Kimberley Strassel on MTP Reminds Liberals that Obama sent Rep to Iran in 2008 to Create Back-Channel Communications; Destroys Latest Narrative against Jared Kushner – Video 5/28/17

Chris Matthews Admits on MTP Donald Trump has “the Media Killing Him Every Day”; The NYT does Long-Form Stories “Against Him” Daily – Video 4/30/17

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Neil Gorsuch WILL be Confirmed to the Supreme Court; Vote likely Friday of this Week – Video 4/2/17

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Forcefully Defends President’s Authority to Defend the Homeland in “Meet the Press” Interview – Video 2/12/17

Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Beats down Leftist Hysteria over Trump Immigration Pause from Terrorist States in “Meet the Press” Interview – Video 1/29/17

Kellyanne Conway Exposes Unabashed Anti-Trump Bias of Sneering “Meet the Press” Moderator Chuck Todd – Video 1/22/17

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway: “We are Behind” – Video 10/23/16

Trump Gives First Interview on “Meet the Press” as GOP Presidential Nominee – Complete Video 7/24/16

Preview Clips of Donald Trump “Meet the Press” Interview; Says Convention Speech “Optimistic”; Quickly Rebukes David Duke – Video Clips 7/24/16

Hillary Clinton on Bill’s Meeting with Attorney General: “A Short, Chance Meeting” – Video 7/3/16

New Trump Convention Manager Slams Ted Cruz “Gestapo Tactics” to Wrangle Delegates to His Column – Video 4/10/16

Donald Trump Interview on “Meet the Press”: Stands by Support of “Waterboarding” and beyond to Protect America – Video 2/7/16

Marco Rubio on “Meet the Press” Slaps Down Cruz’s “New York Values” Attack: “I’m Campaigning on Behalf of American Values” – Video 1/17/16

Trump on “Meet the Press” goes after Hillary; Calls her a “Liar” with No “Stamina” – Video 12/20/15

Trump won’t Give an Inch as Exasperated Chuck Todd Grills him on whether He saw NJ Muslims Celebrating 9/11 Attacks – Video 11/29/15

Leon Panetta: Obama has not Deployed Sufficient Resources to Destroy ISIS – Video 11/22/15

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