Liberal Anchor Jorge Ramos Asks Marco Rubio a “Gay Wedding” Gotcha Question – Video 4/15/15

“Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski Attacks Marco Rubio as a “Little Boy” Compared to Hillary – Video 4/14/15

Krauthammer: Rubio Campaign will Ask Americans, “Do You want Old, or do You want New?” – Video 4/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Announces for President: “Time for a New Generation of Leadership”; Slams Hillary as “Yesterday” – Video 4/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Calls for “A New American Century” – Video 4/10/15


Sen. Marco Rubio Confirms He’s making a “Big Announcement” Monday, April 13

Sen. Marco Rubio: “I’m Realistic on Immigration” – Video 3/30/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Confirms He Will Announce whether He Will Run For President in 2016 on April 13 – Video 3/30/15


Report: Sen. Marco Rubio may Jump in Presidential Race on April 13; Reserves Miami Freedom Tower for Event – 3/27/15

Sen. Marco Rubio on Letter Warning Obama and Iran: “I would Send another One Tomorrow” – Video 3/10/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Speech at CPAC 2015: Obama “Treats the Ayatollah in Iran with more Respect than the PM of Israel” – Video 2/27/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Challenges Democrats’ Plan to Boycott Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – Video 2/12/15

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Stand Strong against a Nuclear Iran at Koch Presidential Forum – Video 1/25/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Spends Day “Mapping Campaign Strategy” for a 2016 Presidential Run – Video Report 1/23/15


Rubio Camp says likely Jeb Bush 2016 Run will have No Impact on His Own Decision to Run – 12/26/14

Sen. Rand Paul Accuses Sen. Marco Rubio of “Isolationism” towards Cuba; Calls Rubio’s Attack on him, “Rude and Intemperate” – Video 12/19/14

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