Liberal “Morning Joe” Panel Mocks possible Sarah Palin Run for the U.S. Senate; Barnicle wonders if She knows where the “Middle East” is Located – Video 7/10/13

As Scrutiny on Obama from CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Intensifies, Axelrod Mocks Schieffer for Not being able to “Book the Guests He Wants” – Video 5/27/13


Journalist Ron Fournier Slams Barack Obama’s “Jihad Against the Press” – Video 5/23/13

Journalist Bob Woodward: “I Would Not Dismiss Benghazi. It’s a Serious Issue”; Likens Obama “Talking Points” to Nixon’s Edited “Talking Points” – Video 5/17/13


“Morning Joe” Panel on Raft of Scandals: Obama Administration is “Out of Control” – Video 5/14/13


“Morning Joe” Panel Appalled at Obama IRS Targeting of Conservatives; Scarborough Says “Jay Carney did Not Tell the Truth. . . . ” – Video 5/13/13

Mark Halperin on Bob Woodward Exposing Obama’s “Sequester” Lie: “It’s a Little Embarrassing None of the Rest of Us was as Aggressive as He was” – Video 2/28/13

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough Attacks Republican Senators John McCain and Ted Cruz for Asking Chuck Hagel Tough Questions; Calls them “Embarrassing” – Video 2/1/13

Here is video of conservative S.E. Cupp on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today where she sparred with the Leftist panel about Gun Control. She also disagreed with President Obama’s new best friend – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – who yesterday called one of the NRA’s recent ads, “reprehensible.”

Conservative S.E. Cupp takes on “Morning Joe” Panel over Gun Control and Chris Christie – Video 1/18/13

Here is video of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” today where he slammed House Republicans for going along with the “Fiscal Cliff” Deal that raised tax rates, but did not cut spending. He particularly slammed GOP Rep. Paul Ryan for voting for raising tax rates but “doesn’t cut a dime” from spending “which everyone knows is the problem.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Slams House Republicans for “Fiscal Cliff” Deal: “Could the Republican Party have Mismanaged This Any Worse?” – Video 1/2/13

Here is video of longtime Barack Obama Adviser David Axelrod having his 40 year-old mustache shaved off on “Morning Joe” today to fulfill a pledge he made if he could raise $1 million for Epilepsy Research in 30 days.

Longtime Obama Adviser David Axelrod Shaves Off Mustache on “Morning Joe” to Fulfill Pledge after Raising $1 Million for Epilepsy Research – Video 12/7/12

Here is video from yesterday of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and panel discussing President Obama’s opening “Fiscal Cliff” proposal to the Republicans. Scarborough called the offer “insulting” and “awfully reckless” for an opening proposal. Obama actually asks for tax increases, more stimulus spending and no specific spending cuts. He also wants to be given the unilateral and unfettered authority to raise the debt ceiling anytime he wants to – without interference from Congress. Even Democrat Harold Ford Jr. seemed taken aback by Obama’s proposal.

Here is what Obama proposed:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls Obama’s Opening “Fiscal Cliff” Proposal “Awfully Reckless” – Video 11/30/12

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Here is video of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on “Morning Joe” today where he talked about the importance of the Republican Party dealing with the issue of immigration. Gingrich reflected on being attacked during the GOP Nomination battle for speaking up in favor making a way for illegals who have been in the United States for a long time to be able to stay. He said he remembers thinking, as he was being attacked for his position, “How is that going to look in a 30-second ad this Fall?” Gingrich pointed out the GOP has lost the Asian-American vote over the last 12 years, as well as most Latino votes, largely because of immigration.

Gingrich also talked about his new book, “Victory at Yorktown.”

On “Morning Joe,” Newt Gingrich Urges GOP to Help Resolve Immigration Reform Issue – Video 11/13/12

Appearing on “Morning Joe” today, here is NBC News’ Chuck Todd saying that it is Mitt Romney who has the advantages going into the final two weeks of the Presidential Campaign. Todd said that a challenger tied with an incumbent President at 47%-47% with two weeks to go – “I’d say seven times out of ten challenger wins that race.”

Chuck Todd on Romney vs. Obama Tied at 47% with Two Weeks to Go: “I’d Say Seven Times out of Ten the Challenger Wins that Race” – Video 10/22/12

The meltdown on the Left over Mitt Romney’s destruction of Barack Obama in last night’s first Presidential Debate continues. Here is video of Mike Barnicle on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning, where he said, “The President had no teleprompter last night.” It may be finally dawning on Obama’s adoring fans that without his teleprompter to tell him every word to say, Obama is just not very impressive. The reality of that was made so stark last night because he was on the stage with someone who can think on his feet and clearly articulate what he believes and what he plans to do if elected President.

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle on Obama’s Big Loss in the First Presidential Debate: “The President had No Teleprompter Last Night” – Video 10/4/12

Here is video of the “Morning Joe” crew at MSNBC mocking President Obama for his hard-hitting, tough interviews of late. Of course, even when Obama chooses noted journalists to interview him, they rarely ask him a difficult question.

“Morning Joe” Crew Mocks President Obama for His Hard-Hitting Interview Choices – Video 8/16/12

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