Brexit Leader Nigel Farage on Hillary Clinton: “The Worst Candidate I’ve Ever Seen in the States” – Video 9/22/16

Stony Brook Univ. Professor’s Election Forecasting Model Still Shows 87% Chance Trump will Win the Popular Vote – Video 8/16/16

Lou Dobbs on Paul Ryan’s Attitude towards Trump: “Who the Hell does He Think He Is?” – Video 5/6/16

Lou Dobbs, Jeff Sessions Slam Paul Ryan’s Refusal to Support Trump as GOP Nominee: “He is Breaking His Word” – Video 5/5/16

Lou Dobbs Uses Chalk Talk to Explain the Looming ObamaCare Medicaid Disaster – Video 10/25/13

Lou Dobbs Says Americans “Smarter” than given Credit For; O’Reilly responds, “No They’re Not – They Elected Barack Obama Last Year!” – Video 9/20/13

Allen West Reacts to News President Obama “Played 15 Games of Spades” During Raid to get Osama Bin Laden – Video 8/14/13

Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio talking with Lou Dobbs last night about his plan for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” specifically answering a question about fellow-GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s reservations about the “path to citizenship” part of the plan. Rubio explained that he in no way wants to disadvantage people who have obeyed the law. The plan will not allow those here illegally to “leap-frog” those already “in line” for citizenship. Rubio said it will only give “legal status” to those here illegally, allowing them to work and if they meet all requirements over a lengthy period of time, will allow them to go to the back of the line and apply like they should have done to begin with. Rubio stressed that enforcement mechanisms and securing the border are key components of the plan that must be met.

Sen. Marco Rubio Responds to Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of “Proposed Path to Citizenship” in Immigration Reform Plan – Video 1/28/13

Here is Sen. Marco Rubio on with Lou Dobbs last night where he discussed the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” plan he has brought forward as part of the bi-partisan “Gang of 8” Senators.

Sen. Marco Rubio Discusses “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan with Lou Dobbs – Video 1/28/13

Here is video of Dick Morris with Lou Dobbs describing what he believes is President Obama’s strategy for re- election. Rather than trying to move to the center, Obama is moving further Left to generate enthusiasm with his Left-wing base.

Morris said this strategy is “the dumbest thing I can imagine,” and that it has “zero chance of winning.”

On the GOP Nomination race, Morris said GOP voters are torn between going with their heart and voting for Newt Gingrich, and going with their head – voting for Mitt Romney. By a 2-1 margin, Morris said Republicans believe Romney has a greater chance at beating Obama. If Michele Bachmann can finish second in Iowa, Morris believes she will make it a three-way race with Gingrich and Romney. But Morris does not think a nominee will become clear until at least the Florida Primary at the end of January.

Via HotAirPundit

Dick Morris Says Obama’s Strategy of Moving Left Heading into the 2012 Election “Has Zero Chance of Winning” – Video 12/5/11

Without actually calling his name, here is Lou Dobbs giving a perfect description of Barack Obama.

Dobbs was praising the sense of humor of GOP Candidate Herman Cain. Bill O’Reilly asked Dobbs if he wants a “funny President,” and Dobbs responded he’s not exactly looking for a “funny” President – “but I don’t want a dull, hectoring, lecturing President either.”

Lou Dobbs on Unnamed Obama: “I Don’t Want a Dull, Hectoring, Lecturing President” – Video 9/30/11

Here is video of Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs appearing with Jimmy Fallon last night, where he was asked about the 2012 Presidential race – including about Donald Trump and whether his continued reconsideration of an Independent Presidential run is a joke. Dobbs responded:

“As far as I’m concerned it is. He’s a well-meaning guy, a smart guy, but you know, one thing folks should always understand are their limitations.”

<Via Mediaite

Lou Dobbs on Possible Donald Trump Independent Run for President: “One Thing Folks Should Always Understand are Their Limitations” – Video 8/1/11

Lou Dobbs has signed with Fox Business Channel and will begin hosting his own show on th network sometime early next year. Dobbs left CNN last year after a great deal of contention over Dobb’s vocal opposition to Illegal Immigration:

NEW YORK TIMES: The former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs will host a daily program on the Fox Business Network starting early next year, the network said Wednesday.

Fox Business, a unit of the News Corporation, did not specify a time slot for the program, which will have its premiere in the first quarter of 2011. . . . . Read More

Lou Dobbs Signs on with Fox Business Channel to Host New Show

Lou Dobbs says Obama needs to “quit whining and start leading.” Dobbs said Obama is constantly whining about people telling lies, but he added, “The lies aren’t what is hurting this president, what’s hurting this president is the truth.”

Lou Dobbs: Obama Needs to “Quit Whining and Start Leading”

“Comedian” Sarah Silverman accuses “right-wing Americans,” Fox News, and Lou Dobbs of being racist. In her new book Silverman said, “The entire Fox News channel is a 24-hour-a-day racism engine, but it’s all coded, all implied.”

Read More: Newsbusters

Sarah Silverman Calls Fox News a ‘Racism Engine’; Also Attacks Tea Party and Lou Dobbs

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