Ted Cruz Hammers Rubio as “Not from the Right”; Responds to Rubio PAC’s Attack on Cruz as Soft on National Security – Video 11/24/15

Ted Cruz Hits Back: Rubio Claiming My Position is Like His on Illegal Immigration is “Like the Ayatollah Khameinei Saying. . . . ” Audio 11/13/15

Trump on Rubio being Hispanic with Cuban Parents: “That’s Why He wants Amnesty” – Video 11/12/15

Marco Rubio’s Attempt to Tar Ted Cruz as Pro-Amnesty is Not going to Work – Video

Was Marco Rubio Rebuffed by Jeb Bush during a Break in the FBN GOP Debate? – Video 11/10/15

Rubio Effectively Avoids Question on Paying for Proposals by Attacking Rand Paul as “a Committed Isolationist” – Video 11/10/15

New Ted Cruz Super PAC Ad Blasts Marco Rubio for His Support of the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Plan – Video 11/6/15

Marco Rubio Slams “Disgusting” Ad Featuring Latino Children Cursing about Donald Trump – Video 11/6/15


New State Polls in Iowa, NH, Georgia, Florida Show Trump, Carson Strong with Rubio and Cruz Rising – 11/2/15


New Florida Poll Finds Donald Trump with Double-Digit Lead over GOP Field – 11/2/15

Rubio Slams Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Failures as Secretary of State – Video 10/22/15


Donald Trump Trolls Marco Rubio on Water Drinking Obsession; Sends Him Package of “Trump Water” – Photos 10/5/15

Rubio’s Debate Prediction about Putin and Russia in Syria was Exactly Right – Video 9/30/15

John Boehner Resigning as Speaker of the House; Will also Resign House Seat – Video 9/25/15

Dem Operative Tells Jake Tapper: Marco Rubio is the GOP Candidate “Who could become the 45th President of the United States” – Video 9/20/15

New Marco Rubio Ad Features Him Catching Footballs as He Answers Questions – Video 9/15/15

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