The Bible rightly describes people like Lawrence O’Donnell as those “whose glory is in their shame.” The Bible will be read and loved by untold numbers of people long past the days of any who mock and criticize it. The Bible has been attacked by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and many others. There are those in every generation who proclaim the demise of the Bible. They choose to break themselves, and in some cases, entire nations on the rocks of its truth. But “the Word of our God shall stand forever.”

Of course, Lawrence thinks he knows better than George Washington, who at the First Presidential Inauguration chose to begin the tradition followed by every other President to place his hand on the Bible he loved:

To the great consternation of Lawrence O’Donnell and the Left, I suspect President Obama will continue doing the same as George Washington. But I would like to see one of those enterprising liberal reporters ask Obama if he agrees with Lawrence O’Donnell’s diatribe against the Bible.

Via The Daily Caller

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Goes on Rant against Using the Bible for Presidential Inaugurations – Video 1/10/13

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