Report – ABC News Clarifying Bombshell Report: Flynn Directed to Contact Russians by “President-elect Trump,” NOT “Candidate Trump” – 12/1/17

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI; Now Cooperating with Mueller; ABC News Says Flynn Ready to Testify against Trump – Video 12/1/17

Sean Spicer Answers Nonsense Badgering Questions on Michael Flynn from CNN’s Jim Acosta, CBS News’ Major Garrett – Video 4/27/17

President Trump Says Gen. Michael Flynn should push for Immunity in Leftist “Witch Hunt” Atmosphere – Video 3/31/17

Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser; Trump Names Gen. Keith Kellogg as Temporary Replacement – Video 2/13/17


Report: FBI Finds “No evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties” in Flynn Phone Calls with Russia – 1/24/17

Report: President-elect Trump has Chosen Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as His National Security Adviser – Video 11/17/16

Possible Trump VP Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn on “Undocumented”: “If They are Here Illegally, It’s Illegal” – Video 7/10/16

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