Trump at SC Town Hall on MSNBC: Obama is One of the Worst Presidents in History – Video 2/17/16

MSNBC Panel Calls Selling of Aborted Babies’ Body Parts, “An Act of Generosity” – Video 7/21/15

Ted Cruz does Outstanding Job in Extensive Interview on MSNBC with Chris Matthews – Video 7/8/15

Leftist MSNBC Expert Calls Iran “Reasonably Stable, Reasonably Democratic”; They have “Reason to Distrust the U.S.” – Video 4/2/15

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz “Defends” Hillary: People in “Her Demographic don’t want to be Overwhelmed by the Technology” – Video 3/10/15

Liberals Chris Matthews, Joy Reid having a Hard Time Suggesting “Good News” for Progressives from the Midterm Election – Video 11/4/14

NBC News’ Richard Engel Hammers Obama’s Strategy to Destroy ISIS: “Wildly Off-Base” – Video 9/10/14

Former Obama Law Professor Likens Michael Brown Shooting to Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Video 8/25/14

Heartache! MSNBC’s Liberal Chris Hayes Gets Rocks Thrown at Him by Ferguson Protesters – Video 8/18/14

Leftist MSNBC Host: Civilians Killed in Gaza by Israel is a “Population Equivalent to 100 9/11’s” – Video 8/6/14

Heartache! MSNBC Reporter on Obama: “The Fact that He’s from Kenya . . . .” – Video 8/5/14

Col. Jack Jacobs: V.A. is Incapable of Delivering Timely, Quality Healthcare to Veterans; No Amount of Money Will Fix It – Video 5/21/14

AFP’s Jennifer Stefano Destroys MSNBC’s Chris Hayes During ObamaCare Shootout – Video 3/26/14

Pandering Charlie Crist Tries to Hawk His Book by Giving a Signed Copy to MSNBC’s Joy Reid – Video 2/24/14

Nicolle Wallace Hammers MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for Obvious Anti-Chris Christie Bias – Video 2/12/14

Conservative Larry Elder Hammers MSNBC’s “Parade of Race-Card Hustlers” – Video 2/1/14

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