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Here is complete video of GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s speech today in Norfolk, Virginia, just after being announced by Gov. Mitt Romney as his Vice-Presidential choice. Ryan delivered a powerful speech, framing the 2012 Election as a “choice” for all Americans about what kind of country we want to be. Ryan said “we can turn this thing around,” vowing to work with Mitt Romney to restore America to the path of our founding, and to get America’s fiscal house in order.

Paul Ryan Delivers Powerful Speech after being Named Romney VP Choice: “We can Turn this Thing Around” – Complete Video 8/11/12

Gov. Mitt Romney has introduced Rep. Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate this morning, in Norfolk, Virginia. Ryan delivered an outstanding speech, making the choice in this election very clear. We’ll post video of the speeches shortly. Drudge is headlining them as “America’s Comeback Team” . .

Romney Announcement

Ryan Speech

Mitt Romney Announces Paul Ryan as His Vice-Presidential Choice – “America’s Comeback Team” – 8/11/12


Mitt Romney will announce his Vice-Presidential choice tomorrow morning, Saturday, August 11, 2012, at 8:45 AM ET. Fox News’ Carl Cameron just said there is “tremendous buzz” that GOP Rep. Paul Ryan will be the choice:

CBS NEWS: Mitt Romney’s campaign says the presumed Republican presidential nominee will announce his running mate Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va.

In a statement issued Friday night, the Romney campaign said the running mate would be revealed at 8:45 a.m. EDT at the Nauticus Museum. Romney is kicking off a four-day bus tour through swing states. . . . Read More

We’ll see!


BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney to Announce Vice-President Choice Saturday Morning at 8:45 AM ET in Norfolk, VA; Fox News’ Carl Cameron Says “Tremendous Buzz” the Choice will be Rep. Paul Ryan – 8/10/12 UPDATED: Fox News, MSNBC Report they have Sources Confirming Paul Ryan is the VP Pick

Here is a brief video clip of Mitt Romney talking to NBC’s Chuck Todd today about what he’s looking for in a Vice-Presidential choice. Romney said:

“I certainly expect to have someone who has strength of character. vision for the country, and adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country.”

That sounds to me like Romney is planning to “go bold” rather than “bland.” We’ll see.

Via The

Mitt Romney Tells NBC He wants a VP who “Adds Something to the Political Discourse about the Direction of the Country” – Video 8/9/12

Will tomorrow be the day Mitt Romney announces his Vice-Presidential choice?

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol thinks so. Here is video of Kristol earlier this week talking to Stuart Varney on Fox News where he said Romney’s schedule is clear from late Thursday morning all the way through Friday of this week. He is scheduled to begin a four-day battleground state bus tour on Saturday. Kristol believes Romney is likely to announce his pick sometime Thursday mid-day or afternoon, and then go on the morning shows Friday to talk about his pick, and then barnstorm with his running mate on the bus tour. Sounds plausible.

Kristol also believes Romney is down to Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan or Chris Christie as the final three. Tim Pawlenty is also mentioned as being in the final four in a story out today.

I had thought the announcement would likely come next week after the Summer Olympics had finished. But we’ll see if Kristol is on the mark about tomorrow or Friday.

Via Mediaite

Is Tomorrow (Thursday, August 9) the Day Mitt Romney Announces His VP Choice? Bill Kristol Thinks So; Believes it is Down to Rubio, Ryan, Christie – Video

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Potential Mitt Romney Vice-Presidential pick, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, talked to Romney supporters in Michigan today, and when asked about whether he will return to Michigan as Romney’s VP choice, Pawlenty said “We’ll know soon enough.” Pawlenty said that Romney “can’t make a bad choice” with all the outstanding choices he has within the GOP.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty on whether He’ll be Mitt Romney’s VP Choice: “We’ll Know Soon Enough” – Video 8/8/12

Could Mitt Romney be trying to get Gen. David Petraeus as his Vice-Presidential running mate? That’s what Drudge has posted today, saying a source from an Obama fundraiser has said Obama told him he believes Romney is trying to get Petraeus to take the job. Gen. Petraeus is now serving as the CIA Director. The idea is intriguing. Petraeus would be hard to attack, having been chosen by Obama to head the CIA, and having been confirmed in the U.S. Senate by a 94-0 vote.

I seriously doubt this will come to pass, but if it does, it will be a bombshell. Drudge has a poll up on the subject, and opinion is fairly divided on whether this is a good idea.

