Sean Spicer Handles Another Major Garrett Interruption: “You want to come on up?” – Video 4/25/17

CBS News’ Major Garrett: “It is a Surprise to Me” that Trump already Running Close to Hillary Clinton in Key Swing States – Video 5/10/16

CNN’s Acosta Defends Major Garrett Asking Obama about Americans Languishing in Iranian Prisons – Video 7/15/15

CBS News’ Major Garrett Confronts Obama how He could be “Content” to do a Deal with Iran while Four Americans Languish in Prison – Video 7/15/15

Rudy Giuliani Hammers Obama for His Radical Association with Al Sharpton – Video 12/29/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Asks Obama Press Secretary Why Multiple ISIS Advances “Look like Success” to Obama Admin – Video 10/14/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Presses Josh Earnest on Why Obama Keeps Threatening Sanctions against Russia but Never Does Anything – Video 7/14/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett: Obama to Meet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Dallas; Still No Plans to Visit Border – Video Report 7/9/14

President Barack Obama

CBS News’ Major Garrett Reports on Obama White House’s Outing of Top CIA Operative in Afghanistan – Video Report – 5/26/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Nails Obama Chief of Staff on Why Obama has said Nothing about the V.A. Scandal for Three Weeks – Video 5/18/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Puts Jay Carney on the Spot about Obama’s Failing “Passivity” towards Russian Aggression – Video 4/14/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Shows How Obama’s White House does Worse than the National Average on Pay Equity between Men and Women – Video 4/8/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Confronts Jay Carney on the Horrific December Jobs Numbers – Video 1/10/14

Major Garrett Calls Jay Carney on Obama’s backing away from the 7 Million Enrollment Goal for ObamaCare – Video 1/6/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett Confronts Jay Carney: Many Americans “Feel, if Not Lied to, Misled” by President Obama – Video 10/31/13

Jay Carney Repeatedly Dodges Questions on Eric Holder from both CBS News’ Major Garrett and Fox News’ Ed Henry – Video 5/29/13

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