Mitt Romney Changes His Location on Twitter from “Massachusetts” to “Utah” after Hatch Retirement Announcement – Video Report 1/3/18

Mitt Romney Speaks to the Media after Dinner with President-elect Donald Trump – Video 11/29/16

Report: Trump to have Dinner with Mitt Romney Tonight as Secretary of State Speculation Grows – Video 11/29/16

Ed Henry: Mitt Romney May Apologize to Donald Trump to Pave the Way for Secretary of State Post – Video 11/25/16

With Avalanche of Opposition from Trump Supporters, is Romney’s Stock Falling for Secretary of State? – Video 11/25/16

Newt Gingrich Clearly Not in Favor of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State – Video 11/22/16

President-elect Donald Trump Warmly Greets Mitt Romney for Meeting – Video 11/19/16

Report: Mitt Romney to Meet with President-elect Donald Trump to Discuss Secretary of State Position – Video 11/17/16

Fox News: Donald Trump “Reached Out” to Mitt Romney on Election Night after Victory – Video Report 11/12/16

Disgraceful Mitt Romney Gives Aid and Comfort to Hillary Clinton by Trashing Donald Trump Again – Video 6/10/16

FLASHBACK October 2015: Mitt Romney said He would Support the GOP Presidential Nominee – Video

Mitt Romney Gives Establishment Attack Speech against Donald Trump; Contradicts His Own Praise of Trump Four Years Ago – Videos 3/3/16

Gov. Mitt Romney

Report: GOP Establishment Mouthpiece Mitt Romney to Speak in Utah Tomorrow to Trash Donald Trump – 3/2/16

Trump Slams “Loser” Romney for Launching Sleazy “Taxes” Attack – Video 2/24/16

Josh Earnest Asked if Mitt Romney wasn’t Right After All about Russia being Greatest Threat U.S. Faces – Video 7/9/15

Obama Nominee for Joint Chiefs Chair Says “Russia Presents the Greatest Threat” to U.S. National Security; Romney Vindicated Again! – Videos 7/9/15

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