Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Destroys CNN anti-Trump Troll Brian Stelter! – Video 11/5/17

Pathetic Joe Scarborough Keeps Using Kellyanne Conway as a Punching Bag: “She’s so Stupid it makes My Teeth Hurt” – Video 8/7/17

Kellyanne Conway Hammers Biased CNN in Epic Interview with Chris Cuomo – Video 7/10/17

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Shamefully Sneers, Jeers Kellyanne Conway throughout Interview on Firing of FBI Director James Comey – Video 5/9/17

Kellyanne Conway Exposes Unabashed Anti-Trump Bias of Sneering “Meet the Press” Moderator Chuck Todd – Video 1/22/17

Smart-alack Anderson Cooper Schooled by Kellyanne Conway on Latest Pathetic CNN Attack on Donald Trump – Video 1/11/17

Kellyanne Conway on DNI Report on Russian Hacking: “We Feel that Way” that it is Political; Why this Scrutiny only AFTER Trump Won? – Video 1/6/17

Kellyanne Conway: Unfortunate if Obama’s Russia Moves are Politically Motivated – Video 12/29/16

Donald Trump Names Kellyanne Conway to serve as “Counselor to the President” – Video 12/22/16

President-elect Donald Trump Holds Final “Thank You” Victory Rally of the Year in Mobile, AL; Cameo Speeches by Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway – Complete Video 12/17/16

Kellyanne Conway Slams “Disgraceful” Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest for Attack on Trump from White House Podium – Video 12/15/16

Kellyanne Conway on The Left’s Ridiculous Recount Effort: “Give it Up!” – Video 12/4/16

With Avalanche of Opposition from Trump Supporters, is Romney’s Stock Falling for Secretary of State? – Video 11/25/16

Kellyanne Conway Blasts Biased CNN for Fixating on Trump’s Tweets: “Accept the Results of the Election” – Video 11/21/16

Kellyanne Conway Updates on the Progress of the Trump Transition; Gen. Petraeus being Considered for Key Role – Video 11/18/16

Kellyanne Conway: Trump “Already Draining the Swamp”; Will Make Good on Campaign Promises – Video 11/16/16

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