Donald Trump Blasts Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney at “Iowa Freedom Summit”; Says He’s Considering 2016 Presidential Run – Complete Video 1/24/15

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney Meet in Utah; Described as “Cordial,” but with No Agreement Reached – 1/22/15


Is a Romney-Bush Alliance Forming? Jeb Bush to meet with Mitt Romney in Utah – 1/22/15

Gov. Mitt Romney Sets Forth 3-Point Outline of Possible 2016 Presidential Run – Video 1/16/15

Dick Morris Gives Mitt Romney the Edge over Jeb Bush in Looming 2016 GOP Battle; Says Christie has No Chance – Video 1/14/15

Gov. Mitt Romney

Report: Gov. Mitt Romney Says He is “Seriously Considering” a 2016 Presidential Run – 1/9/15

Joe Scarborough on Mitt Romney: “I Think He’s Running” – Video 11/17/14

Mitt Romney in North Carolina: “President Obama’s Policies are Wrong and have been Wrong for the American People” – Video 10/30/14

Bill O’Reilly: Mitt Romney will be 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee; Ann Coulter Responds, “Oh, I Hope So. . . . It has to be Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney” – Video 10/17/14

Must Hear! Mitt Romney in Iowa Lowers the Boom on Obama with a Great Joke!!!! – Video 10/13/14

Gov. Mitt Romney: “I’m Not Running. I’m Not Planning on Running” in 2016; Predicts “15 or 16″ GOP Candidates – Video 10/7/14

Gov. Mitt Romney: “I’m Not Planning on Running” in 2016 – Video 9/7/14

Mitt Romney Says He’s Not Running for President in 2016 – “But Circumstances can Change” – Audio 8/26/14

Flashback Video: Obama said in 2012 Debate it’s “Not True” He wanted a Status of Forces Agreement for a Stabilizing Force in Iraq – Video 10/22/12

Political Commentator Reihan Salam: Mitt Romney “Talked about Many Issues that have Come back to Bite Us” – Video 7/28/14

Gov. Mitt Romney meets with President  Barack Obama in the Oval Office - 11/29/12

Shock Poll: Romney would Defeat Obama in a Landslide in a Do-Over Election; Women Voters Choose Romney 52%-45% – 7/27/14

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