Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Barack Obama is Responsible for the Rise of ISIL (ISIS)” – Video 6/17/16

Sen. Lindsey Graham Endorses Jeb Bush for President – Video 1/15/16

Sen. Lindsey Graham Announces End of His 2016 Presidential Campaign – Video 12/21/15

Trump in SC Gives out Lindsey Graham’s Phone Number; Says Graham Sought Influence and Money from Him – Video 7/21/15

Sen. Lindsey Graham Blasts Leftist “Code Pink” Nutcase who Tried to Takeover Interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper – Video 7/7/15

Lindsey Graham Appears on “Hannity” to Answer for Comparing Sean to Rachel Maddow – Video 6/9/15

Sen. Lindsey Graham Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States – Video 6/1/15

Fox News: Sen. Lindsey Graham to Announce Presidential Run on June 1 – Video 5/8/15

Sen. Lindsey Graham: ISIS Expansion goes back to Barack Obama and His Incompetency – Video 4/15/15

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Sending Reinforcements to Islamic Jihadists from Gitmo – Video 1/14/15

Flashback: McCain, Graham Warn Obama to Rethink Afghanistan Troop Drawdown in Light of His Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 7/6/14

Sen. John McCain: If Lindsey Graham Decides to Run for President, “I’m All In for Him” – Video 12/16/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls on Obama to “Level with the American People”; Says U.S. Ground Troops Needed to Destroy ISIS – Video 10/5/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Must Admit to Himself His Strategy in Iraq has Failed – Video 8/24/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham on “Meet the Press” : Israel should continue Ground Offensive in Gaza as Long as it Takes to Deal with “the Viper’s Nest – Hamas” – Video 7/20/14

Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham Call on Obama to Rethink His Afghanistan Pullout in Light of His Failure in Iraq – Video 7/6/14

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