Jay Carney Repeatedly Dodges Questions on Eric Holder from both CBS News’ Major Garrett and Fox News’ Ed Henry – Video 5/29/13

Here is great video of CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett repeatedly questioning President Obama today at his Press Conference about why he insists the debt-ceiling be raised without negotiation or discussion. Garrett pointed out that is opposite the entire history of the debt-ceiling, and he reminded Obama that Obama himself refused to vote for an increase in the debt-ceiling when he was a U.S. Senator and George W. Bush was President.

Obama clearly did not appreciate the tough questioning, and gave one of his typical rambling, non-answers.

Obama Confronted at Press Conference by CBS News’ Major Garrett on the Debt-Ceiling – Video 1/14/13

Here is video of CBS News’ Bob Schieffer announcing today on “Face the Nation” that National Journal’s Major Garrett is going to take over as CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent. Garrett filled that role previously with Fox News before leaving for National Journal. He replaces Norah O’Donnell, who has moved to CBS This Morning.

Garrett is a good journalist.

Bob Schieffer Announces Major Garrett as CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent – Video 11/18/12

(The Hill) — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) again insisted that he has no interest in and would not accept an offer to join the Republican ticket as a vice presidential candidate — but not without a stumble that some are suggesting was a Freudian slip.
The popular Florida lawmaker, who has long been mentioned in the discussion of potential 2012 vice presidential candidates, said during a forum hosted by the National Journal that he wasn’t interested in the position.
“I don’t want to be the vice president,” Rubio said.
But any attempt to squelch speculation that Rubio might be vying for the job was washed out when the senator made an inopportune stumble shortly thereafter.
“If I do a good job as a vice president — I’m sorry, as senator — I’ll have the chance to do all sorts of things,” Rubio said.

H/t: Fox Nation

Rubio: “If I Do a Good Job As Vice President…” – Video 4/19/12

Here is video of National Journal’s Major Garrett on CBS News this morning where he said President Obama’s strategy to deflect criticism on rising gas prices “is not working,” despite his attempts to ridicule Republicans about wanting to do more drilling in the United States. Obama has tried to tell Americans that increased drilling won’t solve the problem, and that he has actually increased drilling. But Americans know Obama’s radical environmental agenda is keeping us from accessing the vast oil resources we have in America. The rising prices are hurting Obama, and his strategy to deceive the American people is not working.

Major Garrett: Rising Gas Prices Hurting Obama; Strategy to Ridicule GOP on Drilling is Not Working – Video 3/12/12

Here is a video report from CBS News and National Journal’s Major Garrett on tonight’s GOP Presidential Debate that will focus on National Security and Foreign Policy. The debate will be on CBS at 8:00 PM ET, and will be held in South Carolina. The debate will be co-moderated by CBS News anchor Scott Pelley, and National Journal’s Major Garrett.

Interestingly, the final half-hour of the debate will only be available online, unless you live on the West Coast. Click here to watch the debate online.

CBS News / National Journal GOP Presidential Debate Tonight in SC to Focus on Foreign Policy; Last Half Hour Only Available Online – Video Preview 11/12/11

Nothing like a sane voice to put things in perspective!

That’s what we have here with National Journal’s Major Garrett – former Fox News White House Correspondent – as he explains in very simple terms to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews why it is utterly irrational for President Obama and Democrats to think that House Republicans are going to join them in wanting to raise taxes:

“What they’re telling the President is, “Look at the political realities: you didn’t raise taxes in a lame duck session when you had 59 Democrats in the Senate and almost 260 in the House. Don’t expect Republicans to raise taxes we own the House of Representatives and have six more it Senate seats.”

H/T NewsBusters

Major Garrett Explains to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews why it is Irrational to think Republicans will Support Obama’s Desire for Tax Increases – Video 7/11/11

Here is video of of Fox News’ White House Correspondent Major Garrett talking about his final day – today – with the Fox News Channel. Garrett is leaving Fox News to return to print journalism. He will now be working with National Journal.

Megyn Kelly interviews Garrett about his decision to leave FNC, and expresses well that he will be sorely missed.

He’s a real class act. Sorry to see him leave Fox News – but glad for him that he can return to what he loves, and will have more time at home with his kids.

Via Mediaite

Megyn Kelly Talks to Major Garrett about his Final Day at Fox News – Video 9/3/10

Here is video of Fox News White House Correspondent Major Garrett explaining his decision to leave the White House and Fox News and return to “print journalism” with The National Journal.

Garrett said he is returning “to his roots,” and wants to test whether print journalism is still viable and whether it will continue to be so.

Fox News’ Major Garrett Explains His Decision to Leave for “Print Journalism” – Video

Here is audio from Johnny Dollar’s Place of Fox News’ White House Correspondent Major Garrett saying he fully expects that Fox News will be given the old “Helen Thomas” seat on the front row at White House Briefings and Press Conferences. Garrett said it is important to know that the White House has nothing at all to do with the decision. It is totally made by vote of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

“Helen Thomas’ seat is vacant. It’s a decision that will be made by the elected leadership of the the White House correspondents association. That election is going on now, the ballots will soon be counted. The board will be newly constituted and the board will take a vote. And I believe by every measure, by every standard of precedent, history, time in job, dedication to the beat, paying all the things that we do as a member of the pool that covers the White House and the president, all presidents, Fox deserves the seat, Fox is entitled to the seat. And I believe justice will be done and Fox will get the seat.”

It will be interesting to see if Fox News gets the seat.

Major Garrett Says Fox News “Deserves” the “Helen Thomas” Seat – Audio

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