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Of course, we know the media is incredibly biased toward Barack Obama and the Democrats. It’s just shocking to see one of them – in this case Kirsten Powers – admit it.

Powers also admits that liberals are less tolerant of the viewpoints of others.

Liberal Kirsten Powers Admits Media Bias: “Liberals, because the are used to Controlling All the Media . . . ” – Video 1/23/13

Here is video of Kirsten Powers on Fox News Sunday this past weekend with really good analysis of the Benghazi Scandal. She says the story is probably losing steam unless Obama makes the mistake of nominating Susan Rice to be Secretary of State. But she fairly points out that Obama and his administration have said too many things that “just don’t add up” or “make sense,” and that it will be really “sad” if something of this signficance just goes away without our leaders being held accountable for what they have said and done.

Kirsten Powers: Obama has said Too Many Things that “Just Don’t Add Up” on Benghazi – Video 11/25/12

Here is video of Kirsten Powers on Fox News Sunday today where she said if President Obama insists on nominating U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State – it will show his “arrogance” and could be “his undoing”:

“I don’t know. I think if he does though it could be, that kind of arrogance, which I think it would be, would be his undoing. Because if she is put under oath and is forced to go through and answer all of these questions about Benghazi, it’s going to put the administration into a really bad position. And I don’t think she was the frontrunner. I don’t understand where this came out of. Everything I had heard was that she was in the running, but it was really leaning more towards John Kerry. And then we had this Press Conference where the President just kind of went off about Susan Rice, and it’s now become almost a sense of pride. . . . His defense of her was fine but then it kind of went into an area that didn’t make sense.”

Kirsten Powers: If Obama Names Susan Rice to Succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State it Will Show His “Arrogance” and Could be “His Undoing” – Video 11/25/12

Via HotAirPundit

Democrats are having a hard time defending Michelle O’s trip to Spain.

Here is video of Democrat analyst Kirsten Powers agreeing that Michelle Obama’s extravagant vacation to a lavish resort in Spain was “absolutely tone deaf.” Powers said, “I can’t even believe she has done it, frankly.”

Powers’ remarks come in at around the 3:10 mark of the video.

Democrat Kirsten Powers on Michelle Obama’s Vacation to Spain: “I Can’t Even Believe She’s Done It” – Video

Here is video of a heated debate today between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Democrat analyst Kirsten Powers over the decision by the Obama Justice Department to not pursue the case against members of the New Black Panthers who committed voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day 2008.

Powers acts as if the decision is not a big deal, and as you will see, Megyn Kelly had a very different view. At one point, Kelly even threatened Powers with, “Don’t make me cut your mic.”


Cat Fight: Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers Go at It over New Black Panther Case – Video

Here is video of Colorado Democrat Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff trying to hedge on whether or not the White House offered him jobs in order to get him to drop out of the race. Romanoff said the White House never “promised” him a job. He said, “Let me lay out the facts”:

“Last September, 2009, I received a call from Jim Messina – the Deputy (White House) Chief of Staff. He informed me that the President would support my opponent in the race – Sen. Bennet. I told Mr. Messina that I had decided to run for the Senate, nonetheless. He told me that there might be positions available to me were I not pursuing the Senate race and emailed the descriptions of the jobs you just mentioned.”

It is absolutely ridiculous for Romanoff to try and parse the words to say no job was offered. Of course they were offering him jobs! In the interview, they showed the view of Democrat Kirsten Powers who wrote the following in the New York Post:

Kirsten Powers is right. It is insulting for the White House or Romanoff to try and parse the words and make the case that no job was offered. It clearly was.

Democrat Andrew Romanoff Now Parsing Words to Claim White House Never “Promised” Him a Job – Video 6/4/10

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