Sen. Marco Rubio Speech at CPAC 2015: Obama “Treats the Ayatollah in Iran with more Respect than the PM of Israel” – Video 2/27/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Challenges Democrats’ Plan to Boycott Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – Video 2/12/15

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Stand Strong against a Nuclear Iran at Koch Presidential Forum – Video 1/25/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Spends Day “Mapping Campaign Strategy” for a 2016 Presidential Run – Video Report 1/23/15


Rubio Camp says likely Jeb Bush 2016 Run will have No Impact on His Own Decision to Run – 12/26/14

Sen. Rand Paul Accuses Sen. Marco Rubio of “Isolationism” towards Cuba; Calls Rubio’s Attack on him, “Rude and Intemperate” – Video 12/19/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Slams Obama’s Normalization of Relations with Cuba as “Absurd” – Video 12/17/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: U.S. Allies concluding “American Foreign Policy is in the Hands of Someone Who does not Know what He’s Doing” – Video 9/7/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Faces Tough Questions on Change in His Immigration Reform Views – Video 8/3/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton is “a 20th Century Candidate”; “Extremely Vulnerable on Her Record” – Audio 7/22/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Says “Multiple People” could Defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016: “Hillary Clinton is Not Unbeatable” – Audio 7/11/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Hammers Hillary Clinton’s Dismissal of Benghazi Inquiry as “Minor League Ball” – Video 6/10/14


Sen. Marco Rubio: Barack Obama “Believes He’s become a Monarch or an Emperor” – Video 6/3/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Campaigns in Iowa for GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst – Video 6/2/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Gives Hillary Clinton “Not a Passing Grade” for Her Time as Secretary of State – Video 5/11/14

Sen. Marco Rubio on whether He’s “Ready to be President”: “I Do, but I think that’s True for Muliple other People. . . ” – Video 5/11/14

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