Sen. Marco Rubio Confronted at Town Hall Meeting about Support for Immigration Amnesty Bill; Gives Six-Minute Answer Defending Support – Raw Video 8/13/13

Sen. Marco Rubio: If We Don’t Legalize the Millions of Illegals in the U.S., Obama Will by Executive Order – Audio 8/13/13

GOP Senators Lee, Cruz and Rubio Speak Together on Senate Floor to Defund ObamaCare – Video 7/30/13

Sen. Marco Rubio on Senate Floor Urges Defunding of ObamaCare – Video 7/25/13

Sen. Marco Rubio takes to Senate Floor to Defend against Conservative Criticism of His Senate Immigration Bill – Video 6/26/13

Sarah Palin Blasts Rubio, Ayotte “Flip-Flop” on Amnesty; Says they “Should be Held Accountable” – Audio 6/25/13

Gov. Sarah Palin Links to Marco Rubio 2010 Video Opposing Amnesty for Illegals – Video 2010

Sen. Marco Rubio on “Bill Bennett Show” Clarifies Steps Required Before Illegals Gain Legal Status under Senate Immigration Bill – Audio 6/18/13

Allen West won’t Rule out possible 2016 Primary Challenge to Sen. Marco Rubio – Audio 6/19/13

Marco Rubio on Syria and Immigration; Says “95%” of Immigration Bill Ready to Go; Needs to Strengthen Border Security Element – Video 6/16/13

Conservative Andrea Tantaros Pleads with Sen. Marco Rubio to Walk Away from Immigration Bill: “This Party Needs an Undamaged Marco Rubio” – Audio 6/13/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Touts Border Security in New Ad Urging Support for Senate Immigration Bill – Video 6/11/13

Marco Rubio: It all Hinges on Whether or Not We Can Secure the Border – Video 6/11/13

Marco Rubio Files A Constitutional Amendement: “Right To Refuse”


Laura Ingraham Tells Sen. Marco Rubio on Immigration: My Radio Listeners “think it’s time to Stop Dividing the Republican Party on this Issue” – Video 6/4/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Lowers the Boom in Senate Speech on Obama’s “Culture of Intimidation”: “These are the Tactics of the Third-World” – Complete Video 5/15/13

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