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Donald Trump Dominates NBC News “Commander-in-Chief” Forum with Hillary Clinton – Complete Video 9/7/16

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Here is Obama Campaign Spokesperson Stephanie Cutter clearly perplexed after being confronted by Today’s Matt Lauer with Barack Obama’s own words on negative campaigning designed to demonize the opposition. Lauer quoted Obama from 2008 and asked Cutter if that’s not exactly what Obama has been trying to do to Mitt Romney over the last week and a half.

Of course, the truth is, Obama did it in 2008 also, but he is sure trying to demonize Mitt Romney.

Obama Spokesperson Perplexed at being Confronted with Obama’s 2008 Words against Demonizing the Opposition – Video 7/17/12

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No, you don’t.

Mr Arrogance himself would not think of saying, “That’s up to the American people.” No matter that he has failed his own standard. He DESERVES whatever he wants. After all – he’s Barack Obama.

Well, like it or not, it is up to the American people, Mr. President.

Barack Obama Declares: “I Deserve a Second Term” – Video 2/5/12

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Sarah Palin has now become a verb. At least, what has been done to her by a hostile media has become a verb.

Here is Michele Bachmann on the “Today Show” this morning where she was interviewed by Matt Lauer. Bachmann was in New Hampshire, where she told Lauer that she is the candidate who is “going places.”

Bachmann said that if she is elected President, she will work to repeal ObamaCare, which she says is a huge albatross over business activity right now, inhibiting the creation of jobs.

Bachmann was asked her understanding of what a Tea Party Activist warned was coming for her – that she will be “Palinized” during the campaign. Bachmann said it means there will be a “media onslaught of attack,” but that she is “ready for it,” and knows it “goes with the territory.”

Michele Bachmann on the “Today Show” Asked if She Will be “Palinized” During the Campaign – Video 6/28/11

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Here is video of Karl Rove talking to Matt Lauer this morning where is analyzed a few of the possible 2012 GOP Candidates for President. Rove said there is still time for other candidates to get in – but June or July will be just about the cut off line to jump in and still be able to raise money and staff up for a serious run.

Rove said Newt Gingrich could work his way into the top-tier of candidates. He also continued his assault on Donald Trump, saying Trump marginalized his potential chances by focusing on Obama’s Birth Certificate and by using profanity throughout a speech in Las Vegas, that he believes “turned off a lot of voters.”

The only other candidate he was asked about was Rep. Ron Paul. Rove said Paul is “in his 70’s,” and that in the end he will “not be a serious contender” for the 2012 GOP Nomination.

Karl Rove Says “June or July” is Latest for GOP Candidate to Jump into 2012 Presidential Race; Says Ron Paul “Won’t be Serious Contender” – Video 5/11/11

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Tom Brokaw says he can’t recall any other president in his “adult lifetime” that has had to face more “unexpected circumstances” than President Obama.
“Now when presidents get elected, that’s their job. Is to take on the big, the big assignments, the big challenges. But there have been few that have come as swiftly as all of these have from unexpected circumstances.”

Tom Brokaw: Obama Has Faced More “Unexpected Circumstances” Than Any Other President In My “Adult Lifetime” – Video 3/29/11

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There are times when you listen to something you do a double-take and wonder if you are hearing what you thought you heard. This clip is one of those.

The video clip is of former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw talking to Matt Lauer about conversations he’s had recently with people around the country about how President Obama is doing. Brokaw mentions several different Republicans and Democrats he’s talked to. But at one point, he says the following:

“A Western Governor said “We’re losing Independents.” He’s a Democrat – from our party.”

I’ve tried to figure out some other meaning to why Brokaw would add, “from our party,” but it sure sounds like Brokaw openly identified himself – and maybe Lauer, as Democrats by the statement.

That’s no surprise to me that they are Democrats, but it is a surprise to hear Brokaw say it openly on The Today Show. These kinds of moments make you realize just what conservatives are up against with the media. If they are thinking of the Democrats as being “our party,” then it has to impact the way they report – and spin – the news. For a Republican to win a national election, he/she has to not only defeat the opposing candidate, they have to triumph in spite of the media as well.

NOTE: Thanks to Free Republic poster “Dryman” for pointing this out. After reading his post, I found this video and listened for myself.

Tom Brokaw Refers to Western Governor as a “Democrat – From Our Party” – Video

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Here is video of Dan Goure – Vice-President of the conservative Lexington Institute – telling Matt Lauer that it is not Gen. Stanley McChrystal who has “broken the command structure.” Lauer had made the point that McChrystal has “broken the command structure” by criticizing Obama and other administration officials. Goure turned that argument and said:

“What you are seeing in the McChrystal behavior and his staff is a broken command structure from the top. This is a President who has a dysfunctional organization running his war. It’s not a “Team of Rivals,” it’s a team of 9-year-olds, and something needs to be done about that – not just Stanley McChrystal.”

Goure is exactly right. The focus is all on the locker room banter of McChrystal and his staff – and McChrystal was silly to allow a “Rolling Stone” access to him and the staff. But what is really broken is Obama’s leadership as Commander-in-Chief and the team of left-wing ideologues he has surrounded himself with. McChrystal’s comments reflect his frustration with the people Obama has put in place in that structure – as well as frustration with Obama himself.

Conservative Analyst Says Obama Has a “Team of 9-Year-Olds” Running His War; Not a “Team of Rivals” – Video

Here is very creative video from that turns Barack Obama and Matt Lauer into singers who take off on Obama’s recent comment that he wants to learn whose “butt” he needs to kick because of the Gulf Oil Spill.

H/T Breitbart.tv

New Video Features Barack Obama and Matt Lauer Singing About Whose “Butt” to Kick over Gulf Oil Spill

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