Juan Williams: Democrats “Run the Risk of Looking like Hypocrites” will Refusal to Accept Election Results – Video 12/18/16

Pamela Geller, Juan Williams Spar over Geller’s Plan to Run Ads on D.C. Buses featuring Winning Muhammad Cartoon – Video 5/26/15

Juan Williams Tries to Dismiss Hillary Clinton Email Scandal as Republican Hysteria – Video 3/8/15

Krauthammer on the 20 New ObamaCare Taxes Headed our Way: “A Huge Transfer of Wealth” – Video 12/26/13

Rich Lowry: Obama’s “Lie of the Year” May Result in Democrats Losing the U.S. Senate in 2014 – Video 12/13/13

Obama Holds White House Meeting with Liberal Pundits to Urge them to Keep Pushing Leftist Propaganda – Video 11/21/13

George Will to Juan Williams: “Of Course I Want ObamaCare to Fail. . . because It Further Entangles Society” with “Government Not Up to This” – Video 10/27/13

Juan Williams Suggests $634 Million Not Enough Money for the ObamaCare Website! Krauthammer Responds: This is what Happens when We Follow the Soviet Example – Video 10/18/13

Juan Williams, Karl Rove Go Round-and-Round over the Left’s Push for more Gun Control – Video 9/17/13

Michelle Malkin blasts the “Rodeo Clown in the White House” and his “Clown Car” of “Humanitarian Interventionists” – Video 9/12/13

Juan Williams: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Would Cry” over the Condition of the African-American Family and U.S. Culture – Video 8/25/13

Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Says Zimmerman Verdict “Decided Correctly”; Blasts “Race Hustlers” for Using Verdict to Drive Race Agenda – Video 7/16/13

Brit Hume takes Juan Williams to task for Saying Eric Holder “is the Exact Right Person” to Investigate the Holder Justice Dept. in Rosen Case – Video 5/26/13

Herman Cain Mocks Liberal Juan Williams on “Hannity”: “You have Passed ‘Liberal Talking Points School’ with A+!” – Video 2/21/13

Mary Katherine Ham Asks Liberal Juan Williams Why Chicago is Not “a Promised Land” if Gun Control Reduces Crime – Video 2/15/13

Juan Williams Tells Michelle Malkin to “Calm Down” after Blistering “Reality Check” on ObamaCare Disaster – Video 2/6/13

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