Egyptian Military Opens Fire on Pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood Protesters; At Least 40 Dead, Hundreds Wounded – Video Report 7/8/13

“Friday of Rage” in Egypt; Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls on Military to Reinstate Morsi as President; Vows to “Sacrifice our Souls for Him” – Video Report 7/5/13

Ambassador John Bolton Slams Obama’s Backing of Mohamed Morsi as Showing His “Lack of Understanding” – Video 7/4/13

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian Islamist Groups Call for Friday Protests against Military Removal of Islamist Morsi from Power – 7/4/13

Egypt’s Supreme Justice Sworn-in as Interim President Following Removal of Islamist Morsi from Power – Raw Video 7/4/13

U.S. Embassy in Cairo Evacuated in Wake of Military Coup Pushing Islamist Morsi from Power – Video 7/3/13


Report: Military Coup Underway in Egypt to Remove Islamist President Morsi; Live Video from Tahrir Square – 7/3/13; UPDATED: Military Says Morsi No Longer President; Suspends Constitution; Appoints Chief Judge to Call New Elections

Egyptian Military Issues Statement Aimed at Islamist President Morsi: “We Will Defend Egypt against Any Terrorist, Radical, or Fool”; Obama warns Military Not to Bring Down Morsi – 7/3/13

Krauthammer: Obama’s Unwillingness to Condemn Radical Islamic Government of Morsi in Egypt a “Shocking Position for a President to take” as Egyptians Seek Freedom – Video 7/1/13

Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi

Morsi Denies Egyptian Military Signaling an Imminent Coup; Obama Calls Morsi – 7/2/13


Egyptian Opposition to President Mohamed Morsi Gives Him One Day to “Leave Power” or Face Massive “Civil Disobedience Campaign” – 7/1/13

New Alliance? Iranian President Ahamadinejad Visits Egypt to Meet with Islamist President Mohamed Morsi – Raw Video 2/6/13

Here is video of GOP Rep. Allen West talking about the unwillingness on the part of many in our Government to face-up to the threat posed by Radical Islam today. West even points out that we have totally misunderstood the “Arab Spring,” which is actually a takeover of Egypt and other nations by the radical Islamists, like Mohamed Morsi, who frequently reminds critics about his Election victory – “Elections have consequences.” West further pointed out that is the same rhetoric we hear frequently from Barack Obama to justify his policies.

GOP Rep. Allen West: Many in U.S. Government Won’t Face Up to the Reality of the Islamist Threat to America – Video


The new Islamist President of Egypt – Mohamed Morsi – who just granted himself dictatorial powers, has rambled on about the movie “The Planet of the Apes” in an interview he did with Time Magazine:

TIME: . . . . We can cooperate, we can integrate. As much as we can. How can we do that? I think leaders in the world have a great responsibility in this. Human beings can live together.

I remember a movie. Which one? Planet of the Apes. The old version, not the new one. There is new one. Which is different. Not so good. It’s not expressing the reality as it was the first one. But at the end, I still remember, this is the conclusion: When the big monkey, he was head of the supreme court I think — in the movie! — and there was a big scientist working for him, cleaning things, has been chained there. And it was the planet of the apes after the destructive act of a big war, and atomic bombs and whatever in the movie. And the scientists was asking him to do something, this was 30 years ago: “Don’t forget you are a monkey.” He tells him, “don’t ask me about this dirty work,.” What did the big ape, the monkey say? He said, “you’re human, you did it [to] yourself. “That’s the conclusion. Can we do something better for ourselves?

I saw it 30 years ago. That is the role of the art. This is the very important role of art. Gone with the Wind has been treating social problems. Five in Hell. That was the Arabic title. Five Americans working behind German lines and they were using primitive military devices. I think it was Charles Bronson or something like that. My hard disk still carries a few things! . . . Read More

Via Hot Air

Egypt’s Islamist President Rambles on about Foreign Policy Lessons from “Planet of the Apes” in Interview with “Time”

Egypt’s Islamist President, Mohamed Morsi, is trying to quell criticism of his recent power grab by assuring his people that the absolute powers he granted himself are only temporary. Somehow, I don’t think they should be reassured:

UK TELEGRAPH: As at least one teenage protester was killed in clashes at a Muslim Brotherhood headquarters building in the northern of the country, and police continued to fight battles with protesters around Tahrir Square in Cairo on Sunday, Mr Morsi issued a statement stressing that the power seizure was only “temporary” and calling for political dialogue.

He also agreed to meet Egypt’s judges on Monday to negotiate a solution to the crisis. “The presidency reiterates the temporary nature of those measures, which are not intended to concentrate power,” the statement said.

“The presidency stresses its firm commitment to engage all political forces in the inclusive democratic dialogue to reach a common ground.”

Mr Morsi outraged opponents on Thursday, less than 24 hours after winning international praise for negotiating a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, by announcing that henceforth all his decisions would be beyond legal challenge.

He also unilaterally cancelled legal challenges to the committee drawing up a new constitution as well as to the upper house of parliament, both of which are dominated by his Muslim Brotherhood backers.

With no lower house of parliament until the new constitution is formed, this decree gave him stronger powers than those of his overthrown predecessor, Hosni Mubarak. . . . Read More

Egypt’s Islamist President Tries to Reassure Nation His Power Grab is only “Temporary” – 11/25/12

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, fresh off being the power-broker winner of the truce between Israel and Hamas has jumped at the chance to declare for himself sweeping powers in Egypt. Morsi has decreed that all of his Executive Orders since taking power in June of 2012 are law and cannot be overturned or repealed by anybody. Morsi is setting himself up as being above judicial oversight, and the move was criticized by some as a move to set himself up as “Egypt’s new Pharaoh.” Morsi has also exempted the Islamist dominated assembly writing a new Constitution from being subject to judicial review, paving the way for the imposition of Islamic Sharia Law through the new Constitution.

NBC NEWS: Opposition protesters in Egypt set fire to offices belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood on Friday after new Islamist President Mohammed Morsi awarded himself sweeping new powers. . . . Morsi decreed himself above the judiciary and exempted the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly writing Egypt’s new constitution from judicial review. . . . Read More

Egyptian Opposition Leader Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted:

Via The Rightnewz

Egyptian President Morsi Decrees Sweeping New Powers for Himself; Democracy Leader Says Morsi “Appointed Himself Egypt’s New Pharaoh” – Video Report 11/23/12

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