Drudge Report: Obama Believes Mitt Romney Trying to Get Gen. David Petraeus for VP – 8/7/12

AP Photo

On the Romney VP watch, Stephen Hayes and Bill Kristol report today that they now believe New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is under “serious consideration” for Vice-President:

WEEKLY STANDARD: . . . Speaking of Christie: As of Friday, when we wrote the editorial, we’d been led to believe Christie wasn’t in serious consideration. We now have reason to think he may be. So to be clear: We’d certainly include him with Ryan and Rubio as potential gold medal finalists. As to choosing among the three of them? A photo finish. But choosing a VP candidate who will help Romney run a big, forward looking campaign—that is not a close call. . .

Report: Gov. Chris Christie Now Under “Serious Consideration” for Romney VP – 8/6/12

Here is video via The Shark-Tank, of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani essentially endorsing Sen. Marco Rubio for Vice-President. Giuliani said Rubio would have the impact of exciting both the base of the GOP and moderates/independent voters if he were on the ticket with Mitt Romney. He indicated others would be good as well, but suggests Rubio would be best because of the level of excitement he would bring to the race.

Rudy Giuliani Suggests Marco Rubio would be Best VP Choice for Romney – Video

Here is video of Ann Coulter on with Sean Hannity the other night where she pointed out the class warfare rhetoric of Barack Obama is all designed to keep Americans from seeing that the real struggle is between the private citizen and the massive growth of Government.

On Vice-President, Coulter mentioned Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Jon Kyl and Condoleeza Rice as people who would make great choices for Mitt Romney.

Ann Coulter on Mitt Romney VP Choice: “Portman, Rubio, Kyl, Condoleeza Rice” would All be Great Choices – Video 8/2/12

Sounds like Mitt Romney is laying the groundwork to announce his VP selection in the two week period between the end of the Summer Olympics August 12 and the beginning of the Republican National Convention on August 27:

CNN: But beginning August 10th, Romney will ramp up his campaign operation with a splashy four-day bus tour targeting the largest media markets in several of the states that will decide the November election, CNN has learned.

And in a show of force and party unity, Romney will be joined at each stop by prominent Republican officials and campaign surrogates.

Some details are still murky, and Republicans cautioned that they are subject to change, but on August 11th, Romney will hit three of Virginia’s biggest population hubs – the Washington, D.C. metro area, Richmond and Norfolk – before heading down to North Carolina the following day.

On Aug. 13, the Monday after the Olympic Summer Games finish in London, Romney will arrive in Florida for campaign stops in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami. . . .

. . . . “Sounds like V.P. week,” said one Republican familiar with the schedule, who did not want to be identified revealing the campaign’s plans. “Hitting the big markets in the big states. It just makes sense.”

A Romney campaign official confirmed that a bus tour is being organized before convention week, but said the theme of the tour would be Romney’s vision for the economy.

Revealing the vice presidential pick in the week prior to the convention would be a logical choice for the Romney campaign, which would be able to generate maximum media attention in the late summer lull between the conclusion of the Olympics and the convention. . . . Read More

Report: Mitt Romney Planning Bus Tour in Key Battleground States Leading Up to Republican National Convention; Roll-out of VP Choice?

UPDATE 7/16/12, 8:50 PMThe Wall Street Journal says Romney has NOT yet made his decision.

Jeff Zeleny at the New York Times reports today that sources close to Mitt Romney “believe” he has made his decision on a Vice-Presidential running mate, and say he “may” announce it “as soon as this week.” His article focuses on Time Pawlenty and Rob Portman as the most probable choices:

NEW YORK TIMES: . . . . After a short-lived presidential bid of his own last year, Mr. Pawlenty is again being considered for the Republican ticket. His fate is in the hands of Mr. Romney, a rival-turned-friend, who is on the cusp of announcing his vice-presidential selection. Mr. Romney has reached a decision, his friends believe, and he may disclose it as soon as this week. . . . .

The vetting of possible vice-presidential candidates is approaching an end. It has been a deeply secretive process, but several Republicans close to the campaign believe Mr. Pawlenty and Mr. Portman stand out among those being considered.

In 2008, as Mr. McCain was narrowing in on a running mate, several aides recommended Mr. Pawlenty. Others pushed for a bolder choice, a candidate who would create more enthusiasm among Republican activists. . . . Read More

NYT: Romney Friends Believe He “has Reached a Decision” on VP; “May Disclose it as Soon as This Week” – 7/16/12 UPDATED WSJ Says No Decison Made Yet

NOTE: Audio is rather faint. So you have to turn it up and listen closely.

