John Heilemann on Big Headline from Hillary Email Presser: “She Destroyed Thousands of Emails” – Video 3/10/15

Mark Halperin: Hillary Clinton “No Longer the Most Likely” Candidate to Win the Presidency in 2016 – Video 3/8/15

Mark Halperin: Hillary’s Email Scandal Not Going Away; “I Fell Asleep Twice” watching Her “Emily’s List” Speech – Video 3/5/15

Mark Halperin: “Clinton Insiders are Worried about Jeb Bush” – Video 1/18/15

Mark Halperin: Indictment of Gov. Rick Perry “the Stupidest Thing I’ve Seen in My Entire Career” – Video 8/18/14

Mark Halperin: U.S. is the “Indispensable Nation” in War against Radical Islamic Jihadists – Video 8/13/14

Liberal Mark Halperin: How does Obama’s “Confrontational Tone” Help Solve the Border Crisis? – Video 7/11/14

Liberal Mark Halperin: If Obama Does Not Go to the Border while in Texas, He is “Not Doing the Job We Hired Him to Do” – Video 7/8/14

Mark Halperin: Republicans On Track to Regain Control of the U.S. Senate – Video 5/13/14

Halperin: ObamaCare Cuts to Medicare Advantage Hurt Democrats in Florida Special Election – Video 3/12/14

Mark Halperin: Obama’s ObamaCare Delays “Screams of Politics”; Will Really “Set People Off” – Video 2/11/14

Time’s Mark Halperin: ObamaCare’s “End of Life” Decision Process Will be Controversial, and will have to be Defended by Obama – Video 11/27/13

Gov. Sarah Palin

Time’s Mark Halperin Admits there Really are “Death Panels” in ObamaCare: “It’s Built into the Plan. . . That’s Part of How Costs are Controlled” – Audio 11/25/13

Time’s Mark Halperin Admits Media Failed to do their Job in Scrutinizing ObamaCare – Video 11/21/13

Mark Halperin on Bob Woodward Exposing Obama’s “Sequester” Lie: “It’s a Little Embarrassing None of the Rest of Us was as Aggressive as He was” – Video 2/28/13

Here is video of Time’s Mark Halperin and others on MSNBC speculating as to the circumstances and timing of CIA Director David Petraeus decision to resign over what he described as an “extramarital affair.” Halperin seemed to be speculating there could have been pressure applied to Petraeus to resign before his scheduled testimony next week before Congress on the Benghazi Scandal.

“Time’s” Mark Halperin and Panel Discuss Timing and Circumstances of Resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus Just One Week before He was to Testify about Benghazi – Video 11/9/12

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