Rush Limbaugh: Why should Trump Help the Liberal Media Destroy Him? -Audio 1/12/17

Trump Taunts Biased Media at PA Rally; Crowd Roars! – Video 10/21/16

Biased Media Squeals with Delight as Smug, Confident Hillary Zings Trump – Video 9/27/16

MSNBC’s Kristen Welker Models the Liberal Media Spin to Protect Hillary: Her Pneumonia Crisis Proves How Strong and Tough She Is! – Video 9/12/16

Hillary Clinton asked what Her “Most Meaningful Conversation has been with an African-American” – Video 8/4/16

Incredible: NYT Reporter Suggests Bernie Sanders is “Sexist” because He is Opposing Hillary Clinton for President – Video 6/6/16

Disgraceful “Journalists” Ask Bloodied Trump Supporter what He said to Cause the Leftist Thug to Attack Him from Behind! – Video 6/2/16

Ted Cruz: If Elected President, I’ll Send “Condolences to All Reporters, Editors Who’ve Checked Themselves into Therapy. . .” – Video

Ted Cruz Hammers Reporter: “Why is it the Only Question you want to Ask Concerns Homosexuals?” – Video 5/19/15

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Terrified WAPO Runs In-Depth Article on Scott Walker being a College “Dropout” – 2/12/15

Dr. Ben Carson Hammers Liberal Media “PC Police”: They “have Problems with their Intellect” – Video 2/22/14

NewsBusters: CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Edits Out Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of Barack Obama’s “Abuse of Power” in Going After Filmmakers – Videos 1/26/14

Journalist Ron Fournier: Obama Admin Running a “Propaganda Outfit”; Putting out “Government-Sponsored Propaganda” – Audio 12/4/13

Rafael Cruz: “Did You Know We Have a Ministry of Misinformation in this Country? It’s Called the Liberal Media” – Video 10/18/13

NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Obama’s Latest “Pivot” to Jobs and the Economy: Obama seems “Stuck” and “Flagging” – Video 7/25/13

There just are not words. Caution: Liberal Media “Obama Swoon Alert.”

Via Daily Caller

Reporter Says Media “Swoons” in the Presence of Obama; Driven to “Juvenile and Amateurish” Behavior! – Video 1/24/13

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