Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, fresh off being the power-broker winner of the truce between Israel and Hamas has jumped at the chance to declare for himself sweeping powers in Egypt. Morsi has decreed that all of his Executive Orders since taking power in June of 2012 are law and cannot be overturned or repealed by anybody. Morsi is setting himself up as being above judicial oversight, and the move was criticized by some as a move to set himself up as “Egypt’s new Pharaoh.” Morsi has also exempted the Islamist dominated assembly writing a new Constitution from being subject to judicial review, paving the way for the imposition of Islamic Sharia Law through the new Constitution.

NBC NEWS: Opposition protesters in Egypt set fire to offices belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood on Friday after new Islamist President Mohammed Morsi awarded himself sweeping new powers. . . . Morsi decreed himself above the judiciary and exempted the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly writing Egypt’s new constitution from judicial review. . . . Read More

Egyptian Opposition Leader Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted:

Via The Rightnewz

Egyptian President Morsi Decrees Sweeping New Powers for Himself; Democracy Leader Says Morsi “Appointed Himself Egypt’s New Pharaoh” – Video Report 11/23/12

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