Here is video of GOP Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Jon Kyl talking about their proposal to deal with children brought to the United States by illegal immigrant parents before the age of 14. They are proposing what they call the “Achieve Act,” which they say is better than the Democrats’ “Dream Act” legislation. Their proposal would give the opportunity for legal status, student visas, and work visas to anyone brought here before age 14, but would not give a preference to them for the citizenship track over people who have waited in line to become citizens.

Via The Daily Caller

GOP Senators Hutchinson and Kyl Propose “Achieve Act” as Rival to Democrats’ “Dream Act” – Video 11/27/12

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Interesting discussion on “This Week” about who Mitt Romney may pick as a Vice-Presidential running mate.

The early betting is on Marco Rubio, but Ann Coulter suggested Chris Christie (of course – Coulter loves him) or Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl (first time I’ve heard him mentioned). Far-Left Van Jones suggested that if Romney picked former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, it would make the Obama Campaign “go crazy.”

Romney VP Choice Speculation: Ann Coulter Suggests Chris Christie or Jon Kyl; Van Jones says Condi Rice would make the “Obama Campaign go Crazy” – Video 4/1/12

On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Jon Kyl goes after the Tea Party members in the House who say they are “standing on principle” by voting against raising the debt ceiling. Kyl said they remind him “a lot of Senator Barack Obama, who did the same thing, voting against the debt ceiling increase when he was in the senate.”

H/t: Gateway Pundit

Sen. Jon Kyl: Tea Party Republicans “Remind Me a lot of Senator Barack Obama” – Video 7/31/11

Sen. Jon Kyl announces that he will retire from public service in January of 2013 and not seek reelection.

Sen. Jon Kyl Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection – Video

Here is video of Arizona GOP Sen. Jon Kyl repeatedly correcting CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation for using the term Bush “Tax Cuts” instead of “Tax Rates.” Kyl made the point that what is being debated is whether to extend the current tax rates that have been in effect for a decade or raise taxes. No one is talking about “tax cuts,” Kyl said. Eventually, Bob Schieffer deferred to Kyl and used the word “rates” instead of “cuts”!

Via NewsBusters

GOP Sen. Jon Kyl Persistent in Correcting CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on use of “Tax Rates” instead of “Tax Cuts” – Video 12/5/10

Here is video of a new John McCain ad that looks right past J.D. Hayworth – his GOP Primary Challenger – and hammers President Barack Obama for refusing to send the 3,000 troops McCain and fellow Arizona Sen. John Kyl have requested to protect Arizona’s border with Mexico. As the ad points out, instead of the 3,000 troops, Obama said he would send – 524.

New John McCain Ad Bypasses J.D. Hayworth and Attacks Obama on Border Security – Video

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs giving an answer that mocks and insults Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl about his assertion that President Obama told him in a one-on-one meeting that he would not secure the border because “you guys” (Republicans) won’t support Comprehensive Immigration Reform if we do.

Gibbs has said Obama never made the statement, while Kyl has steadfastly stood by his account. Gibbbs tried to make out like Kyl had retreated from his assertion, and mocked Kyl for having three opinions on the matter. Actually, Kyl only said he meant that “the Left” is trying to hold border security “hostage” to CIR, not the President specifically. But Kyl has never retreated on Obama’s statement that he won’t secure the border because “you guys” won’t support CIR.

Actually, what Gibbs was doing here, was dodging the question.

Robert Gibbs Mocks GOP Sen. Jon Kyl in Answer About Border Conversation with Obama – Video

Here is video of Sen. John McCain saying President Obama also made it very clear to him and others that he was conditioning action on “border security” to support for his “comprehensive immigration reform.” McCain backed up Sen. Jon Kyl’s contention that Obama told him personally he would not act on border security because he would lose leverage over Republicans to get support for his amnesty agenda.

McCain Says Kyl is Right on Obama Holding Border Security Hostage to Amnesty Agenda – Video

Here is video of White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton saying that it is “not true” that President Obama told Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl in a private meeting that he will not complete the Border Fence because there is no chance Republicans will support “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” if he does. Kyl told a Tea Party Crowd that Obama told him exactly that in a private Oval Office meeting.

Burton would not use the word “lie,” but he said emphatically it is “not true.”

Let’s see, do I believe Sen. Jon Kyl or Barack Obama is telling the truth. That’s not a difficult decision to make.

White House Says Sen. Jon Kyl Not Telling Truth About Obama Border Remarks – Video

Here is shocking video of Arizona GOP Sen. Jon Kyl revealing at a North Tempe Tea Party Meeting that President Obama told him in a private Oval Office meeting that the reason why he would not finish the border fence with Mexico is because if he did, Republicans “won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.'” When Kyl told the crowd that, you can hear the gasps from the people. Kyl makes the statement at the 3:15 mark of the video.

When will the media call Obama to count for making a statement like this?

AZ Sen. Jon Kyl Reveals Obama Told Him Privately He Won’t Finish Border Fence to Keep Leverage for Immigration Reform – Video

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