCain Says Questions about Ted Cruz’s Eligibility to be President are “Legitimate Questions” – Video 1/7/16

Sen. John McCain Blasts Barack Obama’s Failed ISIS Strategy: “He Fails to Comprehend Wars don’t End just because He Says So” – Video 11/17/15

Trump to McCain: “If there was a Misunderstanding, I would Totally Take that Back” – Video 7/20/15

Donald Trump Responds to McCain Controversy on “The O’Reilly Factor” – Video 7/20/15

McCain: Donald Trump doesn’t Owe Me an Apology; Owes Apology to other POWS and Families – Video 7/20/15

Sharyl Attkisson Slams WAPO for Altering Donald Trump Remarks on John McCain – Video 7/20/15

Donald Trump Defends McCain Remarks; Calls it “Nonsense” to Say He should Drop Out of the Race – Video 7/19/15

Donald Trump Not Apologizing for Remarks about McCain’s POW Service; Says McCain “is a War Hero” but so are Vets “who didn’t get Captured” – Video 7/19/15

Ted Cruz Adheres to Reagan’s 11th Commandment; Praises John McCain but won’t Attack Donald Trump – Video 7/18/15

Twitter Reaction to Donald Trump’s, McCain is “Not a War Hero” Attack – 7/18/15

Donald Trump Makes Huge Mistake; Says former POW John McCain is “Not a War Hero” – Video 7/18/15

John McCain Slams Rand Paul for Violating the Rules of the Senate as Paul tried to Interrupt Sen. Dan Coats – Video 5/31/15

Classic John McCain Calls Obama Press Secretary “an Idiot” for Dismissing Devastating Losses to ISIS in Iraq – Video 5/23/15

Sen. John McCain on Gulf States Snub of Obama Summit: Kerry, Obama Not Facing Reality on Impact of Appeasing Iran – Video 5/11/15

Sen. John McCain Announces He Will Run for Re-Election to the U.S. Senate in 2016 – Video 4/7/15

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