Trump Taunts Biased Media at PA Rally; Crowd Roars! – Video 10/21/16

Biased Media Squeals with Delight as Smug, Confident Hillary Zings Trump – Video 9/27/16

MSNBC’s Kristen Welker Models the Liberal Media Spin to Protect Hillary: Her Pneumonia Crisis Proves How Strong and Tough She Is! – Video 9/12/16

Hillary Clinton asked what Her “Most Meaningful Conversation has been with an African-American” – Video 8/4/16

Incredible: NYT Reporter Suggests Bernie Sanders is “Sexist” because He is Opposing Hillary Clinton for President – Video 6/6/16

Disgraceful “Journalists” Ask Bloodied Trump Supporter what He said to Cause the Leftist Thug to Attack Him from Behind! – Video 6/2/16

Ted Cruz: If Elected President, I’ll Send “Condolences to All Reporters, Editors Who’ve Checked Themselves into Therapy. . .” – Video

Ted Cruz Hammers Reporter: “Why is it the Only Question you want to Ask Concerns Homosexuals?” – Video 5/19/15

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Terrified WAPO Runs In-Depth Article on Scott Walker being a College “Dropout” – 2/12/15

Dr. Ben Carson Hammers Liberal Media “PC Police”: They “have Problems with their Intellect” – Video 2/22/14

NewsBusters: CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Edits Out Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of Barack Obama’s “Abuse of Power” in Going After Filmmakers – Videos 1/26/14

Journalist Ron Fournier: Obama Admin Running a “Propaganda Outfit”; Putting out “Government-Sponsored Propaganda” – Audio 12/4/13

Rafael Cruz: “Did You Know We Have a Ministry of Misinformation in this Country? It’s Called the Liberal Media” – Video 10/18/13

NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Obama’s Latest “Pivot” to Jobs and the Economy: Obama seems “Stuck” and “Flagging” – Video 7/25/13

There just are not words. Caution: Liberal Media “Obama Swoon Alert.”

Via Daily Caller

Reporter Says Media “Swoons” in the Presence of Obama; Driven to “Juvenile and Amateurish” Behavior! – Video 1/24/13

The liberal media are beside their collective selves as new polling destroys the narrative they have worked so carefully at constructing over the past month – that Barack Obama is now on the rise because of what they say is an improving economy and a protracted GOP Nomination process. You can just feel the disbelief in the article below from the New York Times reporting on a new poll showing Obama’s approval rating down to a new low of 41%:

NEW YORK TIMES: Despite improving job growth and an extended Republican primary fight dividing his would-be opponents, President Obama is heading into the general election season on treacherous political ground, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

At a time of rising gas prices, heightened talk of war with Iran and setbacks in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama’s approval rating dropped substantially in recent weeks, the poll found, with 41 percent of respondents expressing approval of the job he is doing and 47 percent saying they disapprove — a dangerous position for any incumbent seeking re-election. . . . Read More

Liberal Media’s “Obama on the Rise” Narrative Destroyed by New Polling Showing Him Plummeting to 41% Approval – 3/12/12

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