AP Calls Alaska Senate Race for Republican Dan Sullivan; Defeats Incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Begich; GOP Now +8, 53-Seats – UPDATE: Video Report Added 11/12/14


Alaska Begins Counting Remaining Ballots in Senate Race; GOP’s Dan Sullivan the Likely Winner – 11/11/14

Dem Sen. Mark Begich Claims He Never Attacked the Late Sen. Ted Stevens in his 2008 Senate Campaign; The Evidence Says He Did – Video 10/31/14

New American Crossroads Ad Hammers Alaska Dem Sen. Mark Begich for Voting “97% of the Time with Barack Obama” – Video 6/26/14

New Crossroads GPS Ad Hammers Democrat Sen. Mark Begich on Response to V.A. Scandal: “If There’s a Problem. . . ” – Video 5/29/14

Alaska Dem Sen. Mark Begich “Not Interested” in having Obama Campaign for Him in Midterms – Video 1/28/14

Say, Does Democrat Sen. Mark Begich want Barack Obama to Campaign for Him in Alaska? – Video 11/14/13

New “American Crossroads” Ads Target Vulnerable Dem Senators with ObamaCare Lie – Videos 11/5/13

Gov. Sarah Palin Tells Sean Hannity She is Considering a U.S. Senate Run in 2014 against Democrat Mark Begich – Audio 7/9/13

Here is video of a new ad by “Americans for a Strong Defense” that tries to put pressure on Alaska Democratic Sen. Mark Begich to vote against confirmation of Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense. The ad highlights Hagel’s weak record on standing up to Iran and other enemies of the United States, saying Hagel wants the U.S. “to back down.”

Via The Rightnewz

New Ad Tries to put Pressure on Democratic Sen. Mark Begich to Oppose Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary – Video 1/21/13

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