Closing Web Ad for the Mitt Romney Campaign – “The Moment.”

Closing Romney Web Ad: “The Moment” – Video 11/6/12

Here is a new Romney ad that says “America needs a Leader.” Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering real leadership for a stronger America.

New Mitt Romney Ad: “America Needs a Leader” – Video 11/4/12

Here is an inspiring new Mitt Romney ad – “Bigger, Better America.” What a contrast to Barack Obama.

Inspiring New Romney Ad: “Bigger, Better America” – Video 11/4/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney ad that uses Barack Obama’s statement yesterday urging his supporters to vote, saying “voting is the best revenge.” Romney mentioned that statement at his “Victory Rally” in West Chester, Ohio last night, and then said, “Instead, I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”

Nice ad.

“Revenge” or “Love of Country?” New Romney Ad Uses Obama’s “Revenge” Remark against Him – Video 11/3/12

Here’s a new ad from Mitt Romney that is simple but powerful: “More than Just a Number.”

Simple but Powerful New Romney Ad: “More than Just a Number” – Video 11/2/12

Strong ad for Romney in Iowa. The ad features the endorsement of the Des Moines Register and points out Romney has been endorsed now by all the major newspapers in Iowa.

New Romney Ad Features Des Moines Register Endorsement – 11/1/12

Great new ad from Mitt Romney. The ad takes President Obama’s suggestion he might create a “Secretary of Business” position and says the country does not need another Government bureaucrat. The country needs a President who understands business and how to create jobs!

New Mitt Romney Ad Hits Obama’s Idea of Creating a “Secretary of Business” Position: “We Need a President who Understands Business” – Video 11/1/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney web ad that reaches out to Hispanic voters, featuring key Republican leaders like Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Susana Martinex and others.

New Mitt Romney Web Ad Reaches out to Hispanic Voters: “We can Revive the American Dream” – Video 10/31/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney ad showing the kind “Change” Barack Obama has brought to America when it comes to Energy Prices.

New Romney Ad Shows the Kind of “Change” Obama has brought to America in Higher Energy Prices – Video 10/30/12

Here’s a strong new ad from Mitt Romney going after votes in Pennsylvania! Polls have tightened there, and this ad hammers Barack Obama’s War on Coal.

New Romney Ad Running in Pennsylvania Hammers Obama and His War on Coal – Video 10/30/12

This is a GREAT web ad! A positive, optimistic message that has the feel of a winning campaign.

New Romney Web Ad: “Momentum” – Video 10/24/12

Here’s a great new Mitt Romney ad featuring one of his best moments from the final 2012 Presidential Debate. It focuses on Mitt Romney’s smackdown of President Obama for his Apology Tour upon taking office, a tour that he pointed out skipped over Israel.

New Mitt Romney Ad Highlights Romney’s Debate Smackdown of Obama’s “Apology Tour” – Video 10/23/12

Here is a powerful new Mitt Romney ad that goes after Barack Obama’s failed Foreign Policy, featuring Obama’s almost Messianic claim in 2008 he would stop the rise of the ocean levels and enable the planet to be “healed.” That rhetoric is juxtaposed with the reality of Obama’s weakness in the Middle East and towards Russia. Obama’s whispering assurances to the Russian President that he would have “more flexibility” after the election is also featured.

This just might be a preview of what Mitt Romney will hammer on in tonight’s Foreign Policy debate. It would be a great moment is Romney point-blank asked Obama what he intends to do with the “flexibility” of a second term that he does not want the American people to know about before the election?

New Romney Ad Features Obama’s 2008 Vow to “Heal the Planet” and His Whispered Assurance to the Russians He would “have more Flexibility” after the Election – Video 10/22/12

Here’s a great new Mitt Romney ad that hammers Barack Obama for his failure to get things done to turn the u.S. Economy around. The ad closes with, “Some can’t live up to their promises. Others find a way.”

New Romney Ad Hammers Obama’s Failed Leadership: Real Leaders “Find a Way” – Video 10/21/12

Since Barack Obama won’t tell anyone what he will do in a second term as President, a new Mitt Romney ad fills in the blanks on what will happen if Obama is re-elected.

New Romney Ad: “Five Reasons We can’t Afford Four More Years of Barack Obama” – Video 10/20/12

Here’s a great new Mitt Romney ad that has Romney making the case the America needs leadership that can get things done on a bi-partisan basis. Obama has proven he cannot and will not do that. Romney has a proven track record of working across the aisle to get things done. Time’s Mark Halperin says this will be the theme of Romney’s “closing argument” over the last two weeks of the Campaign.

Notice the facial expressions from Obama as Romney gives this argument. Perfect for making the case Obama won’t do any better in a 2nd Term at working across the aisle.

New Romney Ad Reveals “Closing Argument” that Romney can Get Things Done for America – Video 10/19/12

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