Greta Van Susteren on Obama’s Leno Appearance: “Where is the White House Press Corps? They should be Raising Hell” – Video 8/7/13


Joe Scarborough Pauses Ted Cruz Attacks Long Enough to Admit MSNBC Bias for Democrats – Video 8/7/13

Rush Limbaugh on RNC Ultimatum: “Why should the GOP Participate in (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC) Debates Designed to Defeat Them?” – Audio 8/5/13

Editor Fired for Headline, “Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It, Mr. President,” Says Media has “Cult”-Like Allegiance to Obama – Video 8/4/13

Outtakes from 1963 Interview with John F. Kennedy Shows Media Letting Him have Do-Overs on Interview Questions: “You want to Do them Again?” – Video 9/9/1963

Democrat Kirsten Powers on Obama Benghazi Cover-Up: “Bill Clinton would Not have Gotten Away with This” – Video 5/11/13

MSNBC Host Says the Religion of the Boston Marathon Bombers Is not Relevant – Video 4/22/13


Liberal Kirsten Powers on Media Bias for Obama: “No President has Ever had Such Deference and Love from the Media” – Video 3/22/13


New Pew Research Study Finds MSNBC 85% “Commentary / Opinion” vs. “Factual Reporting”; Fox News 55%; CNN 46%

Mitt and Ann Romney Open Up in Extensive “Fox News Sunday” Interview; Ann Romney Hits “Media” for Assisting the Obama Campaign During 2012 Election – Video 3/3/13

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama White House “has to be able to Take Criticism”; Admits “Not Enough Tough Reporting in Washington these Days” – Video 2/28/13

Kirsten Powers: Why Doesn’t Jay Carney get “Called Out” for that “Corporate Jet Loophole” Nonsense – Video 2/23/13

Krauthammer Cracks Up as Tucker Carlson Rails against “Quislings and Losers” in the Media – Video 2/20/13

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Conservatives have Bought into “the Mythology” that the Media is out to Get Them – Video 2/19/13


Liberal Kirsten Powers Slams Media’s Mindless Praising of Obama’s “Underwhelming” State of the Union Address – Video 2/16/13

Sen. Ted Cruz is Officially Under the Media’s Skin: “Morning Joe” Crew Attacks Cruz; Scarborough Refuses to Say His Name; Calls Tough Questioning of Hagel “a Clown Show” – Video 2/1/13

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