MSNBC Gets Confused about Sen. Ted Cruz’s Party Affiliation – Photo 8/20/13


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Returning to Monday-Friday Time Slot – 8/19/13

Twilight Zone: MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Suggests the Boston Marathon Bombers were not Islamic Jihadists at All – Video 8/14/13

GOP Rep. Tom Cole Irritates Assorted MSNBC Liberals by Constantly Repeating how ObamaCare is Unpopular – Video 8/8/13


Joe Scarborough Pauses Ted Cruz Attacks Long Enough to Admit MSNBC Bias for Democrats – Video 8/7/13

Rush Limbaugh on RNC Ultimatum: “Why should the GOP Participate in (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC) Debates Designed to Defeat Them?” – Audio 8/5/13

MSNBC Leftist Loon Melissa Harris-Perry Dons “Tampon Earrings” to Protest Texas Legislature’s Stand for Life – Video 7/21/13

Mark Steyn Mocks MSNBC: “Breaking News from MSNBC – MSNBC Says ‘We Don’t Do Breaking News!’” – Audio 6/3/13

Former NAACP Chair Says it is “Entirely Legitimate” for the IRS to go after the “Tea Party” – Video 5/14/13

MSNBC Libs Lament Obama’s “Whinier than We’d Like to Hear” Tone; Lame Duck Status “Creeping Up” on 2nd Term – Video 5/2/13

MSNBC Host Says the Religion of the Boston Marathon Bombers Is not Relevant – Video 4/22/13


MSNBC Off-Camera Voice Whispers “Oh My God” when Terror Expert says Words “Islamic Jihad Unit” in possible Connection to Chechen Terrorists – Video 4/19/13


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and other Liberals Rail against Republicans for Total Defeat of Obama’s Gun-Grab Agenda – Video 4/18/13

MSNBC Leftist Promo: “We have to Break through our kind of Private Idea that Kids Belong to their Parents, or. . . to their Families” – Video 4/4/13


MSNBC Host uses Her Daughter in a Segment to Push “Gay Marriage” Agenda: “Would you Marry a Girl?”


New Pew Research Study Finds MSNBC 85% “Commentary / Opinion” vs. “Factual Reporting”; Fox News 55%; CNN 46%

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