Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News for NBC; Final Day at Fox News will be this Friday (Jan. 6) – 1/3/17

Rep. Peter King: Intelligence Officials Refusal to Brief Congress on Claims of Russian Election Interference is “Disgraceful”; May be “Disinformation Campaign against President-elect” – Video 12/14/16

Mike Huckabee Makes the Case for why Republicans and Freedom-loving Americans should Support Donald Trump – Video 10/26/16

Newt Gingrich Destroys Megyn Kelly for Her Outrageous Attack on Donald Trump – Video 10/25/16

DNC Chair Donna Brazile Turns into Halting Mess when Confronted by Megyn Kelly about Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies, Passing Debate Question to Hillary – Video 10/19/16

Krauthammer: Trump “Saved His Campaign” with Debate Peformance; Still Behind Clinton – Video 10/9/16

Megyn Kelly has Leftist Michael Moore on her Show; He Praises Her for Her Attacks on Trump – “You’ve Made this Happen” – Video 1/26/16

This is Who Fox News is Defending as “Unbiased” and “Fair” as a Debate Moderator – Video Compilation


Fox News Issues Statement Accusing Trump Campaign of “Terrorizations” – 1/26/16

Megyn Kelly Devotes Opening Segment to National Review Crusade to Knock Trump Out – Video 1/21/16

Megyn Kelly Really was Out to Get Donald Trump After All – 1/4/16

Joe Scarborough Slams Megyn Kelly’s “Vicious” Attack on Donald Trump; “She Sounded Like Rachel Maddow” – Video 11/30/15

Former Al-Qaeda Operative Turned CIA Double-Agent Tells the Politically-Incorrect Truth about Islam; Quotes from Muhammad, “I have been made Victorious by Terror” – Video 11/17/15

Pathetic Megyn Kelly does Softball Interview with Jorge Ramos; Doesn’t Challenge Ramos Comparing Donald Trump with “Dictators” – Video 8/26/15

Donald Trump on CNN with Jake Tapper: Rivals Seizing on “Blood” Remark to try and Bring Him Down in the Polls – Video 8/9/15

Trump with Iowa Co-chair Tana Goertz

Trump with Iowa Co-chair Tana Goertz

Trump’s Female Iowa Co-Chair has Message for Megyn Kelly: “If You Mess with the Bull You’re Going to Get the Horns, Sweetheart” – 8/8/15

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