New Rubio Ad Features Rush Limbaugh saying “Marco Rubio is a Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative” – Video 2/4/16

Marco Rubio: Ben Carson Deserved Better than Cruz Campaign’s “Unfair” Drop-Out Rumor during Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/3/16

Chris Christie in Classic “Tough Guy” Mode Attacks Rubio as “the Boy in the Bubble” – Video 2/2/16

Marco Rubio Wins the Night with Stirring 3rd Place “Victory” Speech in the Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/1/16


Ted Cruz Wins the Iowa Caucuses; Marco Rubio Surges in Areas Expected to go for Trump; Rubio, Trump Close for 2nd – 2/1/16

Marco Rubio Closing Argument Ad in Iowa: “This Election is about Defeating Hillary and Saving what makes America Unique” – Video 1/28/16

Marco Rubio Interview with Bill O’Reilly as He Gains Momentum in Iowa – Video 1/29/16

Sen. Marco Rubio Wins Des Moines Register Endorsement for GOP Presidential Nomination – Video 1/23/16

Marco Rubio Slams Ted Cruz’s Latest Trump Attacks: “Ted Cruz is an Incredibly Calculated Individual” – Video 1/22/16

Marco Rubio makes the Case that He is the GOP Candidate Who can Defeat Hillary Clinton – Video 1/21/16

Marco Rubio Speaks to Packed House at Council Bluffs, Iowa Rally – Video 1/16/16

Pro-Rubio SuperPAC Releases Ad: “What’s Canadian about Ted Cruz? His Tax Plan” – Video 1/19/16

Marco Rubio on “Meet the Press” Slaps Down Cruz’s “New York Values” Attack: “I’m Campaigning on Behalf of American Values” – Video 1/17/16

Trump, Cruz, Rubio Stand Out in 6th GOP Presidential Debate – Debate Winners and Losers – 1/14/16

New Pro-Rubio Ad Slams Jeb Bush’s Campaign as a “Train-Wreck” – Video 1/14/16

Pro-Jeb Bush SuperPAC Releases Ad Hammering Marco Rubio as a “Flip-Flopper” – Video 1/12/16

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