Karl Rove: “Trump is Behind”; “I don’t See” Him Winning the Election – Video 10/23/16

Greta Van Susteren Blasts Ted Cruz Team for Spreading False Rumor Carson was “Suspending” His Campaign: “Horrible,” “Appalling” – Video 2/4/16

Karl Rove Breaks Down Cruz Dirty-Trick Timeline vs. Ben Carson in Iowa; Details How it May have Given Cruz Victory Margin – Video 2/3/16

Karl Rove Slams Obama Remark on Shooting of Police Officers in Ferguson, MO – Video 3/15/15

Karl Rove: Obama West Point Speech Will only Disappoint our Allies and Embolden our Enemies; “Putin is Laughing His Head Off. . . ” – Video 5/28/14

Karl Rove Says He Never said Hillary Clinton has “Brain Damage”; But says Her Health Will be an Issue in 2016 – Video 5/13/14


Karl Rove Says Hillary Clinton Will have to Come Clean about Her “Traumatic Brain Injury” if She Runs for President in 2016 – 5/12/14

Karl Rove Skewers Democrat Ted Strickland with His Own Record on “Fox News Sunday” – Video 2/16/14

Karl Rove: Chris Christie Handling of Bridge Scandal will make him More – not Less – Appealing to Tea Party Conservatives – Video 1/12/14

Karl Rove: “I Pray to God” Democrats Will Run on ObamaCare in 2014. . . “It would Lead to Utter Defeat in November” – Video 12/3/13

Juan Williams, Karl Rove Go Round-and-Round over the Left’s Push for more Gun Control – Video 9/17/13

Karl Rove: Obama to Spend $700 Million Running Pro-ObamaCare Ads in States with Vulnerable 2014 Democrats – Video 7/24/13

Karl Rove Clarifies that He Never said the 2016 GOP Nominee would Support “Gay Marriage” – Video 3/26/13

Karl Rove

Karl Rove Says He can Imagine there being a 2016 GOP Candidate who Embraces Gay Marriage – Video 3/24/13

Karl Rove Jabs Sarah Palin in Wake of Criticism: “If I did Run for Office and Win, I’d Serve Out My Term – I Wouldn’t Leave Office Midterm” – Video 3/17/13

Mark Levin Interviews Donald Trump; Trump Hammers Karl Rove, Praises the Tea Party Movement – Complete Audio 2/13/13

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