Michael Bloomberg Speaks with CNN from Jerusalem; Again Blasts FAA Decision to Halt U.S. Air Traffic into Israel – Video 7/23/14


Michael Bloomberg Slams Obama Admin for Stopping U.S. Air Carriers from Flying to Israel; Will Fly on El Al to Israel in Solidarity – 7/22/14

Michael Bloomberg Scolds Liberals and “Ivy League Schools” for Modern “McCarthyism” – the Drive to Silence Conservatives – Video 5/29/14

“Nanny” Bloomberg Proudly Displays Confiscated Firearms to Media; Firearms Displayed Pointing at the Press! – Video 8/19/13

Heartache! Liberal Sen. Patrick Leahy Says Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Ads “Didn’t Help a Bit”; In Fact “Turned Off Some People” – Video 8/5/13


“Soda, Salt, Fast Food, Gun Rights Ban” Bloomberg Tweets Lecture on Respecting People’s Rights – 6/26/13

New Ad Pushes back against “New York Billionaire” Bloomberg’s Attempt to “Tell New Hampshire What to Think” – Video 6/11/13

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on Bloomberg and Gun Control: “He Can’t Buy America” – Video 3/24/13

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

BREAKING: New York State Supreme Court Judge Halts Mayor Bloomberg’s Large “Soda Ban” – 3/11/13

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on “Winter Storm Nemo” – Video 2/8/13

“Do you want a sip of my soda?!”

Here is video of Jason Mattera managing to approach New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ask him why, “in the spirit of Gun Control,” won’t he agree to have his security detail disarm, since he wants American citizens to be disarmed.

As you might expect, it did not go over well!

Jason Mattera Asks NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Disarm His Security Detail “in the Spirit of Gun Control” – Video 1/18/13

Gas-rationing has begun in New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bloomberg announced the rationing (above), and you can see the long lines waiting at a station in Brooklyn (below):

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Announces “Odd-Even” Gas Rationing – Videos 11/9/12

Here is video of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg telling CBS News’ Katie Couric that he is not going to run for President. Couric had asked him what could persuade him to make a Presidential run, and Bloomberg said, “Oh, there’s nothing. I’m not going to run for President. Period. End of story.”

Michael Bloomberg Says He Will Not Run for President – “End of Story” – Video 12/9/10

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken himself out of the running for President in 2012. Bloomberg told reporters in Hong Kong he is “definitely” not going to make a Presidential run:

NY Post: Mayor Bloomberg definitively closed the door yesterday on the possibility of making a run for the White House in 2012.

“No,” he told a reporter in Hong Kong when asked for the umpteenth time about his possible presidential aspirations. “Definitely no?” the reporter pressed.

“Definitely not. I have a job for the next 1,152 days, and I plan to serve out every one of them,” the mayor said. . . . . Read More

NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Says He is “Definitely Not” Running for President in 2012

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

Here is a video report on Democrat candidate for New York Governor – Andrew Cuomo – flatly stating at a press conference that he voted for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, even though, he did not. He made the statement at a press conference where Bloomberg endorsed Cuomo, and was then asked if he had voted for Bloomberg. He answered that he had. Later in the day, a Cuomo spokesman said that Cuomo had “misspoke” – that in fact he had not voted for Bloomberg.

Democrat Andrew Cuomo Says He Voted for Bloomberg when He Did Not – Video Report

Here is two-minutes of raw video showing President Barack Obama today playing golf with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I think this makes 49 rounds of golf played by Obama so far during his Presidency.

CBS NEWS: President George W Bush played 24 rounds of golf during the first two and a half years of his presidency and then stopped, feeling it was inappropriate for the Commander-in-Chief to be seen playing golf while the nation was at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. His last game of golf as president was on Oct 13, 2003. . . . Read More

Obama Plays 49th Round of Golf with NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg – Raw Video

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