Here is video of Democrat Nancy Pelosi scoffing at a legitimate question by NBC News’ Luke Russert, who dared to ask her if her insistence on remaining as Democratic Leader in the House was not standing in the way of a younger class of Democratic leaders moving up the ranks. Pelosi said the question was “offensive” and dismissed it.

Nancy Pelosi Calls Luke Russert’s Question on Her Aging Leadership Standing in the Way of Younger Democratic Leaders, “Offensive” – Video 11/14/12

Here is video of Luke Russert and Politico’s Jim Vandehai on MSNBC today talking about remarks by Jeb Bush criticizing the GOP Presidential field. Jeb Bush seemed to suggest the candidates are “appealing to people’s fears and emotion”:

“I used to be a conservative and I watch these debates and I’m wondering, I don’t think I’ve changed, but it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective and that’s kind of where we are.”

Via Mediaite

Report: Jeb Bush Criticizes GOP Presidential Field for “Appealing to People’s Fears and Emotion” – Video Report 2/24/12

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Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner sat down with MSNBC’s Luke Russert to discuss the Twitter photo scandal. In the interview, Weiner stands by his claim that his account was hacked but said he “can’t say with certitude” that the lewd photo isn’t of him. Weiner said it’s a “prank” and doesn’t want to spend national federal resources on an investigation of it.

From NBC’s Luke Russert and Carrie Dann
Rep. Anthony Weiner said Wednesday that he can’t say “with certitude” whether or not a lewd below-the-belt photo depicted his body, but he insisted that he did not tweet the picture to a  21-year old college student in Seattle, Wash.

In an interview with NBC’s Luke Russert, Weiner repeated his claim that his Twitter account was hacked and said that he has hired a private security firm to investigate the matter…(Read More)  

Anthony Weiner Says He ‘Can’t Say With Certitude’ That Lewd Photo Isn’t of Him – Video 6/1/11

Luke Russert just tweeted: One senior Dem aide to me re Rangel on the floor right now: “This is a trainwreck.”

MSNBC’s Luke Russert says Dem source called Rangel Speech “a trainwreck”

Here is video of Charles Rangel being confronted by MSNBC’s Luke Russert about his alleged ethics violations that he will soon have to answer for before a congressional committee. Russert shockingly did what journalists are supposed to do with elected officials – without regard to party. When someone in the mainstream media actually does their job these days, it is a shock to us all. Rangel was clearly taken aback, even noting that reporters from his network used to show him “more respect.”

MSNBC Reporter Luke Russert Confronts Democrat Charlie Rangel with Tough Questions on Ethics Allegations – Video

Here is a clip of MSNBC reporter Luke Russert spouting Democrat talking points on the attack by Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge against two college students who sought to interview him on a Washington, D.C. street. Instead of focusing on the reprehensible behavior of Etheridge, Russert purely speculates – and even admits he is speculating – that the whole thing was a GOP setup. The fact is, Etheridge was simply asked if he fully supported the Obama agenda. If he did not want to answer the question, he could have walked on by. It was Etheridge who was aggressive in the situation. How is that a GOP setup?

Luke Russert Spouts Democrat Talking Points on Etheridge Attack – Video

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