Ted Cruz Adheres to Reagan’s 11th Commandment; Praises John McCain but won’t Attack Donald Trump – Video 7/18/15

Donald Trump Extensive Interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin: “I’m the Only One Who can Beat Hillary Clinton” – Video 7/10/15

Gov. Scott Walker: “I Like Marco Rubio a Lot”; Doesn’t Dismiss the Idea of the Two Eventually Being the GOP Ticket – Video 6/11/15

Mark Halperin: Clintons have Created a “Lot of Doubts and Annoyance” among Democrats with their Questionable Actions – Video 6/8/15

Mark Halperin makes a Fool of Himself Asking Ted Cruz Multiple Racial Questions – Video 5/9/15

Mark Halperin: If an Assistant Sec. of State did what Hillary did, they would be “Out of the State Dept.” – Video 4/26/15

John Heilemann on Big Headline from Hillary Email Presser: “She Destroyed Thousands of Emails” – Video 3/10/15

Mark Halperin: Hillary Clinton “No Longer the Most Likely” Candidate to Win the Presidency in 2016 – Video 3/8/15

Mark Halperin: Hillary’s Email Scandal Not Going Away; “I Fell Asleep Twice” watching Her “Emily’s List” Speech – Video 3/5/15

Mark Halperin: “Clinton Insiders are Worried about Jeb Bush” – Video 1/18/15

Mark Halperin: Indictment of Gov. Rick Perry “the Stupidest Thing I’ve Seen in My Entire Career” – Video 8/18/14

Mark Halperin: U.S. is the “Indispensable Nation” in War against Radical Islamic Jihadists – Video 8/13/14

Liberal Mark Halperin: How does Obama’s “Confrontational Tone” Help Solve the Border Crisis? – Video 7/11/14

Liberal Mark Halperin: If Obama Does Not Go to the Border while in Texas, He is “Not Doing the Job We Hired Him to Do” – Video 7/8/14

Mark Halperin: Republicans On Track to Regain Control of the U.S. Senate – Video 5/13/14

Halperin: ObamaCare Cuts to Medicare Advantage Hurt Democrats in Florida Special Election – Video 3/12/14

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