Rush Limbaugh: In Syria Debacle, American People Coming to Grips with Obama Incompetence – Audio 9/6/13

Interview with Rush Limbaugh to Air on Greta Tonight for Full Hour – Preview Video 7/30/13

Rush Limbaugh: “For the First Time, Maybe in American History, We have a President who is Seeking to Benefit from Inflicting Pain” on People – Audio 3/5/13

From Rush’s show day before yesterday, where he thanks conservative columnist Rich Lowry for the piece he wrote declaring that Rush was right about Barack Obama being an “unabashed liberal” all along. Obama’s Second Inaugural Address made that abundantly clear.

“Obama’s foes always had him pegged correctly.”

Rush Limbaugh Thanks Rich Lowry for Opinion Piece Declaring, “Rush was Right” All Along about Obama being “an Unabashed Liberal” – Audio 1/24/13

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today with a very stark description of who we have in the White House in the person of President Barack Obama:

“With Obama, it’s not the rule of law. He is implementing law that the Congress defeated, as in the legalization of the amnesty for 800,000 young illegals. Congress defeated that, the DREAM Act. He said, to hell with it, I’m gonna make it the law, just gonna do it. Obama wants the enforcement of every federal law to hinge upon whether he agrees with it or not. And if he doesn’t agree with the federal law, he’s not gonna enforce it, like the Defense of Marriage Act. It’s the law of the land. The regime announced within the past year that they were no longer going to enforce it. It’s a dictator’s wet dream to do what Obama is doing. If he doesn’t agree with the law, voila, it’s no longer enforced. It may as well not even exist. That’s who he is, folks.”

Not so far-fetched if voters don’t hold Obama to account on Election Day for flagrantly disregarding his responsibility to enforce the law. If he gets rewarded with a second term, he will feel emboldened to do whatever he wishes.

Rush Limbaugh on Obama’s Penchant for Disregarding the Law: “What if Obama Decides that the 22nd Amendment is No Longer Relevant, Limiting Presidents to Two Terms?” – Audio 6/25/12

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh gave “Barack Hussein Obama” a new name: “Barack Oblame-O.”

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh Gives President Obama a New Name – Audio 6/14/12

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday commenting on President Obama’s attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court with his recent remarks on the High Court not taking the “unprecedented” step of striking down a law duly passed by Congress – such as ObamaCare.

Of course, it is not unprecedented for the court to undertake Judicial Review to determine the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress. Limbaugh said Obama said what he did because he is a “thug,” agreeing with a quote attributed to Bill Clinton by an associate back during the 2008 Campaign, when he also apparently called Obama a “Chicago thug.”

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh on Why Obama is Seeking to Intimidate the U.S. Supreme Court: “He’s a Thug” – Audio 4/3/12

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today slamming President Obama for having the “audacity” to paint a limited, meager future for what Americans should hope for in their lives while his wife, Michelle, enjoys a lavish ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado – their “16th vacation in three years.”

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh Slams “Audacity” of Obama to Advocate Limited Future for Americans while Wife, Michelle, Enjoys “16th Vacation in Three Years” – Audio 2/21/12-

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today saying Barack Obama has not turned out to be a “post-racial” President; He is the “most racial President we’ve ever had.”

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Not a “Post-Racial” President. He’s the “Most Racial President We’ve Ever Had” – Audio 9/26/11

RUSH LIMBAUGH.COM: It’s only taken two years, and, what, seven months. Heck, longer than that. I mean I saw it back during the campaign. I’m talking about who Obama really is, this petulant, self-absorbed, egoistic little man-child. Even David Brooks is disappointed. He still likes the substance, but he can’t believe how childish Obama’s acting. Do you remember, folks, there was a book out there, you women will remember this. There’s a book out there, I don’t know, some years ago. I think it was written by a guy. It might have been written by a woman, I’m not sure. The book was He’s Just Not That Into You. Oh, yeah. Now all the women are nodding their heads. Oh, yeah. It was basically a how-to book for women to understand, “Look, the guy is not playing games. If he doesn’t call you back, it’s ’cause he’s not that into you.” (interruption) What do you mean it was a terrible book? Oh, it exposes secrets women should know nothing about? See, Snerdley, you think you’re a female expert. What you don’t know is that women know all the secrets anyway. They don’t need to be told what the secrets are. . . . Read More

Via Fox Nation

Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama A “Petulant, Self-Absorbed, Egoistic Little Man-Child” – Audio 7/26/11

Here is video from Greta Van Susteren’s show last night where she talked by phone at length with Rush Limbaugh.



