Journalism at Its Finest: Hillary Gets Lovefest Questions on “Today” Town Hall – Video Compilation 10/5/15

Media Trying to Protect Hillary: Email Investigation Looking at Hillary’s “Conduct” but not at “Her” – Video 8/12/15

Hillary Clinton Campaign Treats Reporters like “Penned Off Farm Animals” – Video 7/5/15


Media Bias on Full Display: Halo for Obama; Ted Cruz gets a Gun Pointed at His Head – Photos 6/22/15

Reince Priebus Reacts to NYT’s Breathless Hit-piece on Marco Rubio’s Driving Record – Video 6/5/15

Israel’s U.S. Ambassador Hammers CNN’s Failure to Tell the Whole Truth about Hamas using Schools, Hospitals, Mosques as Weapons Depots – Video 7/24/14

Rush Limbaugh Analogy: Media Protection of Obama on Benghazi is as if Woodward and Bernstein Helped Nixon Cover-up Watergate – Audio 5/2/14

Joe Scarborough Blasts Media Apologists for Obama Benghazi Cover-up – Video 5/1/14


Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Discusses Pro-Obama Bias She Encountered at CBS News – Video 4/20/14

NewsBusters: CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Edits Out Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of Barack Obama’s “Abuse of Power” in Going After Filmmakers – Videos 1/26/14

Time’s Mark Halperin Admits Media Failed to do their Job in Scrutinizing ObamaCare – Video 11/21/13

ABC News Reporter Illustrates Media Infatuation with Obama: “What is the Coolest Thing about being President?” – Video 10/17/13

Sen. Rand Paul Laughs at CNN’s Candy Crowley for Asking if He might want to become a Democrat! – Video 10/13/13

CNN Anchor Lectures Two GOP Members of Congress; Rohrabacher Responds, “Whose Bidding are You Doing?” – Video 9/30/13

Greta Van Susteren on Obama’s Leno Appearance: “Where is the White House Press Corps? They should be Raising Hell” – Video 8/7/13


Joe Scarborough Pauses Ted Cruz Attacks Long Enough to Admit MSNBC Bias for Democrats – Video 8/7/13

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