President Trump Reports on Successful Asia Trip; Has “Marco Rubio” Moment – Complete Video 11/15/17

Leftist Joe Scarborough Praises Marco Rubio Repeatedly for His Attacks on Donald Trump – Video 8/16/17

Marco Rubio Conducts Brilliant Questioning of former FBI Director James Comey – Video 6/8/17

Bill O’Reilly Praises Marco Rubio for Apologizing to Donald Trump – Video 5/31/16

Marco Rubio Drops Out of Presidential Race after Crushing Defeat to Donald Trump in Florida – Video 3/15/16

Marco Rubio Florida Event Interrupted by Bizarre Heckler – Video 3/13/16

Trump Finally Running Ad in Florida: “Corrupt Marco Rubio” – Video 3/7/16

Rubio, Cruz Pledge to Support Donald Trump if He is GOP Presidential Nominee – Video 3/3/16

ICE Officer Chris Crane Speaks at Massive Trump Rally: “The Welfare of America Not a Concern for Marco Rubio” in Amnesty Bill; “Actively Excluded Law Enforcement” from Input on Bill – Video 2/28/16

Chris Wallace to Marco Rubio: Wasn’t Your Biggest Accomplishment “the Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill? – Video 2/28/16

Flashback 12 Days Ago: Rubio Pledges to Support Trump if He is the Nominee; When did Marco decide Trump is a “Con Artist?” – Video 2/26/16

Flashback: Rubio Pledges to Support Trump as GOP Nominee; Now Impossible since He Called Trump a “Con Artist” – Video September 2015

Marco Rubio Goes Scorched Earth; Calls Trump a “Con Artist” – Video 2/26/16

Larry Sabato: Trump’s Win with Hispanics in Nevada has to Worry Rubio and Cruz – Video 2/24/16

Cruz Communications Dir Rick Tyler Refuses to say Cruz Expects to Win Home State of Texas; Apologizes for Link to False Attack on Rubio – Video 2/23/16

Rubio Hammers Cruz Campaign’s Latest Dirty Trick; Says there is a Clear “Pattern” of Daily “Deceptive and Untrue” Attacks – Video 2/23/16

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