Limbaugh said Sarah Palin “scares” both the Obama White House and “the GOP Establishment” because she is a true conservative. He said the same about Michele Bachmann.

Limbaugh said Republicans have bought into the notion over the years that to win elections, you have to appeal to the “moderates” – the 20% of the electorate that say they are neither liberal or conservative. Limbaugh said this constant talk about appealing to the middle is nothing more than a “clever trick” by Democrats to get Republicans not to really communicate their conservative message.

Rush pointed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an example for Republicans: “Netanyahu is lighting the way for Republicans.” He believes Republicans must not be “milk toast,” but must clearly communicate their conservative principles. Limbaugh said he believes Obama is “easily beatable” in 2012, even though they are trying to convince everyone he is virtually unbeatable.

Limbaugh believes the Obama Team does not want to run against a strong conservative, despite what they say. He believes they know they can beat a liberal Republican or a moderate Republican. It’s genuine conservatives they most fear.

Rush Limbaugh in Extensive Interview with Greta Van Susteren: Obama Team Fears Strong GOP Conservative the Most – Complete Video 5/26/11

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today skewering President Obama for comments he made to a group of 8th graders. Rush plays Obama’s comments, then paraphrases him as saying, “It would be so much easier if he was a Dictator.”

Obama had said one of the hardest things about being President is that he has to work with “this thing called Congress,” which can prevent him for just doing what he wants to do even if he pretty well knows what he wants to do.

Limbaugh Paraphrases Obama Comments to 8th Graders: “It Would be So Much Easier if He was a Dictator” – Audio 4/12/11

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh describing what the United States will look like in the years to come if Democrats retain control of the Congress after the November 2 Midterm Elections. A caller asked Rush to comment on what the U.S. will look like in 10 years if the Democrats retain power.

Limbaugh said “you won’t have to wait 10 years.” Obama and his administration will move ahead with their radical agenda immediately. Rush said that a vote for Obama is a vote for class warfare, which the Democrats will continue to press on every front. Obama will continue to expand his power through the use of “Czars” who report only to him.

Rush said a vote for the Democrats is a vote to continue the destruction of the Health Care system through the imposition of ObamaCare. A vote for Democrats is a vote for a continued weaker Foreign Policy on the part of the United States.

Limbaugh said “if you want to see America in 10 years (under Democrat control), take a look at Venezuela and Cuba.”

Limbaugh: “We might not be able to do away with anti-Americanism, but we can vote it out of office this Tuesday.”

This is why Americans are going to vote against Obama and the Democrats in large numbers on November 2.

Rush Limbaugh: We can Vote “Anti-Americanism out of Office this Tuesday” – Audio

Here is audio of classic Rush Limbaugh today, where he absolutely took President Obama and the Democrats apart on the Ground Zero Mosque.

Limbaugh said can you imagine the reaction of the Left if someone was trying to build a “Walmart” two blocks from Ground Zero! He pointed out that there are no Walmarts in the area, while there are dozens of mosques.

Rush also said Obama is actually the “first anti-American President” – rather than the first “post-American President.” Limbaugh believes there are now many in Obama’s Administration who believe “he is a disaster,” and will now start “running for the tall grass.” As an example, he believes it will be hard for Obama to find a quality person to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who indicated he would retire sometime next year – “He might have to go so far as to get Cindy Sheehan to take the gig.”

Rush Limbaugh Calls Barack Obama our “First Anti-American President” – Audio

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