Sen. Ted Cruz in Extensive ABC News Interview; Says He is Eligible to Run for President; Blasts Barack Obama’s Principles as “Dangerous” – Video 7/21/13

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Confronted about Extensive Editing of Benghazi Talking Points; Carney Still Talking about a “Video” – Video 5/10/13

ABC News’ Jon Karl Reports Benghazi Talking Points Edited “12 Times” to Remove References to Al-Qaeda, Terrorism – 5/10/13 UPDATE: Video Added of Karl’s Report

Here is video of GOP Sen. Rand Paul in an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. Paul said of a possible 2016 GOP Presidential run, “I’m not going to deny that I’m interested.”

CORRECTED HEADLINE: It’s “2016″ Rand Paul is interested in – not “2012″!

Sen. Rand Paul on Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination Run: “I’m Not Going to Deny that I’m Interested” – Video 11/20/12

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today insisting that the President of the United States had no idea about the scandal involving Gen David Petraeus until the day after the Presidential Election. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked how that was possible, and Jay Carney essentially punted to the FBI.

Jay Carney Claims President Obama did not Know about Petraeus Scandal until Day after the Election; Reporter Asks How that Could be the Case – Video 11/13/12

From ABC News tonight where anchor Diane Sawyer brought reporter Jonathan Karl on to report that the Obama State Department is now admitting that there never was any kind of protest outside the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya the day Ambassador Chris Stevens, and three other Americans were killed in a terrorist attack. You remember that for days the Obama Administration claimed the killings were the result of a spontaneous riot over an anti-Islam film. As late as five days after the attack, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went on five Sunday Shows and made that claim. Now the admission comes that there never was a riot of any kind.

I’m sure it is not just a coincidence that the Obama Administration must face the music in a Congressional Hearing tomorrow over what happened in the Benghazi attack.

ABC News Reports: Obama State Dept. Now Confirming there Never was any Kind of Protest outside the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi the Day Four Americans were Killed; Directly Contradicts Story Told by Obama White House for Days; Congressional Hearing Tomorrow – Video Report 10/9/12

So much for Barack Obama’s repeated claim during last night’s debate that Gov. Mitt Romney is proposing a $5 Trillion tax cut that he can’t pay for, which will balloon the deficit. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl fact-checked that assertion – and he says it is “mostly fiction.”

Mitt Romney has a devastating line he can use against Barack Obama if Obama pushes this again in the next debate. I noticed he did not use it last night, which is good, because he did not need it. In their next debate, if Obama starts claiming Mitt Romney is going to increase the deficit, Romney can simply look at Obama and say: “Mr. President, with all due respect, why would anyone take seriously anything you say about the deficit? You have more than doubled the yearly deficit, and added six trillion dollars to the nation’s debt in four years. It’s obvious, you don’t have the slightest clue as to how to deal with the deficit.”

H/T Nelsa

ABC News Fact Check Hammers Obama’s Attack on Romney Tax Plan: “Mostly Fiction” – Video 10/4/12

Here are White House Reporters Ed Henry and Jonathan Karl asking Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney if President Obama agrees with Democrat Harry Reid’s totally unsubstantiated claim that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years Carney refused to say whether Obama agrees, and he refused to disavow the attack by Harry Reid.

Reporters Pepper Obama Press Secretary on whether Barack Obama Agrees with Harry Reid’s Unproven Attack on Mitt Romney; Carney Dodges – Video 8/6/12

Republican Strategist Mary Matalin as well as ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl both believe it is way to early to count out Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the GOP Nomination race. They cited his organization in many of the early-voting states, and Perry’s fundraising numbers – with more money than Romney.

Via HotAirPundit

Mary Matalin, Jonathan Karl Say It’s Way Too Early to Count Rick Perry Out – Video 10/16/11

Here is video of ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl today asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a very pointed question about their handling of the whole “Jobs Speech” scheduling fiasco. Karl asked how Americans should have any confidence in Obama’s Jobs Plan when his White House can’t even schedule a speech properly!

Via HotAirPundit

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Asks Obama Press Secretary Why We Should Have Confidence in Obama’s “Jobs Plan” when they Can’t Even Schedule a Speech Effectively! – Video 9/1/11

This was a great job by GOP Rep. Raul Labrador on ABC’s “This Week.”

In this video clip, ABC’s Cokie Roberts – a real Obama apologist – looked at Rep. Labrador and parroted Democrat talking points in asking him “how it worked politically” to be against “raising taxes on billionaires.” As he answered, Roberts had a very smug look on her face – obviously please with herself in asking the question that pressed Obama’s favorite line these days.

Labrador, meanwhile, hammered her question out of the park by going right at Obama, mocking the idea that he has been “the adult in the room,” when actually he has been unwilling to put forward any plan to cut spending.

Labrador also responded to Roberts’ call for “compromise” by asking, “Why is it that compromise always means increasing taxes today and doing cuts in ten years from now?”

Over at NewsBusters, Noel Shepperd points out that Roberts only got her facts wrong – by 70,000% – in trying to defend Obama from Labrador’s onslaught of reality, by saying VP Biden has talked about “$1.4 Trillion” in specific cuts. ABC’s own Jonathan Karl confirmed the number is only “$2 Billion!”

GOP Rep. Raul Labrador Mocks the Idea that President Obama “has been the Adult in the Room” on Debt Limit Talks – Video 7/17/11

Here is video of ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reporting today on signs that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is going to jump into the 2012 GOP Presidential race.

Karl says Perry would “instantly be a formidable candidate” if he decides to run. Perry advisers reportedly have told Karl they are now looking at whether Perry can raise enough money to make a run, and will likely make a decision on entering the Presidential Campaign several weeks from now – sometime in July.

Report: Decision by Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Joining 2012 Presidential Race “Probably Coming in July” – Video Report 6/20/11

Here is video of GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch telling ABC News’ Jonathan Karl that “it is a matter principle” to start getting spending under control. Hatch said taxpayers are being socked for $400 million a year to fund Planned Parenthood – and it’s time to start cutting spending. He said, “There’s no great principle than getting this country under spending control.”

Hatch said Democrats had the votes to pass a budget in 2010 but they “spent all their time on a lousy healthcare bill that’s going add $2.6 Trillion and add a huge amount to the deficit.”

GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch Blasts Democrats for Passing a “Lousy HeathCare Bill” instead of a Budget for 2011 – Video 4/8/11

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