Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte for Re-Election; Calls for Unity to Win for America – Video 8/5/16

Sarah Palin Blasts Rubio, Ayotte “Flip-Flop” on Amnesty; Says they “Should be Held Accountable” – Audio 6/25/13

New NRA Ad Defends NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte against Gun Control Attacks – Video 5/8/13

Astounding: Obama was Briefed on Benghazi Early in Attack and then Never Called Back to See What was Happening – Video 2/7/13

Here is video of GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte reacting to her meeting today with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack. Ayotte said she remains troubled after talking with Rice, particularly that Rice and President Obama have not been forthcoming in telling the American people that the information they pushed about Benghazi for weeks after the attack was simply not true.

GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte Troubled by Failure of Rice and Obama to Correct the Record on False Story they Gave on Benghazi – Video 11/27/12

Here is complete video of New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte addressing the 2012 Republican National Convention tonight.

NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte Addresses the 2012 GOP Convention: “Live Free or Die” – Video 8/28/12

Also from the CBS News Interview yesterday, Ann Romney says women candidates are being considered for Mitt Romney’s VP selection.

Romney did not mention any names, but at the end of the interview, reporter Jan Crawford said New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte is being considered. That would actually make a lot of sense strategically, in my view. Ayotte is very well-spoken, and she could help Romney peel away a few percentage points of female voters from Obama across the country, helping in multiple states. She is also popular in New Hampshire, and IF Romney can win the states John McCain won and take Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio, he will still need 4 electoral votes to win the Presidency – New Hampshire just happens to have 4 electoral votes. I think there’s a real chance she could be on the very short list.

Ann Romney: Women being Considered for Romney VP Selection; Reports Indicate NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte under Consideration – 7/4/12

Here is New Hampshire U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte being interviewed by the Boston Herald about her chances of being Gov. Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential choice. She deferred a direct answer, although she did say it was a great honor to be on the list.

When asked about the possibility of debating Vice-President Joe Biden, she laughed and said he certainly has a “different vision” for America. When the reporter suggested she should try to get Biden to make a “gaffe” during a debate, Ayotte said, “I don’t think there’s probably anything we have to do to make that happen.”

Via Boston Herald

NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte on Forcing a Biden Gaffe if She is Romney’s VP Pick: “I don’t think there’s probably anything we have to do to make that happen.” – Video 5/21/12

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