Here is video from last night of Charles Krauthammer telling Bill O’Reilly that in his 2nd Term, Barack Obama “is going to show who he really is.” Krauthammer referenced Obama’s whispered promise last Spring to then-Russian President Medvedev that after the 2012 Election, he would have more “flexibility” to act. Krauthammer believes Obama will show himself to be a man who ideologically believes America as a Superpower is “too big for its britches.” Believing that way, Obama wants to “cut it (America) down to size.”

Krauthammer believes that will manifest itself particularly in Obama wanting to drastically “diminish and downsize” the United States Military.

Via The Daily Caller

Krauthammer: Obama in 2nd Term Will “Show Who He Really Is”; Believes America is “Too Big for Its Britches”; Will “Diminish and Downsize” U.S. Military – Video 1/8/13

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