Marco Rubio: Obama Foreign Policy “Elevating Legacy over Leadership, Adversaries over Allies” – Video 5/21/15

Marco Rubio in Extensive Interview with Chris Wallace; Says Presidents don’t Make Decisions based on Information from the Future – Video 5/17/15


FL Democratic Strategist: “Marco Rubio Scares Me”; Could Galvanize Hispanic Vote Behind Him – 5/14/15

Rubio on Hillary Clinton: U.S. can’t Afford another 8 Years of a “Soap Opera” – Video 5/13/15

Marco Rubio: “The World is a Better Place when America is the Strongest Country in the World” – Video 5/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Speaks at the South Carolina Freedom Summit – Video 5/9/15

New Marco Rubio Web Ad: “I don’t think We can Save the American Dream – I think We can Expand It!” – Video 5/7/15

Marco Rubio Speech to “Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition”: America Founded on Belief Our Rights Come from God – Video 4/25/15

Marco Rubio Answers the Top “Google Search” Questions about Himself – Video 4/20/15

Jonathan Martin: Chatter Increasing on Possible “Walker-Rubio” 2016 GOP Presidential Ticket – Video 4/19/15

Sen. Marco Rubio’s Stirring Speech at the NH GOP Leadership Summit – Video 4/18/15

Liberal Anchor Jorge Ramos Asks Marco Rubio a “Gay Wedding” Gotcha Question – Video 4/15/15

“Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski Attacks Marco Rubio as a “Little Boy” Compared to Hillary – Video 4/14/15

Krauthammer: Rubio Campaign will Ask Americans, “Do You want Old, or do You want New?” – Video 4/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Announces for President: “Time for a New Generation of Leadership”; Slams Hillary as “Yesterday” – Video 4/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Calls for “A New American Century” – Video 4/10/15

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