Liberal Anchor Jorge Ramos Asks Marco Rubio a “Gay Wedding” Gotcha Question – Video 4/15/15

Sen. Marco Rubio on Russian Invasion of Ukraine: There Must be “Consequences” – Video

Here is audio of Sen. Marco Rubio being interviewed today on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Rush talked to Rubio about the new “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan Rubio has signed onto with seven other Senators, including John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, Dick Durbin, and Bob Menendez. Rubio explained that the plan to eventually allow a path to citizenship for those already here illegally hinges on the enforcement aspects of the plan – securing the border and tracking those who come into the country on tourist or short-stay visas to make sure they also leave the country at the required time. Rubio said he will not support any bill that does not have those enforcement mechanisms built in.

Rush praised Rubio for trying to tackle such a tough issue, but it was clear that Rush is very skeptical that President Obama or the Democrats in Congress can be trusted to actually do what they say.

Sen. Marco Rubio Explains His Support for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” to a Skeptical Rush Limbaugh – Audio 1/29/13

Here is video of CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewing GOP Sen. Marco Rubio. She asked Rubio if he thought Romney can do well among Hispanics, and he said he believes Romney will do well – better than Republican John McCain did in 2008. Rubio said Romney must come across not just as against illegal immigration, but FOR legal immigration.

Crowley tried to put Rubio in a box on whether he supports the Paul Ryan Budget proposal. He refused to stay in the box. Instead, he said it is unfair for anyone to criticize the Ryan Budget when Obama and the Democrats have not even put forward a budget proposal of their own! Of course, Crowley would never even say a word about the abject failure of Democrats when it comes to budgets and instead kept harping about the Ryan Budget.

On the possibility of being Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential choice, Rubio took a different tack today. Instead of saying he will not be the VP Nominee, he said Mitt Romney now has a process in place to make that decision, and that he would not even be commenting on the subject going forward, out of respect to the process Romney has put in place. Rubio said, “I know Mitt Romney is going to make a great President for this country,” and that Romney would “make a great decision.”

Marco Rubio in Extensive Interview with CNN: “I Know Mitt Romney is going to make a Great President for this Country” – Video 4/22/12

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