Gov. Mike Huckabee Campaigns in Iowa: “People should Know Working Hard won’t make them Worse Off” – Video 5/7/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee Announces His Candidacy for President: “From Hope to Higher Ground” – Complete Video 5/5/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee Presidential Announcement Video; Will Hold Announcement Event in Hope, AR at 11:00 AM ET – Video 5/5/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee to make Presidential Announcement May 5 in His Hometown of Hope, Arkansas – Video 4/17/15

Mike Huckabee: Clinton Machine is “Ruthless,” but Not Unbeatable – Video 4/17/15

Mike Huckabee: The Left “Won’t Stop Until there are No More Churches. . . No More People Spreading the Gospel” – Audio 4/7/15

New Ad Features Mike Huckabee Likening “Islamic Jihad” to a “Rattlesnake” – Video 4/8/15

Huckabee on Iran Nuke Deal: Obama is “Expecting something Good from Bad People” – Video 4/4/15

Mike Huckabee: Obama’s Attempts to Defeat Netanyahu “Back-fired”; Obama “Resents the Strength of Israel, Netanyahu” – Audio 3/19/15

Huckabee: It is Obama who is on His “High-Horse” with “Shocking” Attack on Christians – Video 2/9/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee Speech at the “Iowa Freedom Summit” – Complete Video 1/24/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee Warns Washington: “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” – Video 1/3/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee says “Goodbye” to Fox News Channel; Will Decide on Presidential Run in the Spring; “Stay Tuned. There’s More to Come” – Video 1/3/15


Report: Gov. Mike Huckabee Laying Groundwork for 2016 Presidential Run – 11/12/14

Actor Jon Voight on “Huckabee” Reads Blistering Indictment of Barack Obama; Calls Americans to Stand Up and Save the Nation – Video 7/12/14

Gov. Mike Huckabee Slams Obama Administration’s “Anti-Semitic Irrational Bias” against Israel; Cites Near Silence on Kidnapping of Three Teens – Video 6/27/14

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