Sen. Mitch McConnell: Obama Executive Order on Amnesty “would be a Big Mistake. . . Like Waving a Red Flag in Front of a Bull” – Video 11/5/14

GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell Delivers Magnanimous Victory Speech after 15-Point Win in Kentucky – Complete Video 11/4/14

Townhall: “The Ad Mitch McConnell should Run in KY” – Video 10/10/14

New Mitch McConnell Ad Highlights His Ability to Get Things Done for Kentucky Voters: “Mitch got this Mess Sorted Out” – Video 9/18/14

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Obama Will have Support in Congress for Going after ISIS in Syria

Matt Bevin Concedes Defeat in Kentucky GOP Senate Primary Election – Complete Video 5/20/14

GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell Wins Kentucky Senate Primary over Challenger Matt Bevin – 5/20/14

Matt Bevin Predicts Victory in Today’s GOP Kentucky Senate Primary against Mitch McConnell: “We are Going to Win this Thing. We are Going to make History.” – Audio 5/20/14

GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell Calls on Obama to “Step Up to the Plate” and Deal with the V.A. Scandal – Video 5/19/14

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Harry Reid’s Attack on Americans Harmed by ObamaCare is “Unacceptable” and “Astonishing Behavior” – Video 2/26/14

Outstanding New Mitch McConnell Ad Features Cancer Survivor Helped by McConnell: “He Cares” – Video 1/22/14

Speaker at Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes’ Event Compares Battle against GOP’s Mitch McConnell to Liberating the World from the Nazis and the Japanese in WWII – Video 1/17/14

Mitch McConnell Ad Hits Primary Challenger Matt Bevin with Footage of Bevin Struggling to Talk about “Article V” of the Constitution – Video

Matt Bevin Puts out Web Ad Trying to Make the Case Why He Should Oust GOP’s Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race – Video 1/15/14

Ann Coulter: Republicans Should Not Spend One Penny on Primarying GOP Incumbents in 2014; Focus Must be on Defeating Democrats – Audio 1/3/14

New Mitch McConnell Ad Uses “Twas the Night before Christmas” Theme to Hit ObamaCare and Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes – Video 12/24/13

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