Report: ISIS Beheads Lebanese Soldier Taken Captive last Month – Video Report 9/6/14

Syria, Iran Threaten to Retaliate against Israel for Airstrike in Syria – Video Report 1/31/13

Here is video of Lt. Col. Bill Cowan talking to Don Imus about the ominous signals that the United States is headed for even worse problems in the Middle East the years ahead. Cowan said that while the focus is on Libya right now, it is Iran that is exerting growing influence throughout the region.

Cowan believes that as the United States moves toward Obama’s complete withdrawal from Iraq by the end of this year, Iran is succeeding in getting its fingers into the business of what Iraq’s future will be like. He believes that once our troops are gone, Iraq will become an ally of Iran rather than an ally of the United States.

He also believes Egypt is likely to become strongly influenced by Iran, and that Iran has designs on building a naval base in Beirut, Lebanon – which the Government of Lebanon would support.

Cowan also said that China and Russia are watching all of this, and are positioning themselves to take advantage of the turmoil taking place in the region.

There are not many good scenarios for the Middle East likely to happen. If President Obama does not act to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the scenarios become unthinkable.

Lt. Col. Bill Cowan Warns of Growing Dangerous Influence of Iran – 2/25/11

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