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Reports tonight indicate former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore is preparing to form a “Presidential Exploratory Committee” in April, and will seek the 2012 GOP Nomination for President:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Remember Judge Roy Moore? He was the Alabama Supreme Court chief justice removed from office over the Ten Commandments monument he erected outside the state courthouse. Now, he’s about to jump into the presidential election in Iowa, GOP officials say.

Eight years after a state panel removed him from the bench over the commandments spat, and five years after he lost in the Republican primary in the Alabama governor’s race, the 64-year-old judge is preparing to launch a presidential exploratory committee and enter the Iowa fray, according to multiple Iowa GOP officials. . . . Read More

If Moore does enter the race, he could have strong appeal among conservatives in Iowa – especially religious conservatives. If Palin, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Judge Moore are in the race and divide the strongly conservative vote, it could open the way for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich to do better than expected in Iowa.

Below is video of Judge Moore speaking at an Iowa Marriage Rally earlier this month:

Report: Former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore to Join GOP Presidential Race in April

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