Huckabee on Pathetic Anti-Trump “Protesters” in Albuquerque: They are “Rent-a-Mob Anarchists” – Videos 5/24/16

Huckabee: Trump “doesn’t Owe a Thing” to the People in the GOP who are Mad at Him; Can’t Placate the “Petty” and “Petulant” – Video 5/7/16

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “I cannot Imagine any Republican” would Support Hillary over Trump or Cruz – Video 4/8/16

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “I Hope He (Cruz) Sues the National Enquirer” over Cruz Sex Scandal Allegations – Video 3/28/16

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “The Only Way to Deal” with ISIS “is to Eradicate Them” – Video 3/26/16

Gov. Mike Huckabee Ends His Presidential Campaign after Weak Showing in Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/1/16

Sticky: Watch Live Video Feed of Donald Trump’s Event Opposite the GOP Presidential Debate – Complete Video 1/28/16

SuperPAC Supporting Huckabee Issues Brutal Ad against Ted Cruz: “Just what We Need – Another Phony” – Video 1/26/16

Huckabee making Iowa Push; Goes after Ted Cruz as “Inconsistent” on Gay Marriage – Video 12/28/15

Video of Ted Cruz being blocked by a Huckabee Staffer from Reporters at Kim Davis Rally – 9/8/15

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Released from Jail; Mike Huckabee Says He’s Willing to Go to Jail in Her Place – Video 9/8/15

Huckabee on “Today” won’t Back Down on Warning that Obama Deal with Iran Will Lead Israel to the “Door of the Oven” – Video 7/28/15


Huckabee: Obama Iran Deal “Will take the Israelis and March them to the Door of the Oven” – 7/26/15

Huckabee: Obama’s “Rainbow Color” White House Stunt means it Will be Fine for me to Setup a Nativity Scene on the White House Lawn if I become President! – Video 6/28/15

Mike Huckabee Supports a Constitutional Marriage Amendment that would Override the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decision – Video 6/26/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee Campaigns in Iowa: “People should Know Working Hard won’t make them Worse Off” – Video 5/7/15

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