Larry Kudlow on ObamaCare Nightmare: Citizens can “Reject this Soviet-Style Planning” with 2014, 2016 Elections – 11/1/13

Robert Costa: Democrats Growing “Increasingly Antsy and Anxious” about ObamaCare – Video 10/24/13

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Slams Obama’s “War on Coal”: “It’s a War on Jobs. It’s a War on America” – Video 6/25/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson: Punitive Taxation on One Group has “Nothing to do with Fairness”; Calls it a Bullying Pathway to Power – Video 2/11/13

VERY impressive.

Here is video of newly sworn-in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow yesterday, where he said the “Fiscal Cliff” Deal was a “lousy deal” that is going to “hurt America.” Cruz said the fact it raises taxes on many business owners, and has no spending cuts actually makes the situation worse instead of better. Cruz said he would have voted against it.

On the Debt-Ceiling battle, Cruz says Republicans need to be willing to shut the Government down if Obama is unwilling to make serious spending cuts in entitlements – the major driver of the nation’s debt.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: The “Fiscal Cliff” Deal was a “Lousy Deal” that is Going to Hurt America; Says GOP Must be “Willing” to Shut the Government Down over Debt-Ceiling Battle – Video 1/3/13

Wow. Someone is going to be really wrong about whether Boehner gets re-elected as Speaker!

Here is video from CNBC’s Larry Kudlow last night of National Review’s Robert Costa saying flatly that Boehner WILL be re-elected as Speaker – that there’s not significant organized opposition to unseat him today. But Ron Meyer, of American Majority Action, insists there are enough Republicans planning to rebel against Boehner to prevent him from being re-elected today. We’ll soon find out who is right. Their debate on the subject begins at around the 2:10 mark of the video above.

Someone Will be Very Wrong about whether John Boehner is Re-Elected Speaker of the House Today – Video 1/2/13

Here is video of Sen. Rand Paul telling Larry Kudlow yesterday that President Barack Obama is “dead wrong” on wanting to raise tax rates, because that will prevent the economy from growing. Paul said it is “a really, really bad idea” to take money out of the private sector right now, because it very well could plunge the U.S. back into a recession.

Paul said he favors “letting Democrats raise taxes as high as they want to raise them” and then “let them own it” when it devastates the U.S. Economy.

Sen. Rand Paul: “Let the Democrats Raise Taxes as High as they Want to Raise Them” and then “Let them Own” the Economic Devastation it Brings – Video 12/6/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan telling Larry Kudlow that “President Obama has failed.” Ryan went on to say Obama’s “leadership has failed, and the Economy is failing because of his leadership.”

Paul Ryan Tells Larry Kudlow: “President Obama has Failed” – Video 8/23/12

Here is video of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on with Larry Kudlow where he weighed in on President Barack Obama’s revealing “You didn’t build that” remark. Gingrich said it will “go down in history” as one of those defining moments, because it revealed Obama as a “Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers radical” that he is. Gingrich praised Mitt Romney’s Campaign for taking the statement building an entire “I built it” movement in contrast to what Obama said.

Via The Rightnewz.com

Newt Gingrich Says Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” Remark Reveals Him to be a “Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers Radical” – Video 7/28/1

Here’s an interview Gov. Mitt Romney did with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow yesterday.

Romney said the Obama Campaign is running entirely on attacking his private sector experience because he does not want a substantive debate on the U.S. Economy.

Romney said Barack Obama has focused on imposing his liberal agenda on the country rather than on doing what will help the U.S. Economy moving again. Instead, his agenda has actually made the economy worse.

Mitt Romney: “If the American People want to see this Economy come Roaring Back with Good Jobs, they Ought to Vote for Me” – Video 7/23/12

Larry Kudlow writes in National Review his take on the current state of the U.S. Economy, and where that leaves Barack Obama following Friday’s June Jobs Report:

NATIONAL REVIEW – Larry Kudlow: Obama needed a filet mignon in the June employment report. Instead he got a rubber chicken.

Only 80,000 new jobs were created last month, way below Wall Street expectations. It’s the fourth consecutive monthly disappointment. For a few months last winter, jobs were rising at an average of 225,000 a month. But that has sloped way down to only 75,000. The unemployment rate continues at 8.2 percent, which is the forty-first straight month above 8 percent. The U6 unemployment rate, which includes discouraged workers, is just under 15 percent.

As voters finalize their election impressions this summer, all of this is bad news for the Chicago incumbent.

At a campaign stop in Ohio on Friday, Obama actually said we’re still “heading in the right direction.” Is he kidding? As a stagnant GDP drops below 2 percent, employment falters, retail sales decline, and the ISM index for manufacturing drops below 50 (signaling contraction)? No objective observer can deny that the economy is headed in the wrong direction.

I don’t like playing the pessimist, but the numbers are the numbers. This is exactly what former Clinton advisers James Carville, Doug Schoen, and Stanley Greenberg have been warning Obama about. People just don’t believe the economy is getting better. So he’s gotta change his message.

But what change? Taxing rich people won’t create jobs. Neither will bashing Bain Capital. Obama is surrounded by leftist campaign advisers. And it’s hard to see them shifting gears to something constructive like making a summer deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for a year, or heaven forbid backing off the 20-some-odd tax hikes embodied in Obamacare. In other words, Obama’s goose may already be cooked. . . . Read More

Larry Kudlow: Dismal June Jobs Report a “Rubber Chicken” for Obama when He Needed “Filet Mignon”

Mitt Romney says he believes President Obama was born in the United States, and that there are a lot of “real reasons” to not reelect him, but his citizenship is not one of them.
“I think the citizenship test has been passed. I believe the President was born in the United States and there are real reasons to get this guy out of office…his citizenship isn’t the reason why.”

Via Mediaite

Mitt Romney Believes Obama Was Born In the US; Says His Citizenship Isn’t a Real Issue – Video 4/13/11

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From Vote Rubio 2010 via Freedom’s Forums:

Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio explains his position on “oil drilling” off the coast of Florida.

It’s obvious that Rubio is concerned about what caused the disaster. He is more concerned about stopping the leak.

He is taking a pragmatic approach in the sense that he is saying –First we have to stop the leak!–Then determine what caused it!-Then decide about the future of offshore drilling in Florida.

Rubio stresses that he is in favor of drilling. . . . . . Read More

Rubio Stresses in Kudlow Interview He Continues to Favor Offshore Drilling – Video

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