Sen. Lindsey Graham Primary Challenger Lowers the Boom: Graham is “Acting like a Community Organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood” – Video 8/18/13

Conservative Group Releases First Ad in Drive to Defeat GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham: “It’s Time to Bring Lindsey Home” – Video 7/24/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham: GOP in a “Demographic Death Spiral” with Hispanics; Says Passing Immigration Reform Only Hope to Change It – Video 6/16/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Special Counsels Needed to Investigate IRS, Rosen Scandals – Video 5/26/13

Mike Huckabee Talks with Sen. Lindsey Graham about the Growing Benghazi Scandal: “Worse than Watergate”; “The Dam is about to Break” – Audio 5/6/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Radical Islam is Not Dead. . . Obama has Oversold the Demise of Bin Laden” – Video 4/25/13

Laura Ingraham: It’s Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain who are “on the Fringe”, not Sen. Rand Paul – Video 3/8/13

Old Guard GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Joins John McCain in Attacking Rand Paul Filibuster – Video 3/7/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Chuck Hagel being brought to 2007 Rutgers Speech by a Man “Who was once a Pro-Hamas Candidate for the Iranian Presidency” – Video 2/18/13


Sen. Lindsey Graham Tells Obama to Stop being a “Cheerleader” for New Gun Laws; Says We Need a President who Enforces Current Law – Video 2/13/13

No Military Assets Ever Launched to Help Americans Under Attack at Benghazi; Obama Never Checked Back on Help for Americans – Video 2/7/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls on Obama to “Reconsider” His Nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense; Says Democrats are “Afraid to Cross the Obama Team” by Doing the Same – Audio 2/5/13

Here is video of Sen. Lindsey Graham today on Fox News where he spoke against President Obama’s nomination of Sen. Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense. Graham reminded everyone that by picking Hagel, “You’re picking somebody to be Secretary of Defense that the Iranians have applauded.” You don’t need to know much more to know what a terrible pick that is.

Via The Rightnewz

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Obama’s Selection of Chuck Hagel for Pentagon: “You’re Picking Somebody to be Secretary of Defense that the Iranians have Applauded” – Video 1/13/13

Here is video of Sen. Lindsey Graham on Fox News today where he said it is time for President Obama to “man up” on the “Fiscal Cliff.” Graham said the Republicans will not give Obama unlimited power to raise the debt-ceiling as he has demanded.

Of course, Obama is too busy to man up and do what is needed for the country. He’s either campaigning around the country, or hanging out with someone who eight years ago wished death on American soldiers and their families:

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says It’s Time for President Obama to “Man Up” in Dealing with America’s Fiscal Problems – Video 12/10/12

Here is video of GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham after a meeting today with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to discuss the Benghazi Terrorist Attack, and the misleading statements made by Rice five days after the September 11, 2012 attack. Graham met with Rice today, along with GOP Senators Kelly Ayotte and John McCain.

Following the meeting, Graham said, “I am more disturbed now than I was before.” Graham signaled he would not consider voting for Susan Rice as Secretary of State unless Barack Obama and his White House give basic answers about what happened in Benghazi.

Sen. Lindsey Graham after Meeting with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice about Benghazi: “I’m more Disturbed Now than I was Before” – Video 11/27/12

Here is video of GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham on “This Week” this morning where he said he is willing “to put revenue on the table” in Fiscal Cliff negotiations with President Obama and the Democrats, but only if Democrats are willing to actually do real entitlement reform. Graham said he would “violate the pledge” he made many years ago to not raise taxes, “for the good of the country.” Graham indicated he would not support raising tax rates, but by closing deductions that would raise taxes on upper-income earners.

I think it’s clear Republicans are willing to raise taxes in order to get “entitlement reform.” The problems is that Democrats have never been willing to actually cut entitlements and when they get their hands on more tax revenue, they grow the Government. How Graham thinks it will be any different this time around is beyond me.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He’s Willing to “Violate the Pledge” to Not Raise Taxes to get Entitlement Reform from Dems; Won’t Support Raising Rates but Will Support Closing Deductions – Video 11/25/12

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