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Here is video of Michelle Malkin taking on Juan Williams on “Hannity,” as they discussed the radical “Occupy” Movement and the most recent protests around the country.

Juan Williams tried to defend the “Occupy” Movement by saying there are “racists” in the Tea Party Movement, just as there are extremists in the Occupy Movement. Michelle Malkin came unglued, calling Williams out and demanding evidence to back up that assertion. Eventually, Williams had to admit “I don’t have any evidence” of the claim by Democrats that some of their ranks were called the “N” word by Tea Party Activists during the ObamaCare struggle on Capitol Hill. The late Andrew Breitbart even offered $100,000 to anyone who could produce video evidence of that, and no one ever came forward.

Malkin made the case that the “Occupy” Movement is very different because it is advocating a violent “transformation” of the society. She closed the segment with this:

“There is no – absolutely no parallel between the peace-loving, taxpaying, hardworking people of the Tea Party Movement and the anarchist, pooh-flinging Marxist monkeys of the Occupy Movement. None whatsoever.”

Michelle Malkin Smacks Down Juan Williams for Comparing the “Occupy” Radicals to the Tea Party Movement – Video 5/2/12

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