Friend of Texas Church Shooter says Kelley Posted “Atheist” and “Non-God” things on Facebook – Video 11/6/17

MSNBC’s Katy Tur Disturbed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Advocating “Prayer” and “Working with God” being of Primary Importance in Wake of Shooting – Video 11/6/17

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Massacre of 26 Christians at FBC Sutherland Springs what it is — “Evil” – Video 11/6/17

At Least 26 Dead in Mass Shooting Attack at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX during Worship; Killer Identified – Video 11/5/17

LA Times – ISIS Claims Responsibility for Las Vegas Mass Shooting; FBI Says No Connection with ISIS Found; Investigation Continues – Video Report 10/2/17

President Trump Speaks on Las Vegas Mass Shooting: This was “An Act of Pure Evil” – Video 10/2/17


Las Vegas Police Press Release on Mass Shooting: 406 Transported to Hospitals, 50 Dead – 10/2/17

Las Vegas Police Brief the Media on Mass Shooting that has Killed at Least 50 People – Video 10/2/17

Mass Shooting in Las Vegas Kills at Least 50 People, 200 Wounded; 64 Year-Old Shooter Dead – Videos 10/2/17

Shooter Kills Five, Wounds Eight in Horrific Attack at Ft. Lauderdale Airport; Photo Emerges of Alleged Gunman Holding up Islamic/ISIS Finger Sign – Video 1/6/17

Three Injured in Richmond, VA Shooting at Greyhound Station; State Trooper Seriously Injured; Shooter Dead – Video 3/31/16


FBI Identifies Charleston Church Shooting Suspect as 21 Year-Old Dylan Storm Roof; Manhunt Continues – Photos 6/18/15

Deranged 22 Year-Old Man Goes on Killing Spree Near UC-Santa Barbara Campus; Six Dead from Stabbing and Shooting; Killer Leaves Chilling Video Behind – Videos 5/24/14

Gunman Opens Fire at LAX; One TSA Agent Reported Killed; At Least Two Other People Shot – Videos 11/1/13 UPDATED: Actor Tim Daly Describes the Scene – Video

Lone Gunman Shoots Two in Attack at Virginia Mall – Video Report 4/12/13 UPDATED: “Witnesses” Describe “Shotgun” used in Attack

Here is complete video of President Barack Obama’s remarks at the White House this afternoon about the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that has left at least 20 children and 6 adults dead.

President Barack Obama’s Remarks on Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School Shooting – Complete Video 12/14/12

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