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Here is Chrarles Krauthammer’s take on Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s attitude on higher taxes and spending – “with apologies to John Paul Jones.”

For those who may not remember, John Paul Jones famously said during the American Revolution, “I have not yet begun to fight,” when being pressed to surrender to the British.

Krauthammer: Pelosi and Obama, “with Apologies to John Paul Jones,” are Saying, “We have Not Yet Begun to Tax and to Spend” – Video 1/7/13

Put as ONLY Charles Krauthammer can put it! He has Obama figured out.

“I found it astonishing. Here he is, coming out to speak to the nation at a crucial moment – in very delicate negotiations – and he comes out there with incredible arrogance. He ridicules the Congress. He spikes the football on the Republicans. He rubs in the fact that they were resisting a raise in rates, and he made them do it. And of course, as always, he places himself hovering benignly at an Olympian level above the fray, where the children are playing in the sand box and he’s asking that everybody be reasonable, as if he just arrived in Washington on a Tourist Visa.

And then he goes into detail. What he basically says, ‘I’m giving the Republicans zero on spending – and I mean zero – not even discretionary spending. This is after he killed a proposal from the Minority Leader in the Senate for the tiniest of changes in entitlements, change in the cost of living index, which is essentially a technical change. So, that’s rejected out of hand. So he’s saying tax hikes all in rates. No cuts in spending. . . .”

Krauthammer Blasts “Astonishing,” “Incredible Arrogance” of Obama Fiscal Cliff Presser Remarks – Video 12/31/12

Charles Krauthammer says it about as well as it can be said. He reacts to President Obama today suggesting that in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School Massacre, Republicans should essentially just cave in to his terms on the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations – as if the one has anything to do with the other.

I think the president invoking the massacre of children to essentially say the Republicans need to accept his terms of surrender in the negotiations is not just a non-sequitur. I think it’s sacrilege. And it’s of a piece with the whole tone of his News Conference and this is the way he conducts them generally, which is, he is excessively self-righteous. He talks about the other side of being unprincipled, not interested in the national interest, slaves of ideology which he says makes no sense. And as you mention, invested in opposing him to the point they are willing to let the country suffer. So it’s a combination of self-righteousness and narcissism. It’s just a very unpleasant tone and there is no reason he can’t either avoid that, or give some credit to the other side for sincerity in just seeing a different way to approach the crisis the country has.

Krauthammer: Obama Invoking Massacre of Children to Pressure GOP Fiscal Surrender a “Sacrilege” – Video 12/19/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer getting into it on “Inside Washington” with Washington Post Columnist – and Obama defender – Colbert King. Krauthammer bluntly said that Obama is “in over his head” and really has no clue what to do to turn the U.S. Economy around. King then attacked Krauthammer as having a personal dislike for Obama to the point he cannot give “sound analysis.”

Krauthammer responded to King by saying Obama would be a good “Professor,” but “run the United States he can’t.” He then challenged King to answer his analysis with facts rather than “an ad hominem on your part.”

Actually, I think Charles gave very “sound analysis.”

Via NewsBusters

Krauthammer Gets into it with WAPO Obama Defender; Says “Obama would be a Good Professor. . . But Run the United States He Can’t” – Video 9/10/11

Once in a while, someone absolutely hits the nail on the head when it comes to Barack Obama. In this video, Charles Krauthammer does it perfectly!

He answers a question as to why Obama decided to call for a Joint Session of Congress to deliver a “Jobs Plan.” Krauthammer – a trained psychiatrist – said of Obama:

“Because in his own personal history, speeches, great speeches or great moments have created him. The one at the convention in 2004 created him, and then he had the Jeremiah Wright problem. He delivered a speech on race. I thought it was an awful speech, but it was welcomed like Lincoln at Cooper Union.

So he’s had these speeches where he’s sort of rescued himself or created himself, and he thinks in his own mind that he has an unlimited capacity to do this again and again. I think he’s debased the currency: the same way the Federal Reserve is debasing our real currency he’s debasing the currency of presidential authority and presence. Think of all the speeches he made on healthcare, probably in the thirties. Every time he made one, the numbers on ObamaCare decline. Well, this will be a chance for him to show he’s got the magic. I’ll be extremely surprised if he still does.”

Via NewsBusters

Krauthammer Psychoanalyzes Obama: “He Thinks in His Own Mind He has an Unlimited Capacity” to “Rescue Himself” Again and Again with Speeches – Video 9/3/11

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer tonight,where he said President Obama appeared “weak, plaintive, and small” today as he finally made a statement reacting to the Standard & Poors downgrade of the nation’s credit rating. When Obama made his speech, the Dow was down 400 points. After he finished, it closed down more than 600 points.

He reminded everyone that it was Obama who threatened to veto any debt limit deal that did not get him through his re-election attempt. He got that, but the downgrade of the U.S. Credit Rating took place anyway. It had nothing to do with the Tea Party, and everything to do with the huge debt run up by Obama, and his obvious unwillingness to deal with the source of the problem – spending.

Via Daily Caller

Krauthammer on Obama’s Reaction to Credit Rating Downgrade: Obama Appeared “Weak, Plaintive, and Small” – Video 8/8/11

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