UPDATE: Trump Wins Hawaii Primary; Full Results Posted; UPDATE: Cruz Wins Idaho Primary; UPDATE: Trump Wins Michigan Primary; Donald Trump Wins Mississippi GOP Presidential Primary – 3/8/16

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer last night assessing the Mitt Romney victories in Arizona, and particularly Michigan.

Krauthammer said Rick Santorum had a great opportunity to win Michigan – and almost pulled it off. But he believes “Kennedy, college, and contraception” derailed his chances to win. Krauthammer believes the controversial comments about those subjects really hurt Santorum with Catholics and with women.

He called Romney “slow, steady” but “unspectacular.”

Krauthammer: “Kennedy, College, and Contraception” Derailed Santorum’s Chance to Win Michigan Primary – Video 2/28/12

Here is video of Rick Santorum on Fox News this morning where he said his strong second place finish in Michigan to Mitt Romney was a “huge, huge win for us.” Romney won the primary in Michigan by just over three points. Santorum pointed out they will at least split the delegates from Michigan, as they are awarded by who wins the individual areas of the state.

Rick Santorum on Fox News Says His Strong 2nd Place Finish in Michigan Primary was a “Huge, Huge Win for Us” – Video 2/29/12

We’ll see if this comes to pass, but Brit Hume just tweeted that Karl Rove is now saying Romney will win Michigan by 5-6 points. If it does, that would be a surprise. Romney has not typically outdone his poll numbers – and certainly not by five points. Romney led our final 3-Day Average of Michigan Polls by 0.8 points.

Brit Hume Tweet: Karl Rove Now Saying Romney Will Win Michigan GOP Primary by 5-6 Points – 2/28/12

Here is a video report from Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt on what to watch for in tonight’s Michigan and Arizona GOP Primary Returns.

What to Watch for in Tonight’s Michigan and Arizona GOP Primary Election Returns – Video Report 2/28/12

Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney calling a Rick Santorum robocall in Michigan a “dirty trick,” and a “new low” in the campaign, because it sounds like an ad by Democrats urging Democrats to vote for Santorum to get back at Romney for opposing the auto bailouts – which Santorum also opposed. But at the end of the ad, it does say it was paid for by “Rick Santorum for President.”

Santorum was asked to respond to Romney’s statement that it is a “dirty trick,” and he laughed it off, saying it is a “very positive” ad that is simply his appeal to Democrats, which he believes he can win over to his side.

Santorum can make the case that Romney has used hard-hitting, even questionable attacks on opponents to further his campaign. But he really cannot argue that this robocall is a “very positive ad.” It is a totally negative appeal, seeking Democrat votes – not because they embrace Santorum’s agenda, but because they don’t like Romney not supporting the auto bailouts – which Santorum also opposed!

EXAMINER.COM: In an interesting use of robocalls, Rick Santorum is using Mitt Romney’s position on the auto bailout in 2008 against Mitt Romney. Santorum made the robocalls sound like it came from organized labor. . . This, despite the fact that Rick Santorum vehemently opposed the “auto bailout.” In many ways, Santorum’s position against the bailouts and other forms of government intervention, is much stronger than Romney’s. . . . Read More

Romney Calls Santorum MI RoboCall a “Dirty Trick”; Santorum Calls it “a Very Positive” Ad – Video 2/27/12

Here is audio of a “Rick Santorum for President” robocall that sounds like a pitch to Democrats by Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum. It hammers Romney for opposing the Auto Company Bailouts, saying “That was a slap in the face to every Michigan worker, and we’re not going to let Romney get away with it.”

Of course, Rick Santorum opposed the auto bailouts too, but that is not mentioned in the ad. You have to listen all the way to the end, where you hear:

“This call is supported by hard-working Democratic men and women, and paid for by Rick Santorum for President.”

Santorum is going all out to beat Romney in Michigan. He knows what a blow that will be to Romney’s Campaign.

