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Laura Ingraham: The Left’s Assault on Religious Liberty is Going to Backfire – “The Left has Bit Off More than it can Chew” – Video 4/1/15

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Laura Ingraham Tells Sen. Marco Rubio on Immigration: My Radio Listeners “think it’s time to Stop Dividing the Republican Party on this Issue” – Video 6/4/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama Gun Control Agenda Not Targeting Violent Criminals but Constitutional Rights of Law-Abiding Citizens – Audio 4/10/13

Laura Ingraham: It’s Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain who are “on the Fringe”, not Sen. Rand Paul – Video 3/8/13

Here is audio of Sen. Rand Paul on with Laura Ingraham today where he blasted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for attacking a recent NRA ad that argues for armed security to protect all school children in America. He also hit Christie for the “tantrum” he threw to get $60 billion for relief aid because of Hurricane Sandy disaster, some of which had nothing to do with relief.

Sen. Rand Paul Blasts Chris Christie for Attacking NRA Ad and for His “Tantrum” over Sandy Aid Bill – Audio 1/18/13

Here is video of Laura Ingraham on “Fox & Friends” this morning where she blasted NBC’s Bob Costas for his anti-gun rant during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys’ Sunday Night Football victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Ingraham said flatly that Costas tries to sound so smart about every subject, but, frankly, “You don’t know that much about what you are talking about.”

Laura Ingraham Hammers Bob Costas’ Anti-Gun Rights Rant: “You Don’t Know that Much about what You are Talking About” – Video 12/4/12

Here is audio of Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus talking to Laura Ingraham today, where he said Obama is moving his big Convention acceptance speech from 74,000-seat “Bank of America” Stadium in Charlotte because they were afraid they could not fill it up.

Via The Rightnewz

RNC Chair Reince Priebus: Democrats Moving Obama Speech because They were Afraid they Could Not Fill Up the Stadium – Audio 9/5/12

Here is video of Laura Ingraham doing “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight, where she delivered the opening “Talking Points.” Ingraham said with Santorum’s exit from the GOP race, the ball is now squarely in Mitt Romney’s court to “take the fight” to Barack Obama the way he did to Santorum and Gingrich. She said he can start by dropping the “Barack Obama is a nice guy, but. . .” routine.

Ingraham is right. Romney needs to drop that approach. I’ve noticed him doing that, just as John McCain did it in 2008. What Obama has done and is doing to America is not nice. Whether Obama is a “nice guy” or not is irrelevant. It is about what he’s doing to the country. He has shown in his ads that he will go after Obama. He has to match that intensity on the Campaign Trail as well. Telling the truth about Obama and his radical agenda is the quickest way for Romney to rally conservatives to his side and energize the base to help him win in November.

Laura Ingraham: Mitt Romney Needs to Drop the “Barack Obama is a Nice Guy” Routine – Video 4/10/12

Here is audio of Pat Buchanan on the Laura Ingraham Show today where he urged Republicans to pull together and defeat Barack Obama.

Via Daily Caller

Pat Buchanan: “This Election Can be Won. . . If Republicans Pull Together. . . Obama is Not Invincible. . . Watch Something besides my Old Network, MSNBC” – Audio 3/12/12

Here is video of Laura Ingraham challenging George Will on “This Week” about the idea that Mitt Romney will run stronger with Independent voters than Newt Gingrich. Ingraham agreed that she does not think Gingrich can withstand the onslaught of attacks against him by Romney and the GOP Establishment, but she cited poll numbers that Romney is plummeting with Independent voters right now.

I don’t know about the specific poll numbers Ingraham is citing, but if you look at virtually all state polls in matchups with Obama, you see that Mitt Romney actually does far better than any of the other GOP candidates. Romney puts states in play, at least according to polls up to now, that no other candidate does: New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico – all states Obama carried in 2008. That does not mean it will actually turn out that way, but that’s what current polling shows.

Via NewsBusters

Laura Ingraham Challenges George Will on “This Week” about Mitt Romney’s Standing with Independent Voters – 1/29/12

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