Sen. John McCain Delivers an Emotional Tribute to His Fellow POW Cellmate – American Hero Col. George “Bud” Day – Video 7/29/13

Great American Hero, POW Survivor, Medal of Honor Recipient Col. George “Bud” Day has Passed Away at Age 88 – Video


Mitch McConnell on new McCain / Schumer Alliance: “When are You All Getting Married?”


Politico: John McCain Teams with Chuck Schumer and Denis McDonough to form “Power Triangle” – Video 7/23/13

Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer Bask in the Glow of Senate Immigration Amnesty Bill – Video 6/27/13

Senate Poised to Pass Immigration Bill Today; McCain Slams Colleague Sen. Deb Fischer with Snarky, Condescending Attitude for Opposing the Bill – Video 6/25/13

Sen. John McCain Demands Passage of Immigration Reform for the “11 Million People Living in the Shadows” – Video 6/21/13

Sen. John McCain Slips into Syria, Meets with Rebel Leaders; Rebels Say “We are Desperate for Ammunition, Weapons” – Video Report 5/27/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Jabs Sen. John McCain on Debt-Ceiling Battle: “There May Be More Wacko Birds In The Senate Than Is Suspected” – Video 5/23/13

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination in Arizona over J.D. Hayworth

VP Joe Biden Says John McCain “Probably would have Won” the Presidency in 2008 without Economic Collapse; McCain Says Probably Not – Video 4/28/13

Sen. John McCain Apologizes for Calling Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz “Wacko Birds”; Cruz Praises McCain’s Courageous Service as a POW – Videos 3/15/13

Laura Ingraham: It’s Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain who are “on the Fringe”, not Sen. Rand Paul – Video 3/8/13

John McCain Asked if He Represents the “Old Order” of the GOP being Replaced by Rand Paul – Video 3/8/13

Newt Gingrich: “I’m Very Disappointed in John McCain. . . I Don’t Know what’s Happened to John McCain” – Video 3/8/13

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination in Arizona over J.D. Hayworth

Sen. John McCain Reportedly Described Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as “Wacko Birds” – Video Report 3/8/13

Old Guard GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Joins John McCain in Attacking Rand Paul Filibuster – Video 3/7/13

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