President Donald Trump’s Outstanding Commencement Address at Liberty University: “In America we don’t Worship Government — We Worship God” – Complete Video 5/13/17

Donald Trump Speaks to Record Crowd at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia – Complete Video 1/18/16

Rumors Swirl that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will Announce a 2016 Presidential Run Monday at Liberty University – Video 3/21/15

Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney delivering the Commencement Address today at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Gov. Mitt Romney Delivers Liberty University Commencement Address – Complete Video 5/12/12

Speaking at Liberty University’s Commencement today in Lynchburg, Virginia, Gov. Mitt Romney spoke up strongly for the importance of Religious Liberty. Romney said, “From the beginning, this nation has trusted in God, not man.”

Via HotAirPundit

Gov. Mitt Romney at Liberty University Commencement: “From the Beginning, This Nation has Trusted in God, Not Man” – Video 5/12/12

Here is a video report from Lynchburg, Virginia where Gov. Rick Perry spoke to a convocation of Liberty University this morning, urging students to be involved in the political process. Perry reportedly told the students that “the politics of this country should be governed by Christian values,” and their involvement was needed to make that come to pass.

Gov. Rick Perry Speaks at Liberty University in Virginia; Tells Students the “Politics of this Country Should be Governed by Christian Values” – Video Report 9/14/11

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