Obama White House Says it was Okay for Obama to Negotiate with The Taliban because they are Not a “Terrorist Group” – Video 1/28/15

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Reviews Hillary Clinton’s Rough 2014 – Video 12/28/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Pushes Obama Press Secretary to Explain Obama’s Appt of a Soap Opera Director as Ambassador to Hungary – Video 12/2/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Asks Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest if Obama still Agrees, “I am Not an Emperor” – Video 11/18/14

Poll: Americans way Ahead of Obama – 65% Support Going after ISIS in Syria – Video 9/9/14

ISIS Islamic Army Increasing Threats to Attack the United States – Video Report 8/19/14

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Reels Off List of Obama Foreign Policy Debacles – Video 7/14/14

Jay Carney: “I Believe” Barack Obama Took a Promised 5% Pay Cut – Video 5/20/14

Jonathan Karl Not Buying Jay Carney’s Claim “Resignation” of V.A. Official Already Slated to Leave Constitutes “Accountability” – Video 5/19/14

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl to Jay Carney: Why are You Praising the V.A. while Veterans may “have Actually Died” Waiting for Care? – Video 5/16/14

ABC News Report: Obama White House “Feeling the Heat” over Newly Released Benghazi Email – Video 4/30/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Nails Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney to the Wall over “Smoking Gun” Benghazi Email – Video 4/30/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Puts Obama on the Spot at Press Conference: “You think Mitt Romney had a Point about Russia?” – Video 3/25/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: “I’m a Big Fan of Rand Paul. He and I are Good Friends. But I don’t Agree with Him on Foreign Policy” – Video 3/9/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Nails Obama’s Political Nominations: “How Much Does it Cost to be Named an Ambassador?” – Video 2/7/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Asks Jay Carney if Obama Accepts any Blame for the Horrific December Jobs Report: “The President is very Focused on these Matters . . . ” – Video 1/10/14

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