Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Sending Reinforcements to Islamic Jihadists from Gitmo – Video 1/14/15

Flashback: McCain, Graham Warn Obama to Rethink Afghanistan Troop Drawdown in Light of His Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 7/6/14

Sen. John McCain: If Lindsey Graham Decides to Run for President, “I’m All In for Him” – Video 12/16/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls on Obama to “Level with the American People”; Says U.S. Ground Troops Needed to Destroy ISIS – Video 10/5/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Must Admit to Himself His Strategy in Iraq has Failed – Video 8/24/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham on “Meet the Press” : Israel should continue Ground Offensive in Gaza as Long as it Takes to Deal with “the Viper’s Nest – Hamas” – Video 7/20/14

Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham Call on Obama to Rethink His Afghanistan Pullout in Light of His Failure in Iraq – Video 7/6/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama and His People “Got What they Wanted in Iraq”; Withdrew All U.S. Forces for Political Advantage; Disaster in Iraq Totally “Predictable” – Video 6/15/14


Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama’s Disastrous Pullout from Iraq has Left the U.S. with No Good Options; “Next 9/11 Attack” Already being Plotted; Jordan Next to be Attacked – Video 6/15/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham Hammers Obama on Iraq: “Stubborn-Headed, Delusional, Detached President” Who “Thinks He Knows Better than Everybody Else” – Video 6/15/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham Predicted Iraq Crisis in 2011: If Obama Pulls Out All U.S. Troops, “Iraq Could Go to Hell” – Video 2011

President Barack Obama

Sen. Lindsey Graham: GOP Lawmakers Will Call for Obama’s Impeachment if He Releases more GITMO Terrorists without Approval of Congress – Video Report 6/4/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Newly Uncovered Email a “Smoking Gun” Showing Obama White House Misled Americans on Benghazi – Video 5/1/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: When Obama Tries to Talk Tough to Putin, “Everybody’s Eyes Roll, Including Mine” – Video 3/2/14

Lindsey Graham GOP Challenger, Bill Connor, Puts out Web Ad that Shows Graham’s Effusive Praise for Hillary Clinton – Video 2/19/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama has “No End Game” to Prevent Iran from Getting Nukes; “If the Ayatollahs Get Nukes, God Help us All” – Video 1/14/14

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