Via BuzzFeed, here is audio of the speech former Secretary of State Condozeeza Rice gave at a Mitt Romney fundraiser recently, that many are saying vaulted her name near the top of Romney’s possible VP list. The speech reportedly captivated attendees, leading to two standing ovations.

Audio Surfaces of Condoleeza Rice Speech that many say Vaulted Her into the Running for Romney VP Slot; Blasts Obama’s “Narrative of Aggrievement and Entitlement” – Audio 6/25/12

Here is video of Gov. Sarah Palin on with Greta Van Susteren last night, where she reacted to rumors Condoleeza Rice is near the top of Mitt Romney’s possible VP list. Palin said she thinks “Condoleeza Rice would be a wonderful Vice-President, and she certainly has more experience than our sitting President does today.”

When asked about Rice’s previous statement she is “moderately pro-Choice,” Palin said she would certainly prefer a strongly pro-Life Vice-President, although it is Congress’ role to “legislate” the abortion issue.

Sarah Palin on Condi Rice as Possible Romney VP: “I think Condoleeza Rice would be a Wonderful Vice-President”; Would Prefer Clearly Pro-Life Candidate – Video 7/12/12

Among what The Hill calls GOP Kingmakers, it appears the name of Sen. Marco Rubio is most frequently preferred as Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential running mate. Also frequently mentioned are Paul Ryan, Rob Portman, and Bobby Jindal:

THE HILL: Mitt Romney has kept his cards close to the vest about who he’ll pick for his presidential running mate — but that hasn’t stopped a number of Republican kingmakers from saying who they think Romney should pick.

A number have mentioned Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) as their top choice. Others mentioned at least once include GOP Sens. Rob Portman (Ohio) and Rand Paul (Ky.), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R). . . . Here’s a list of some top Republican movers and shakers — and who they want to see as Romney’s vice presidential pick. . . . Read More

Rubio, Ryan, Portman, Jindal Frequently Preferred for Romney VP by “GOP Kingmakers”

Could Gov. Mike Huckabee be the best person Gov. Mitt Romney could choose to be his Vice-Presidential running mate? Some people are thinking so. They say Huckabee would “balance” the GOP Ticket with Romney by appealing to the party’s Evangelical Christian base, and to blue-collar workers. It’s true that Huckabee is extremely popular with many conservative Christians, although not with all conservatives. But he is also very popular in the state of Iowa, which could give Romney more of a fighting chance to turn that state from blue to red in November. He also could help Romney in Ohio where he will need a huge, enthusiastic turnout among Evangelicals to win. I doubt this will come about, but there is a case to be made for Huckabee:

REAL CLEAR POLITICS – Scott Conroy: If Mitt Romney’s most pressing consideration in selecting a running mate is to find someone who can expand his appeal among independents or a critical demographic that remains up for grabs, several candidates would likely fit the bill better than Mike Huckabee.

But if the former Massachusetts governor instead concludes that his right flank is not as secure as it needs to be, Huckabee may be among his best options.

The winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses remains one of the most popular and well-recognized conservatives nationwide, and his decision not to launch a second presidential run removed what might have been Romney’s toughest competitor on the road to the Republican nomination.

Thus far, most GOP strategists assume that the urgency to defeat President Obama will negate any conservatives’ thoughts about staying home in November. Romney’s primary concern over the next five months, this dominant line of thinking goes, is to make headway with the narrow slice of the electorate who can be won by either candidate.

With that in mind, Huckabee backers are quick to draw attention to the former Arkansas governor’s affable demeanor, lack of pretention, and his up-from-the-bootstraps personal story, all of which might soften Romney’s image and make the GOP ticket more relatable to blue-collar independents.

But chief among the pro-Huckabee arguments made by many former aides and close confidants is that he could be an instant cure for the presumptive nominee’s lingering problems within his party’s base — a concern that his Boston-based campaign may be underestimating.

“Romney is still weak among evangelicals and the faith-based community, and there’s probably no one else in the country who could better take that off the table than Huckabee,” said Mike Campbell, who helmed Huckabee’s 2008 campaign in South Carolina. “When you go beyond that, he’s extremely popular with the Tea Party and with the fair-tax community. These are people that Romney is going to desperately have to have that level of comfort with, and I just don’t think there’s anyone else out there who can balance off the ticket as well as [Huckabee] does.” . . . Read More

Huckabee Supporters Say He’s the Perfect Choice to Balance the GOP Ticket as VP

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