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Tonight, Sean Hannity interviewed Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison – an outspoken Muslim member of Congress.

Hannity asked him about some of his statements criticizing those who opposed the Ground Zero Mosque, where he accused them of being “bigots.” Ellison said he believes some opponents were bigots against Islam – but not all of them.

Ellison took exception to the use of “Islam” or “Islamic” in relation to the terrorists at war against the United States. Ellison said some of them may be Muslim, or they may be White Supremacists, or Christians.

Good grief. How many Christians have flown planes into buildings or blown themselves up to kill innocent people in acts of Jihad? Radical Islam is at war with us – and we’d better recognize that reality.

Sean Hannity Interviews Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison – Video 4/20/11

Here is video of far-left Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison saying the GOP’s bargaining tactics with President Obama are “very disturbing” to him. He was specifically referring to the inclusion of an extension of Unemployment Benefits in an agreement Obama has made with GOP Leaders on extending the Bush Tax Cut Rates for all Americans. Ellison said unemployment benefits should be “separate and apart” from any kind of agreement on taxes. He tired to ratchet down the rhetoric from the Left against Obama – saying he didn’t “blame President Obama,” and knew he was bargaining with “the cards he had.” Instead, he put all the “blame” on the GOP.

In the end, the Left knows it has nowhere to go except back to Obama. That’s why you can expect Obama to keep this present course to make himself appear to be more moderate in hopes of appealing once again to independent voters. He knows the Left may howl and complain, but they will come home to him.

Leftist Dem Rep. Keith Ellison Gives Obama a Pass on Tax Deal; Puts Blame on Republicans – Video

Here is video of Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison saying President Obama’s endorsement of the Ground Zero Mosque will not be a problem at all for Democrats in the Midterm Elections.

Ellison argued that Democrats are a “party of principle,” and that they stand for “religious freedom.” He also said that stopping the building of the mosque would give the impression that Islam had something to do with September 11 as opposed to Al-Qaeda.

Wow! Ellison is spinning like a top here! This is not a religious freedom issue. Communities make decisions all the time about what they allow to be built in certain zones or areas. Muslims have mosques all over New York. But a victory mosque towering over the Ground Zero site when the driving ideology that fueled the attacks came from Islam is so wrong in every way.

Ellison is wrong that this won’t hurt Democrats. It already has, because they are now associated as the party defending the radical plan to build the Ground Zero Mosque. Republicans need to make sure that association sticks not only from now to November 2, but from now to election day in 2012.

Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison Says Obama Mosque Endorsement No Problem for Dems – Video

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