Here is video of U.S. Marine Joshua Boston on with Piers Morgan last night to talk about Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein’s anti-2nd Amendment legislation.

Boston defended the 2nd Amendment Rights of American Citizens. He made the point that disarming law-abiding Americans is not going to prevent criminals from attacking innocent people. Rather, it will only make citizens defenseless in the face of those attacks.

U.S. Marine Joshua Boston Tells CNN’s Piers Morgan on Gun Control Push: “We Can’t Give Up our Rights because We are Afraid” – Video 1/8/13

Here is U.S. Marine Joshua Boston on “Fox & Friends” where he continues to articulately lay out the case for why Barack Obama and Diane Feinstein’s anti-2nd Amendment designs are wrong. Boston, in this interview, takes on the idea that “Gun-Free Zones” make people safer. As he so rightly points out, gun-free zones “advertise the hunting grounds for the predators in our society. It forces people to be disarmed.” He said current policies on most campuses around the country amounts to telling students, in the event there is an intruder, “Hide and hope for the best.”

U.S. Marine who Stood Up to Feinstein Takes on “Gun-Free Zones”; Says they Essentially “Advertise the Hunting Grounds for the Predators in our Society”; Current Policy Tells Students, “Hide and Hope for the Best” in the Face of an Intruder – Video 1/7/13

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