Sen. Marco Rubio Speech at CPAC 2015: Obama “Treats the Ayatollah in Iran with more Respect than the PM of Israel” – Video 2/27/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Campaigns in Iowa for GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst – Video 6/2/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Unleased! Delivers Stirring Speech on Senate Floor Refuting Democrat Tom Harkin’s Cuban “Paradise” – Video 2/24/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: It’s Time to Declare “Big Government’s” 50-Year “War on Poverty” a Failure – Video 1/5/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Speech at VVS Confronts Attack on Traditional Values; Affirms “I Believe Jesus Christ is God” – Video 10/11/13

Sen. Marco Rubio on Senate Floor Urges Defunding of ObamaCare – Video 7/25/13

Sen. Marco Rubio takes to Senate Floor to Defend against Conservative Criticism of His Senate Immigration Bill – Video 6/26/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Lowers the Boom in Senate Speech on Obama’s “Culture of Intimidation”: “These are the Tactics of the Third-World” – Complete Video 5/15/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Speech at CPAC 2013: “We Don’t Need a New Idea. There is an Idea – the Idea is Called ‘America’, and It Still Works!” – Complete Video 3/14/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers GOP Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address – Video 2/12/13

A truly outstanding speech by Sen. Marco Rubio!

Here is complete video of Sen. Marco Rubio speaking at the Jack Kemp Leadership Award Dinner, where he was honored as a recipient. Rubio used the speech to set forth his vision for building a 21st Century America that keeps America an exceptional nation based on the principles that made the nation great. Rubio said America does not need higher taxes but more taxpayers that come as a result of a growing economy and good jobs.

Notice at the beginning, Rubio jokes with Rep. Paul Ryan, who was also at the event, about “Iowa” and “South Carolina.” I don’t think there is much doubt that Rubio is working toward a run for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination. Speeches like this one help lay the groundwork for a run, and help him hone his message for the campaign. This speech is an outstanding basis for a Presidential run. These are the themes that will resonate, not only in the GOP, but more widely across the nation. As he continues to speak and travel, Rubio will only get better at communicating his vision for the future of America. It’s going to be very interesting to watch!

Sen. Marco Rubio Lays Out Vision for 21st Century America at Jack Kemp Dinner: Says America Needs more Taxpayers and a Growing Economy, Not Higher Taxes – Complete Video 12/4/12

Here is complete video of Sen. Marco Rubio speaking in Iowa tonight at a birthday event for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. Many believe this trip by Rubio to Iowa is his opening foray into the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination race. Rubio made the case for taking the conservative message of why Free Enterprise and Limited Government are the principles to give Americans a shot at the best future they can possibly have. Rubio urged conservatives to not give up on taking that message to the country in a positive and compassionate way.

Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers Speech in Iowa; Urges Taking Conservative Message of Free Enterprise and Limited Government to America in a Positive Way – Complete Video 11/17/12

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Here is complete video of Sen. Marco Rubio’s outstanding speech at the Republican National Convention tonight. Rubio introduced Mitt Romney and gave a powerful, soaring speech leading up to Romney’s speech. What a future Rubio has!

Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers Powerful, Soaring Speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention – Video 8/30/12

This has the sound of a great Vice-Presidential stump speech. Sen. Marco Rubio frames the 2012 Election at a choice between “a guy who has no idea what he’s doing (Obama), and a guy that does (Romney).”

Sen. Marco Rubio Frames 2012 Election: “A Choice between a Guy Who has No Idea what He’s Doing, and a Guy that Does” – Video 8/7/12

Here is Sen. Marco Rubio on the Senate Floor taking ObamaCare apart. In just a few minutes time, Rubio makes a compelling case as to why ObamaCare will be bad for business and Economic Growth in America – as well as being a Middle-Class tax increase. He also brings out the reality that ObamaCare makes the IRS the enforcer of the HealthCare mandate, something a lot of Americans probably don’t even realize.

The more Rubio talks, the more he makes the case for himself to be Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential running mate.

Sen. Marco Rubio Makes the Case Against ObamaCare; Bad for Business and Economic Growth in America; Raises Taxes on Middle-Class Americans – Video

Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio telling the South Carolina GOP Convention about President Barack Obama: “We have not seen such a divisive figure in modern American History.” He slammed Obama for having no intention on running on his failed record, but instead following a strategy of dividing America – Rich vs. Poor, Women vs. Men. Rubio said Obama’s strategy goes against the very heart of what has made America exceptional. The idea that someone else has to do worse for you to do better “is not who we have been,” Rubio said.

Sen. Marco Rubio Slams Obama: “We have Not Seen Such a Divisive Figure in Modern American History” – Video 5/19/12

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