Morning Joe Crew: Trump Starting Point with Key Groups Already where Romney Finished – Video 5/23/16

Trump Talks Foreign Policy on “Morning Joe” – Video 5/20/16

Trump on “Morning Joe” Reflects on Run to the Nomination; Will Likely Go for VP with Political Experience – Video 5/4/16

“Morning Joe” Crew Laughs Hysterically at Ted Cruz’s Disastrous Back-and-Forth with Trump Supporters in Indiana – Video 5/3/16

Morning Joe Crew on Eve of Indiana Primary: Ted Cruz has had a “Horrible Week”; Blasts Cruz for not Saying He would Support Trump – Video 5/2/16

“Morning Joe” Crew Shocked at Hillary Clinton Leaving Iowa to Raise Money at a Big Investment Bank – Video 1/28/16

Cruz Campaign, Morning Joe Crew Mock Marco Rubio’s “High-heeled Booties” – Video 1/6/16

Donald Trump Asked about Questions Regarding Ted Cruz Eligibility for President – Video 1/6/15

Trump on “Morning Joe” Talks Dealing with Putin: “At Least He’s a Leader, Unlike what We have in this Country. . . Our Country does Plenty of Killing Also, Joe” – Video 12/18/15

Morning Joe Panel Reacts to Cruz Surge in Iowa; Believes Trump can come back in Iowa to Win – Video 12/14/15

“Morning Joe” Crew Shocked that Gen. Michael Hayden says Ben Carson Asked Good Questions of Him in Foreign Policy Discussion – Video 11/13/15

Donald Trump Interview on “Morning Joe”: Too Soon to Talk VP Pick; Never Getting Out of the Race – Video 10/9/15

Hillary Apologist Steve Rattner Gets Slapped Down by “Morning Joe” Crew for Excusing Email Scandal – Video 10/8/15

Joe Scarborough Blasts CNN’s Total Focus on Donald Trump during GOP Debate: “It was an Absolute Joke” – Video 9/17/15

Joe Scarborough: If Chris Christie had done what Hillary Clinton did, “It would be a Disqualifier” – Video 9/1/15

“Morning Joe” Crew in Disbelief at Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Downward Spiral – Video 8/19/15

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