Donald Trump Trolls Marco Rubio on Water Drinking Obsession; Sends Him Package of “Trump Water” – Photos 10/5/15

Rubio’s Debate Prediction about Putin and Russia in Syria was Exactly Right – Video 9/30/15

John Boehner Resigning as Speaker of the House; Will also Resign House Seat – Video 9/25/15

Dem Operative Tells Jake Tapper: Marco Rubio is the GOP Candidate “Who could become the 45th President of the United States” – Video 9/20/15

New Marco Rubio Ad Features Him Catching Footballs as He Answers Questions – Video 9/15/15

Marco Rubio Warns Dems on Obama Iran Deal: “This is a Vote You will have to Live with for the Rest of Your Life” – Video 8/10/15

New Marco Rubio Ad Responds to Hillary “Relaunch”; Paints Hillary as a Tired, Old Leader from “Yesterday” – Video 6/13/15

Gov. Scott Walker: “I Like Marco Rubio a Lot”; Doesn’t Dismiss the Idea of the Two Eventually Being the GOP Ticket – Video 6/11/15

Rubio Web Ad Highlights His Campaigning in the Key State of South Carolina – Video

Reince Priebus Reacts to NYT’s Breathless Hit-piece on Marco Rubio’s Driving Record – Video 6/5/15

Marco Rubio: Obama Foreign Policy “Elevating Legacy over Leadership, Adversaries over Allies” – Video 5/21/15

Marco Rubio in Extensive Interview with Chris Wallace; Says Presidents don’t Make Decisions based on Information from the Future – Video 5/17/15


FL Democratic Strategist: “Marco Rubio Scares Me”; Could Galvanize Hispanic Vote Behind Him – 5/14/15

Rubio on Hillary Clinton: U.S. can’t Afford another 8 Years of a “Soap Opera” – Video 5/13/15

Marco Rubio: “The World is a Better Place when America is the Strongest Country in the World” – Video 5/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Speaks at the South Carolina Freedom Summit – Video 5/9/15

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