Rick Santorum RoboCall Urges Democrats to Vote for Santorum and Against Mitt Romney – Audio 2/27/12

Here is audio of Rick Santorum on Sean Hannity’s Radio Program today, where he discussed the upcoming Michigan Primary and the current state of the GOP Presidential Nomination race.

Sen. Rick Santorum Interview on Hannity Radio Program Ahead of Arizona, Michigan Primaries – 2/27/12

A key adviser to Sen. Rick Santorum is saying they have “already won” whether he actually wins the Michigan Primary tomorrow night or not. John Brabender is making the point that Michigan is Romney’s home turf, and even if he eeks out a narrow win – Santorum comes out a winner.

He also makes the larger point that Santorum has survived the Romney attack machine – and the alliance of attacks launched by Ron Paul and Romney. No other frontrunner has stayed this strong when challenging Romney:

CNN: A senior adviser to Rick Santorum is downplaying the latest trend in Michigan polling, which shows Mitt Romney creeping back to a narrow lead ahead of Tuesday’s closely watched Republican primary.

“We have already won,” Santorum adviser John Brabender told CNN. “No matter what the results are, we’ve won. This is Romney’s home state.”. . . .

“The Romney campaign is spending a fortune they never expected to spend in Michigan, and every dollar they spend in Michigan is a dollar they don’t have on Super Tuesday,” he said.

The former Pennsylvania senator entered February with the goal of emerging as the singular conservative rival to Romney, a feat he has now accomplished, Brabender argued. . . . .

Brabender said that as of Monday, the Santorum campaign collected campaign contributions from 100,000 individual donors in the month of February, most of them in small dollar amounts.

He also said they have proven their viability by weathering attacks from Romney and a pro-Romney super PAC better than any other Republican candidate to date.

“We have survived the Romney attack machine,” he said. “Romney and Ron Paul have tried to hurt us jointly, but the polls still show us tight with Romney. We have certainly survived it to a much bigger extent than anybody else has so far.” . . . Read More

Santorum Adviser Says “We Have Already Won” No Matter Michigan Primary Outcome: “We Have Survived the Romney Attack Machine” – 2/27/12

Here is video of a new Rick Santorum ad aimed at Michigan, that asks, “Who’s on the side of Michigan workers? Not Romney.”

New Santorum Ad: “Who’s on the Side of Michigan Workers? Not Romney.” – Video 2/24/12

Here is video of Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he urged voters to help him win the GOP Nomination and defeat Barack Obama.

Via YouTube Uploader “thewigwamtribe”

Gov. Mitt Romney Rallies Supporters in Grand Rapids, Michigan – Video 2/16/12

Here is video of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder discussing his decision to endorse Gov. Mitt Romney for President. Snyder said Romney has the economic know-how and the plan to turn the country around. When asked about why Romney is trailing Santorum in recent polls in Michigan, Snyder said he believed those would turn around now that Romney is campaigning personally in the state.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Discusses why He is Supporting Mitt Romney for President – Video 2/16/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney ad running in Michigan that highlights Romney’s Michigan roots. In the ad, it shows Romney driving and talking about growing up in Michigan where his dad was Governor. He says, “Michigan’s been my home, and this is personal.”

If Romney loses to Santorum in Michigan. . . .

New Mitt Romney Ad for Michigan: “Michigan’s been my Home, and this is Personal” – Video 2/14/12

Public Policy Polling is in the process of doing a poll in Michigan, and they tweeted last night that it looks like Rick Santorum is going to have a double-digit lead on Mitt Romney there. Romney was born in Michigan, and his father, George Romney, was Governor there. It is considered home turf for Romney. If Santorum beats him there, it will be a devastating blow to Romney.

However, notice that PPP also tweeted a note of caution that Santorum’s momentum may just be a blip on the screen as a result of his three-state victory last week:

PPP Reports Michigan Poll in Process May Show Rick Santorum with Double-Digit Lead over Mitt Romney

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