Leon Panetta: Obama has not Deployed Sufficient Resources to Destroy ISIS – Video 11/22/15

VP Joe Biden Slams Leon Panetta for Daring to Tell the Truth about Barack Obama’s Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 10/3/14

Leon Panetta: Obama Never Wanted a Residual U.S. Force Left in Iraq; Rejected Advice of Pentagon and State Department in 2011 – Video 10/2/14

Leon Panetta Says He Knew in 2011 there Needed to be a Residual U.S. Force in Iraq; “60 Minutes'” Scott Pelley Covers for Obama’s Disastrous Pullout – Video 9/19/14

Bill O’Reilly Presses Rep. Jason Chaffetz to Subpeona Leon Panetta to Testify whether He Told Obama Benghazi was a Terrorist Attack the Night it Happened – Video 2/6/14

President Barack Obama

Democrat Leon Panetta Slams Obama’s Lack of Leadership in Ongoing Budget Crisis: “If Leadership is Not There, then We Govern by Crisis” – 10/14/13

NBC News’ David Gregory Reveals then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Called Eric Holder to Say He had to Do Something about Fox News’ James Rosen Leak Reporting – Video 5/31/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Questioning on Benghazi Attack: It was 23 Days before Attack Scene was Secured; Military Not Asked to Secure It – Video 2/7/13

No Military Assets Ever Launched to Help Americans Under Attack at Benghazi; Obama Never Checked Back on Help for Americans – Video 2/7/13

Astounding: Obama was Briefed on Benghazi Early in Attack and then Never Called Back to See What was Happening – Video 2/7/13

Here is a CBS News report on the Pentagon’s release of the timeline of their response to the September 11, 2012, Benghazi Terrorist Attack. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was notified at 4:42 PM ET of the attack, and ordered special forces deployed between 6-8 PM ET that evening. However, the report says special forces did not arrive in Libya until 3:00 PM – the next day. Panetta claims there were no fixed wing aircraft to assist in the area.

Pentagon: Special Forces Arrived in Libya 22 Hours after Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was Notified of Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Video Report 11/10/12

Here is video of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on CNN’s “State of the Union” today where he said Americans are talking about “the Economy” and “what happened in Benghazi.” Priebus said President Obama claims he gave a directive to help the Americans under attack in Benghazi, but his own Secretary of Defense – Leon Panetta – says he turned down a request for help when it came to him. Priebus said either Obama is not telling truth about giving such a directive, or Panetta chose to “act as Commander-in-Chief” instead of Obama.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus on Benghazi Scandal: Either Obama is Not Telling the Truth or Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Chose to “Act as Commander-in-Chief” – Video 10/28/12

Here is video of Newt Gingrich saying Obama’s Secretary of Defense – Leon Panetta – should “resign tonight” if he really believes the United States must seek “permission” from the international community in deciding whether to take military action. Gingrich was referring to incredible remarks made by Panetta in testimony before Congress this week:

Newt Gingrich Hammers Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for Saying U.S. would Seek “International Permission” before using Military Force – Videos 3/9/12

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Here is video of CIA Director Leon Panetta talking to NBC News’ Brian Williams tonight about the spectacular raid by U.S. Navy SEALs that resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Leon Panetta said that “ultimately a photograph” will be released to the public to prove that Osama Bin Laden is dead. He said he has seen the photos and Bin Laden is without question dead.

Panetta confirms that the orders they had were to “kill” Bin Laden – although he said the SEALs rules of engagement allowed them to take Bin Laden alive if he were to “raise his hands” in surrender. Panetta said “that opportunity never” presented itself.

Williams also tried to pin him down (begins at around the 3:50 mark) on whether the intelligence that led to Bin Laden was obtained through waterboarding. Panetta tried skirting the question first. He said there were so many different pieces of evidence that it was hard to settle on one piece as the deciding factor. Williams then tried asking Panetta if he was denying that waterboarding helped to obtain the key intelligence that led to Bin Laden. Panetta then said, “NO,” and went on to say that it was used on some of the detainees that gave up information – but that there is no way to know if the same information could not have been obtained through other techniques. He then directly confirmed at the end that “waterboarding” was used to gain information from the detainees that supplied intelligence which led to Bin Laden.

That’s as close as you will ever get from the Obama Administration to an admission that the very interrogation techniques they oppose enabled Osama Bin Laden to be found and killed. Panetta essentially made the admission by arguing that there is no way to know whether the information could have been obtained some other way. That may be true. But we do know that “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” worked.

CIA Director Leon Panetta Confirms that “Waterboarding” was Used on Detainees who Supplied Intel that Led to Bin Laden – Video 5/3/11

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